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  1. This is Donna in her natural habitat, languishing under her car cover on my driveway having the battery charged. She's a former Plum and Custard Dolly with a chequered past, that my Fiancee has owned for 9 years. My parents have had 2cv's for most of my life my Mum sold her Green and White Dolly a coupe of years ago I'm sure I have pictures of it somewhere, Though I doubt I have photos of the original blue special.
  2. Golf Plus? Well I doff my hat respectfully at them. I own a Golf Bluemotion as a daily drive, so I'm hardly qualified to judge. Though I am a massive old Skoda fan I regret never getting a chance to drive my mates Skoda 136 rapid.
  3. County Durham. on a very steep driveway. Ideally It'd be nice to get Donna the 2cv somewhere flat so we can drain all the fluids and try and get her running again. Then the only problem would be if the chassis and passenger side inner wing would get though an MOT.
  4. Afternoon all, Long time lurker, first-time caller er poster. Projects this year include recommissioning my partners currently SORN 1987 Citroen 2cv if the chassis will last another MOT. Also paintwork and an alloy on my bland daily driver (MK 6 Golf). I'm completely mechanically inept, and my only claim to fame is servicing a 1300 Morris Marina, with a lot of help. So 2cv fixing is always fun!
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