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  1. Nissan Sunny 1.5GL (or SGL) Coupe
  2. Any shiters from The Peoples Democratic Republic of Yousafatania heading up to The Rhynd on Sunday?
  3. Long time since I have been to France, but my recollection was aways of how many old relics are still around and in daily use. Plus there propensity to park 'em up and just leave them............ Another past observation was the lunchtime race home, corners taken with door handles scraping the tarmac followed by the post lunch pootle back........... Got to love les Francais
  4. Here's mine. Changed to LED bulbs
  5. 1.6 Premium but with a pre facelift grille
  6. Phase 1 chrome bumper. The purest shape in these cars and just gorgeous. Yes its under hard acceleration it wriggles somewhat, and can tramline a bit too......... Yours would have been mechanical tappets too and these sounded even better. Mine is twin carb, 2 x Weber twin 40s but being hydraulic tappet doesn't quite have the sound yours would have had. Still can't resist putting the window down to hear the exhaust though as it still sounds pretty damn good.......
  7. I may be taking a run up to Bacon and Brakes on 6th August, weather permitting. Don't want to take Alfa Seltzer out in the pishing wet.......
  8. Well a perhaps overdue update. The wee buzzbox passed MoT with only an advisory for a slightly noisy nearside rear wheel bearing. Added to the to do list, but will just do both in all likelihood.. Still not a bad result for having been put together by a ham-fisted amateur like me...... On the subject of ham fisted amateur - it seems the wanderlust from the steering was caused by about 8mm play in the rack on its mounting points......... due to the D bushings in the bulkhead clamps not being present......... also now sorted and all has tightened up quite markedly. Now it just needs to dry up again and can get out and drive (while hoping that the temporary CV boot holds out OK.....)
  9. CHRIST!! I wish my thigh were the size of that exhaust!!!!!
  10. Spotted this morning on my stroll to Lenzie Station. Noted the sticker in the back window too
  11. No. The ones fitted have a 50mm offset so they foul the suspension without spacers. My rough calculations give me the following:- 5.5J standard wheel with 39mm offset gives me 109mm from inner face to rim edge 6J replacement with 50mm offset gives me 126 from inner face to rim edge, the 15mm spacer takes this down to 111 mm On standard wheels the permitted offest range is 37-42mm, so I reckon no more that 3mm off each spacer should bring it back in to spec, but can't see how 6mm across the axle could make such a difference........
  12. Give me a toot and a wave if you see me around. First two pics were taken at my pals house in Crossford, but I am in north Glasgow (Clue in the username )
  13. And not taken as a dig, believe me its appreciated. I think when I bought the spacers I omitted to allow for the extra wheel width........ so 4mm off the spacer should sort it I think. Assuming that clears the brake caliper.......... In short, I think I need to split the 12mm difference equally between the inner and outer edges.......
  14. I didn't, but the reply below yours makes it perfectly clear. So the steering axis and the centre line need to meet, correct?? Therefore the spacer is in fact too wide as I suspected. . Am I correct in saying that 4mm off should sort it? I didn't go too radical on a change as had heard it can destroy the handling. My car is similar to the Alfa 33 and it was offered with 15" wheels so thought it would be OK.
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