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    1 minute ago, JJ0063 said:


    I did wonder whether that would be an option but I can’t see how I’d get to solder it..  I only have a run of the mill soldering iron and can’t see how I’d access.. I think I’ll have to just order a set like you’ve linked


    You can remove the female connectors on the board or whatever it connects to, then it exposes the pins but if you haven't done out like that before just buy the pins 

  2. Nah they look different, I reckon those ones will be similar to atx psu ones. 

    Could solder the wire straight to the pin if you can solder well enough,as long as you don't need to take the wire back off.

    just snip that side of the connector off to make space for the newly soldered wire.

  3. 3 minutes ago, JJ0063 said:

    Amazing, I knew someone would know the name! I’ll see if I can find something else to rob a cut of the loom if it’s pretty universal, if not I’ll order that. Thanks for the help!

    Stepper motors or that use the same connectors if you happen to have any.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Matty said:

    I did a similar job on an e39 once. Half way through I threw a full on tantrum like I've not had since childhood. Throwing tools across the workshop, shouting and swearing. Took half an hour and 4 cigs to calm down, come back and finish it. Proper ashamed.

    Tldr, shit job to have to do 😆

    I got a bomber in my ear within an hour on the first side then one down the sleeve later that day, next day I got another down the sleeve and one on my neck 😂 I look like I've been shooting up .

    Not even a hard job in the grand scheme of things but it was soul destroying 🤣

  5. 20 minutes ago, SiC said:


    It's been an absolute joy to work on. Panels are easy to get, cheap (Ashley Hinton are a bargain) and excellent fit with virtually no reworking needed. Construction is simple and straightforward without many layers. Being a small car, pretty much everything is easily handled and clamped up within an arm's reach. 

    While I would have liked to have got it on the road sooner, I can't say it's been all that bad as the weather has been pretty rubbish recently for the most part anyway. 

    After having the Sprite Mk1 Frogeye rental, I'm definitely on the lookout for one. Inevitably my budget will be for a Meccano example. Panels aren't as accurate, easy or cheap to get hold on the Frogeyes but they are mostly available. I mean a rear wing is like £750 and a Steel Frogeye clamshell is a cool £4370...! But then they're worth significantly more and much rarer than any of the Midgets. I've driven cars that attract attention but nothing like that Frogeye did. Always positive too. Cracking fun to drive too. 

    I'd like to drive one back to back with this. I know they are very different in character as the rear end is setup very differently. Sprite Mk1/2 & Midget MK1 has these quarter elliptical springs where as everything after has semi. The quarter gives much stiffer suspension. Hit a bump on them and the back lifts (alarmingly!), but you then get the stiffer backend. The semi elliptical setup is supposed to loose that stiffness but you gain a more compliant and friendlier (mass market) ride. 

    Shouldn't take much to finish now it's back is broke. 

    When I restored a few MGB's the panels seemed quite good, didn't need to do to much fucking about to get most of them to fit.

  6. 17 hours ago, SiC said:

    It's more that I don't want to be making small holes on the tank into massive ones with my torch! It's quite heavily pitted and likely thin in places on top. Strong enough to keep fuel in but thin enough that it'll likely just end up with even more holes. 

    Time to get a tig torch and some brazing rods for the Pearl 😂

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