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  1. My first port of call would be air filter and plugs. (Rotor arm and plug leads if applicable) High co and hc looks like misfire Type approved cats are a bit nore expensive but probably worth the extra £20+quid Or lambda sensor I just change stuff until it passes or the bridge calls!
  2. Rear struts are just* hydraulic rams afaik. You should be able to reseal them for pennies if you are able to find a decent hydraulic seal supplier. Or Many years ago I did a load of work on my dads 300te. One of the struts was leaking from a cracking in a weld at the top of the strut. I removed it,ground out the crack filled the strut with water and welded it up. It lasted another decade until it was scrappaged. I also referbed the height valve body and changed the spheres at other times. It is supposed to used special merc only fluid from what I could tell at the time. I got covered and stank for a week. True story bro😀
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