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  1. Imagine the excitement at seeing this ad pic in autotrader. Unfortunately this an italian advert. We would not know which way to look
  2. Just to be clear, why bother and what a waste, i would be happy for label on bosch box only.
  3. Amazon single boxed windscreen wiper packaging . Dog is not amused, nor am i
  4. Again , great work and great to see this soon to be beauty up and about.
  5. "Subito.it " is the place to look. Currently about 20 for sale. Most are 2.0 ltr for tax reasons here .
  6. I got all excited when a reasonably priced panda 4x4 popped up for sale not too far away and looking good. But then i saw the 2nd pic of current state and my day has been ruined. Bring a trailer. The search goes on.
  7. I give you the man who could not wait. This is in italy, as per normal in italy he is not parked in a bay, he is right outside a Lidl entrance. I drove past and could not believe my eyes, i assumed some shiny polish stuff or something, but no, he is actually SPRAY PAINTING HIS CAR GREEN OUTSIDE LIDL ENTRANCE ! I did a walk past to check and he has done the whole car in 4 meters from lidl entrance. I am officially just wowed !. I have a horrible feeling for the fancy i3 owner who is going to wonder about the fine green mist all over his car.
  8. I find it difficult to understand not wanting to wear a crash helmet, on any two wheeled thing, bicycles and electric scooters included , plus gloves ! Here in italy it makes me cringe the complete lack of glove wearing on bikes (motor), i understand it in summer as it is baking hot but the standard of car driving terrifies me, especially in towns, there must be loads of italians with scarred hands ! Even on a moped, helmet and gloves always is my motto. Sometimes free choice needs to be taken away !
  9. Have any of you seen the fortnine youtube report on 1st oil change quality findings. Royal endield come out very well indeed.
  10. For any of you thinking of getting a moto guzzi but maybe worried about the speed or instability issues, i have seen the answer. And very practical apart from when it rains. €2000. In italy unfortunately for you lot, bit to far to ride home !
  11. That does seem a big waste, are they really not economically worth putting into use./ saving.
  12. I think your welding and then quality check for penetration is better than most back street garage repair jobs. I think i would be happy driving around on that repaired subframe.
  13. Great welding , wish i had 10% of those skills. The only thing we have in common is the colour of our welders. He is mine taking all weekend to replace 2 simple gate bottom bars.
  14. How on earth have i only just found this gem of a thread? I am in awe of the awesomeness of what has been going on over the years in your garden. Long may it continue ,the use of great skills lavished on forgotten heaps BRAVO I just wish i had 1% of the drive/skill and numption to play this game
  15. As an old house dweller myself ,don't rush into anything, damp is too be monitored, ventilation as has been said is important, new window sets off alarm bells. If there is no earth built up against wall why are they talking tanking etc. Sealing moisture into walls is a bad thing. Keep calm and don't panic.
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