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  1. I am not impressed in finding a lack of The Clangers content. But on the other hand as Datsuncog so correctly pointed out using one of my favourite phrases CRIKEY MOSES That really is : changing jobs young family living in a flat with i presume no private tinkering zone Amazing sensible family transport.
  2. Thought i would use this as an opportunity for an introduction photo. Constructive criticism welcome
  3. From a July 1969 edition of La Stampa And only eight hundred and fortynine thousand lire Or Nineteen thousand lire / month
  4. There is no call for pics that scary this early in the morning, warnings should be issued, h&s and all that. Good luck otherwise.
  5. If i was In the land of screwfix/toolstation no probs. Here in italy will be fun translating wood grenade !. I'm looking forward to a visit from the local police for searching online for grenades !
  6. Just to give a quick view of italian system for comparison. No gov office ever does photocopies for you, always go with many copies plus 1. Bangernomics does not work here, all used vehicle purchases have min admin charge €500 to change ownership. Second hand prices seem similar to spain Non italian residents can NOT buy a car /bike. Private individuals can NOT buy a van, you must be iva ( vat) registered. No road tax as such, but there is possesion tax which means no such thing as off the road for repairs, you must pay tax every year or fines start arriving and car longer valid/ impossible to sell. Very rare to find a car that has had more than 2 owners .
  7. Sorry to hear that. Maybe for the best next time not to get ideas above your station. Those luxury transport things with heated rear seats are not for the likes of us.
  8. That is Christmas all in one go.
  9. Paulplom, sorry i should have been clearer, bmw use kymco for their small bike engines only. Very few complaints from bmw small bike owners. Bmw big bikes and car engines is another story, i am no fan gaving had a k series bike that went wrong years ago and was a nightmare and £££££s to fail to fix see other issues online with big bikes. Wife had recent 3 series diesel car 320, lucky it was company lease as in 1st 2 years she had lots of problems, turbo twice ( she is Italian and drives like one so maybe bmw are not the sporty things they claim to be).
  10. Kymco make good engines and the quality is equal to the Japanese full stop. Here in italy there are swarms of kymco scooters around and loads with bigish mileage. Maybe the suspension is not quite as refined as japanese equivalents going on my personl experience, but iwould have no hesitation in recommending kymco powered 2 wheelers, bmw can't be wrong( i believe kymco make all bmw smaller engines) .
  11. Was undecided where to put this , grin or grump, but this ties on with mr wimpy So here it goes. Is there an internation salad shortage, especially in the lettuce market ?. Has someone famous written a book on how to make a business profitable by keeping a keen eye on material costs. Are Cowboys taking over the fast food market. These and many other theories went round my head at lunchtime today. I had the misfortune of having no choice but an Old Wild West restaurant in torino today. My first visit and my last. I give you my plate as it arrived. And they say the Mediterranean diet is healthy. Just why bother. I feel an email to top sheriff is in order. I am going to write a best seller. Working title so far. Feeding the 5000 on one lettuce, your profits will go sky high. Or Green on the plate gives healthy image and healthy profits, all it takes is a postage stamp sized portion. The chips were shit also.
  12. Heated rear seats, i never knew they even existed apart from some luxury barges. I am intrigued.
  13. Jerzy woking's post elsewhere about the quantum bike project has always had me interested. I have never sat on one. All my hyperthetical ergonomic bike related musings are done sitting on the loo whilst pondering. I have always wonder about bike handlebars, doing my best thunderbirds puppet impressions whilst sitting on the loo ( you should all try this some time) my hands naturally fall in the quantum handlebar position. My thoughts were always seems natural but what about under heavy braking, i think we are all stronger in the pushup hand position and therefore the clever mr honda with his crack team of toilet sitters decided that it was for the best maintaining the flatter bar designs. Any thoughts other shitters. ( see what i did there).
  14. Big breath, count to ten. I am a dog person. Please remember that not everyone is a dog person, our idea of friendly dog bounding up to say hello is some people's idea of "oh shit, what next". We all have to live together, 2 sides to every story etc. Sometimes a " sorry about that" resolves a lot of neighbour hood problems.. Sorry about this, early morning sensible head on. Sir Chocolate Teapot.
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