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  1. That is a fantastic job for a first time welder. I am very impressed. Brakes and carbs will be easy after sill fabricator and welding.
  2. ParlO italiano = I speak italian. Parli italiano ? = Do you speak italian. And don't mix up "tetto " and "tetta", look it up for a laugh. Especially important when looking at old houses
  3. As i am in no rush today for the ferry and yesterday i got flashed by a french speeding camera to offset the possible impending fine i decided yo take a detour avoiding tolls to save some money. And to add some more countries to this trip. Home via Luxembourg and Belgium. This is sunny Belgium. The civic is surprising good as a long distance load carrier. I am 1.80 m tall and slim. Driving position is comfy, lots of room for moving feet around and overall a feeling of space, apart from all stuff around me. Special mention goes to heating controls, modern cars could learn loads from the heater control position and how well it all works. Notice the bottle holder which in the summer is cooled by aircon vent, by design ??. Overall i am very impressed.
  4. Some may know i bought this sight unseen honda civic off auto shite some time back. In august finally got to see it, quick service and new battery and 2 tyres. New mot. Seems ok. 3 weeks ago drove it down to genova in Italy. Today return journey fully over loaded, currently half way in hotel in france. Sure beats the same journey in a suzuki sj ! Hightlights of overload, 98 kg jotul wood burner, 80 kgs gym weights, completely stuffed full of other stuff. I guess well over 400kgs plus me. Cruises happy at indicated 70 mph, getting 41 mpg. More than happy. Not happy with price of petrol. Did get flashed by speed camera in france , Verdict so far, it works
  5. Always sad to see a drowned panda. Local river burst its banks last week. Right up to roof level looking inside.
  6. Never knew these existed in diesel flavour In italia Euro 5500. Only 9000 kms ! 1.7 diesel ! Correct colour also.
  7. Great work doctor r. I think you have done yourself proud. This is miles better than the newspaper, chicken wire and filler that we all used in the 80s ! My summary if welding. Clean metal, good earth clamp, don't be stingy with gas flow outside . Take your time.
  8. A surprising faster update than expected. Arrived in the post today. V5 arrived sooner than expected. Only issue now is the mess of my life and what has happened since applying for v5 ! Let us just say i wish i had left it in italy. And i do not fancy driving it back. This will probably be for sale on 20/7/2022.
  9. Somewhere in basingstoke. Capri c reg pretty frilly.
  10. I wonder if mine was there. It is an 1986.
  11. Simply marvellous. Just watch the price of montego (s) rise now as people realise how wrong they were about suvs
  12. This is a fantastic build, looking forward to the "in use" review asap.
  13. Always a pleasure to see this updated, as always, great work.
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