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  1. You can't fool everyone. My budget only goes so far. £490. 12k miles. Not as good as pics suggest, but not bad for 24 years old. Bring on next fuel crisis.
  2. Possible collection happening later. Always wanted a gs. local and cheap. After divorce and selling everything last year i want to cheer myself up a bit.
  3. Mot passed yesterday, no problems. Unfortunately for me, look out for the sad for sale sign soon.
  4. Who knew mad max also drove a renault.
  5. Slightly run down house, but the truck looked ok, good tyres etc.. what is it ?
  6. 2.5 v6 omega . Such a shame. Bodywork looked very good, leather interior looked excellent. Who knows why it has been left to die !
  7. Well that went very well. Fully comp 4k / year £55 I am 54 and technically still married, guess that helped.
  8. MAde my day seeing this, looks like a well used daily, tired but clean. This has been sitting for some time, i'm not a fan of white wheels ( wellers exempted) but this does tickle my fancy, i am a fan of small and japanese. I feel a note coming on.
  9. Spot the difference. Finally got off my back side and made a decision. New plates from halfords £32.50. made while you wait. 10 mins. Impressed. Maybe this weekend insurance and tax for 1st May No cloning my plate please .
  10. Thought i would take my 2 children up to london ( richmond station) from basingstoke next friday. Basingstoke is only 40 miles from richmond. Bloody hell, return ticket for 3 £49 ! Plus parking at Basingstoke. I have been out of the country for a few years but this seems expensive . Seems it is cheaper to take the 2001 civic. Parking £10 Congestion charge £15 fuel about £14 total. £39. And a good run for the civic . Surely this needs sorting out Mr railways and London.
  11. Made my sunday morning seeing this action scene. And yes, i was parked up at side of road to take pic.
  12. This is in basingstoke, nice older area too.
  13. I am doing some temp royal mail driving, amazing the amount of seemingly abandoned cars i have seen. This has probably never moved !
  14. Going by the mold growing inside this has been like this for some time. Going by the arse in the air stance i guess gearbox woes.
  15. I have been vaccinated abroad, i have had 3 vaccines for covid, i am registered here in uk with a doctor now. Nhs says now possible to register foreign vaccines on nhs for covid pass. I queue online diligently and with true British patience to make a booking to physically show my papers and get them registered. I tell them where i am in the country. They give me my nearest centre able to deal with foreign vaccines. Sheffield. I live in Basingstoke !! 150 miles away. A 300 mile round trip to show some papers.
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