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  1. Also last weekend found a car show, nothing shite here but I think worth showing. Hope you enjoy. 1954 fiat siata 1100. Never seen one, looks incredible looks fast but powered by fiat 1100cc. Stood alone looks normal, next to other cars you see how small it is, like 4/5 scale. Just look at those flush door handles. 1938 lancia aprilia Owner 90 years old and still rocking. Based on fiat 500. This is tiny, my bike for scale, based on fiat 500. Made by fiat siata. Could spend all day looking at this, note 3 rows of seats. Makes me wish I paid more attention at school woodwork classes.
  2. I will guarantee that it belongs to 1 of them chatting, all Italians are programmed to leave cars wherever to have a chat, their favourite spots being zebra crossings. That is 1 fine motor vehicle.
  3. This weekend's bike ride Autobianchi y10 awd. This has been raised a bit and oversized tyres. Could teach a rangie a thing or two. Known this gti for eleven years. Never moved a cm. Shame as 11 years ago was OK, now beyond help. Skoda as bought new! Notice the back seats. Shame, these all look savable, especially the blue citroen, but killed off by burocracy no doubt. Just an example of what went wrong in the world, we started eating too much. Actual proof of darwin's evolution theory. Now hold your breath ladies pls for the next pics.
  4. OMG, the answer to everything I ever need. All in my opinion of course but, practical, reliable, classic, good looking, canvas folding sunroof, depreciation proof, great on potholed roads, fits easy in narrow Italian garages. Easy to fit lpg system. Everything a family man needs. Restored to as new condition and for sale, no idea how much though. Only major issues is here in Italy now euro 0 cars are mostly banned from using in town.
  5. Lancia (pronounced correctly lanchia) only sells new 1 model here, the ypsilon. They are still popular with young ladies. Available with 3 engine choices. 1.2 petrol. 1.2 petrol/gpl. And 0.9 twin Air with compressed natural gas cng.
  6. 1 make town, but I think round the corner there may be an uprising The sign says it all
  7. Evening all I need to write this as they say it is good to talk and helps relieve stress. I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure, let us see why. I will start with the latest addition collection cock up that happened 2 weeks ago. I, like many others, spend to much time viewing" subito. It" for local cheap chod knowing full well I can not afford and do not need anything. I spotted an ad. For a Non running 2008 kymco scooter with only 3200kms for 350 euro. Only 11 kms from my house. Deal is done at 280euro, burocracy is dealt with and 185euros paid for admin. Sunny Collection day arrives. I am the more sensible side of 50 years old but I forgot, also forgot that I live 600 meters up 6kms of steep hill and a few hairpin bends. So I thought I would push it home!! It is a 130 kg largish 165cc scooter. 1st 4 kms OK pushing on the flat, arrive at Hill and after less than 50m I, m done. But faith in the human race is restored, 2 old blokes in car stop and ask if I need help, 15 mins later they return with a pickup truck, load scooter and me in back and give me a lift home. Me sitting on scooter in the back, all highly illegal. And then the problems started! That is my man bag, very essential in Italy because of all the documents you have to carry around and all the keys I have. My wife knew nothing of this purchase, I already have a smaller silver scooter so I thought I could sneak this in the garage and she would never notice if only 1 ever came out. This is the other 1. That is my locked front gate to my house in the middle of a forest up the side of a hill. You may or may not know that scooters have lockable underseat storage. At some point whilst pushing on that sunny day I put my man bag containing both keys to the scooter, house keys and mobile phone into underseat storage and then sat on it and so locking everything in. I discovered this outside my front gate. Oh shit. I climbed over gate and spent the next few hours gardening. Wife got home from work and I had some explaining to so. Once she opened gate, garage and house I was able to dismantle scooter and have a beer. To be continued.
  8. I see a European tour forming, I'm sure free accommodation is available in France, here in Italy no problem, get those driving goggles on Warch. You do the maths, 11hp, 1mph, a few mountain passes. Could be the grand tour of the century, could even take a century.
  9. Bigger than I was expecting. Do these things really have only 11hp! Much want, fancy a drive over to Italy on it so I can have a go.
  10. Welcome warch I would love to see a few pics of the Welsh made Honda engined digger.
  11. My grandad in the uk had a fiat 850 followed by a fiat 126. I will always remember the noise those 2 made. If I remember correctly the 126 had cruise control ! a friction held wire cable connected to the throttle pedal and to the dashboard. And lots of rust.
  12. I know someone here is going to love this pic. A real mpv doing its stuff
  13. someone knows what is best when the snow starts give us a clue painted goodyears yes pls my dream cars I think we have a problem Captain Dream on fiat lovers Dream on everyone ! these British get everywhere.
  14. kringle, yes if under 30 years old still needs to pay admin fees and the bigger 4 wheel jobs. Over 30 year old vehicles have reduced transfer rates but I have no idea what they are.
  15. Built for empty crisp packet removal I think.
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