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  1. Maybe look into folks that do custom canal boat rear / front pram covers, they use computer wizardry and good quality materials and seem very resistant, well tensioned , good zips etc. Great to see this build back on.
  2. Received email thanks , unfortunately since first interest i am overloaded at the moment, 3 cars in a 2 car space house hold is already a problem, 4 cars would cause severe neighbour relationship stress. But please put more pics up, temptation can always lead to advanced man maths solutions.
  3. 1988 honda ns125r. Just assessing what i have. All turns over by hand smoothly. All six gears seem to be there. BUT, is it normal that there is , when in gear, free play between crank turning and output shaft turning. I think these engines are all gear driven inside, no chains. Why would there be freeplay between crank and output shaft ?
  4. Ns125r Some history, i bought it off son of man who has had it since 2002. Son said it was a project bike. Today i started on engine expecting the worst. Looks like the engine is ok, maybe. He had been in here, all waterways clear and clean, turns over with compression. Looks new piston and clean bore. I love hondas, all the bolts came out easy. Maybe i will not be splitting bottom end and just hoping all is well. This will be a slow burn project.
  5. This is the puzzle. 1988 honda ns125r. I think about 95% all there. Some doubled up parts. I took engine out to get it home. Body panels terrible. Anyone have any panels in a shed somewhere? Will see how far my enthusiasm goes. V5 and frame match ! Only 14 previous owners. Yes fourteen. Am i right in thinking these early engines unrestricted are upwards of 25 hp.
  6. Just going to hopefully buy a new to me car, getting off the train at Leamington spa and Mike brewer also stepped off the train. Not sure if good or bad sign. Is there now a race to the finish location !
  7. Oh dear me Honda nsr125. V5 and frame match ! Possibly 95 % all there. All body panels knackered. Frame seems straight / good. Tank is salvageable. Forks straight slight rust. Deal done at £100. Including haynes manual. Needs a full strip down and rebuild. No idea if I will do it but at least i own a bike again and dining table will be put to good use. taking bets how long before it is a project for sale on here !
  8. Trying to stay away from 2 wheels at the moment, time and money constraints, and this shows up local. A basket case project honda ns125 full fairing jobbie. Cheap and with v5 !Been after a 2 stroke again for ages. This looks a state, and in many boxes ! Going to see it this afternoon. Question is am i still going to be able to get pistons, engine gaskets and seals etc for this. Just hoping frame is straight and fuel tank is solid. Wish me fortune.
  9. "full service history" , "oil, oil filter and air filter all changed within last 3 years " !! Ok.
  10. If any of you doubt the power of rubber fork gaiters from new. 25 year old gs125 forks. Probably the first time they have ever been stripped and oil change. Like new, not a single pit. I am impressed.
  11. How did i miss this, unfortunately too late for me now, hopefully next time. Have fun .
  12. That is one of those new hand grenades , definitely over priced s###. I would love one 20 years from now.
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