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  1. Mi piace un sacco. Do I fancy it, yes. Sorry but can't afford it.
  2. That looks good. It is from a dealer , this is good news. The exporting side is easy from a dealer, especially if you are trailering it away. Let me know if you want to contact them, I could try asking some question for you. Hopefully you understand the UK import side !
  3. Had a cup of tea and biscuits , all showered and in bed. In summary 4 countries, 920 miles and 1 ferry. 40 hrs. DONE. NOW 10 DAYS QUARANTINE!. And stucking things up my nose.
  4. It has been 2 years and 1 month since i last saw these !
  5. As i don't know how to ask " can you take a pic of me please while i woollard " in french i dec8ded to make the car try one during lunch stop. Some thoughts on the journey. Through the eyes of a sj410 and the buttocks of a teapot France is bloody big. Eating apples while wearing ear plugs is very strange. My right leg and ankle want to find out if it is possible to retro fit cruise control. Lithuanians like big black cars with blacked out windows. New peugeots a pretty good / interesting looking cars these days. I hope buttock disco dancing is a thing, because i have been doing it. Slip streaming live animal carrying hgvs is not a great idea. Anyway. I made it to the ferry Today so far 335 miles in 7.5 hrs including stops. Average 47 mph and again 35 mpg. 32 years ago (1989) this car left the uk doing a european tour and then living in italy until today. I bought it off the previous English owner in italy 8 years ago. Never thought i would be bringing it back, but life goes on. The ferry is very quiet, including all the trucks about 80 people on board, maybe only 20 of us private individuals. Through italy, switzerland and france not 1 single stop or check of anything. At french ferry terminal they checked all paperwork, covid tests and that have pre booked 2 uk tests and filled out location form. I shall see what happens in Dover, if they let me in. Only dover to basingstoke left to do. And probably the worst part of the whole journey, the concrete bit of the m25 with knobbly tyres.
  6. This bed in too comfy. Low motivation this morning Lower back pain from 11hrs sitting in an sj. Oh great, i'm in france. Got a ferry to catch in 12 hrs.
  7. No, i was too tired and far from amused, i just flounced off in a huff.
  8. When i get to uk, and if i remember i will take a pic of all the stuff i loaded in him ( for it is a him ). There is an exaust pipe, 4 guitars, electronic keyboard, amp, towbar and tool boxes plus other stuff all in the back, quite surprising really, and a 45ltr gpl tank .
  9. Update time. Little sleep last night as at midnight i remembered i had not filled in uk govv locator form, finally probably went to sleep at 1 am. Alarm at 5am. Breakfast ideal for long distance masocists Plus 2 bits toast Set of for uk 6am. My old village, not my old house! Switzerland achieved after 4 hrs thx to traffic around milano and como. Not many about on swiss roads. Road side lunch of healthy champs, saving the burger king for evening meal. 250 miles completed, nothing coming out the top or bottom, running well , but slow ! So far average speed including 1 fuel stop and 1 lunch stop. 39 mph average ! This is going to take some time.. Eventually made it to overnight stop near Nancy france, 450 miles in 10.5 hrs . Average speed creeping up. So far about 35mpg and on the flat french bits cruising at a gps 53 mph. The sj has got a gpl installation, but i don't use it for constant high rev motorway stuff. With Earplugs in it is surprising comfortable (all relative) on the smooth motorways. The sj has used no oil or water so far, it is fully loaded inside, probably equal to 3 up. I am sweating inside but the sj soldiers on. And now the cock ups. I only have 2 left turns on whole trip, and i turned left to early on the first one, ended up going smaller scenic roads for about 80kms, a lot of time in 3rd gear up steep hills. Never book a cheap hotel without seeing pics of the outside, i am now sitting in 2nd hotel ! With onsite parking and clean sheets and aircon in the room. I need some sleep. Belly full of burger king. Tomorrow the boring french slog to calais.
  10. What a nightmare of a year. Finally i am moving back to uk. After a year dealing with separation, house selling, setting up kids and ex in house, covid, red tape and bureaucracy i have booked a ferry. Wednesday 21 july 20.15 ferry calais dover. Covid test here in italy booked, pre booked uk tests, 10 day quarantine to look forward too. Changed headlights to uk speck lights ( pleased i kept them in the garage). This was originally a uk reg car. Hmrc transfer of residency forms filled in, including importing the car i hope ! Route plan worked out, 1450kms near genova to basingstoke via switzerland and france. My route is north with only 2 left turns to rember, left at selestat and left at london. Checked car over, top up oil and put a bit of extra air in tyres, 25psi instead of normal 22psi for extra speed ! Spare points and condenser packed. Watching gov.uk website for any changes to rules on coming from france. Plan to set of early Tuesday morning. In a 35 year old 997 cc suzuki sj 410 Best cruising speed is 78 km/h. (48mph!) If i am lucky will average 70 km/h. 21 hrs actual driving if everthing goes well. Two 11hr days of driving plus ferry. My ears, spine and will to live might fail. Knobbly tyres , no sound insulation and 30 degree heat this week in italy. Wish me luck please. Last pics before we set of Tuesday morning.
  11. Buona fortuna. Really should be in polish but I have no idea of good luck in polish. ( Is that how you spell polish, looks very wrong)
  12. A little update. Remember i am in italy. My trusty ford is sold, we did 0 to 160000 kms together , a sad day really . The car must have know when i washed it last week for sale, so yesterday wrecked its battery. This morning a fast, pay full price be thankful the one shop round here had one in stock €90 battery later everything was back to normal. So down €90 on deal but still happy. Now the fun bit . 2 ltr petrol 145 hp. The cost of italian bureaucracy to change ownership, bearing in mind i sold 2009 focus for €2500, wait for it cos you will all be shocked. €700 ! Seven hundred euros to change ownership of 12 year old car. ! To be agreed between parties but normally the buyer pays this, in my case they did thankfully. Thoughts ? This is why italians keep their cars a long time and hate their systems.
  13. What great timing, got a keen buyer form my ford focus coming round early tomorrow morning, just been out after a week and found it won't start, first time un 11 years this has happened. Battery voltage also seems fine at 12.6v. Strange electrical goings on in the car, i hope i can find a new battery gast tomorrow morning. Fat chance, i live in the sticks in italy ! Would need 6 meter long jump cables. Taking the battery out of wifes company modern will i am sure cause headaches. I will sleep on it. I feel a lost sale coming on.
  14. Is it really that simple, i was online chatting to hmrc the other day, they guided me to their rules, it seems to say cars over 30 years old but must be of historic interest and original condition whatever these mean. I got the impression they are trying to stop any old stuff coming in at 5% vat only. The rules seem very ambiguous. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure situation. I also seem to remember reading that you can only be eligible for historic 5% vat you must apply prior to goods arriving in uk. Retrospective application is not acceptable. Or maybe i misunderstood that bit. Panhard65, you applied after car was in uk ? What car was it ? I would love to understand this system well as i have seen so many italian cars i would love to get to uk and start a small business in italian metal " just not fiat 500s" would be it's name.
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