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  1. Love to see a second chance at life given to cars destined for the bridge, will follow with interest. I nearly bought an identical car from a chap at work (same colour/engine) for £100 but something in the front suspension snapped when he was bringing to work for me to collect and it wasn't worth the cost of having it transported, shame it would have been ideal for me.
  2. Saw this absolute honey at the supermarket today. According to the MOT history its a diesel with about 64000 miles on the clock, I can believe it I looked really smart.
  3. I'll have to check but it's over 100,000 now
  4. Really well thanks! It must feel like it's semi retired now I'm only doing 3 or 4 miles each way 😀
  5. Yes it's certainly better than Clough Rd in Hull and back each day!
  6. Really great taa, the gearbox input shaft bearing still makes a little noise but it's not got any worse and doesn't seem to affect anything so I'm ignoring it!
  7. I'm really enjoying the behind the scenes photos/write up from the circus, absolutely fascinating thank you.
  8. I've still not got round to sorting the seal on my partners Focus
  9. I need to reattach one of the door seals on my partners 2016 Focus. Apparently there's a wire inside the seal that is under tension and that's why they always seem to come loose. Some people snip the cable before resticking the seal back down. Most people seem to recommend really strong double sided tape.
  10. That is the best Skoda colour by far!! Looks ace 👌
  11. It's just over 4 miles from my house to the garden centre so about 8 ish miles a day.
  12. New rear tyres today fitted by my mate. Finest quality RoadMarch ones! The small mileage I do now budget tyres are absolutely fine.
  13. The local garden centre, I'm really enjoying it!
  14. Just taxed my car, £121 for 6 months........ouch! At least I've got a job now but that car tax stings!
  15. Moving on very slightly from the Vauxhall YouTube rabbit hole.......
  16. I found that one and posted it on its own thread, I fell down a bit of a Vauxhall rabbit hole on YouTube!
  17. Bought some cheap tailgate struts off ebay as mine were well worn. An absolute doddle to fit and they work perfectly 😀 added a dab of graphite grease to the ball and sockets. Not sure it's the correct grease to use but it was the first one I came across in my stash.
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