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  1. Just catching up on this thread, those lights look to be just the job. I remember how bloody awful the sealed beam units were on my Dolly Sprint.

    I've not spotted the Princess out in the wilds of Scunthorpe yet but if a tatty silver Kia Ceed flashes you it's probably me!

  2. First proper girlfriend had a pre-facelift Nova GTE (I think, certainly a sporting one) it was silver with brown tartan seats this would have been back in 1999/2000 so they weren't so rare back then.

    A few years later another girlfriend had a pre-facelift Skoda Felicia in black. It was nicknamed Curly as the number plate was P***UBE, sadly it was written off crashing into a taxi after we had been to Meadowhall for the day 😞

  3. 19 minutes ago, RoverFolkUs said:

    I'll bet it's the little flexi section that they have. Luckily Kia/Hyundai had the sense to make it a bolt on part so it's not integral with the cat or silencer section! Keeps the cost down 

    Yeah I'm hoping so, looked on eBay and it's not a mega expensive part (unlike the back box I had done a few years ago!)

  4. 2 hours ago, rob88h said:


    I often forget how much and why I love my alternative motoring-lifestyle.

    Running* six heaps is all too often just a never ending barrage of jobs of varying priority and can easily leave you wondering “why?!”

    </fate_tempted> The Mini is a joy and recently I had to make a 150 mile journey - in the words of Ewan McGregor, Choose Shite

    Calendar shot!

  5. The drivers side washer jet on the Ceed has always been shite, they aren't adjustable so I stumped for a genuine Kia replacement, really easy to fit too.

    I've ordered a pattern replacement for the passenger side so will be interesting to compare both parts.

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