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  1. For me this is what Autoshite is all about. Keeping a car on the road that most people would have got rid of years ago. It's so so good to see an old Avensis treated so well ❤
  2. I'd love to read a bit of a comparison to the petrol models once you've covered some miles in it.
  3. It's a handsome car, well bought!
  4. I didn't realise there was ever a diesel version. Looks smart 👌
  5. Fairly noticeable, sounds like when a tensioner on a belt or a pulley goes bad. I will monitor but I think its only started recently. I'd like to get it done while I know I've the cash put aside, if I leave it until its really bad I might be skint by then!
  6. Sounds like the clutch bearing is f*cked so it will be getting a new clutch kit soon. Its cost me nothing other than service parts really so far so can't complain.
  7. Another 90s dealer video
  8. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed his arms!
  9. I really like old dealership training videos like this from the 80s and 90s.
  10. I love my Ceed it just feels so dependable. Its probably the best car I've ever had, its does exactly what I need in a an car.
  11. Hope the Astra can be cheaply fixed and live on, this thread was one of the first I started following as I loved seeing the Astra getting some attention
  12. I always enjoy this thread, makes me wish I wasn't useless at fixing cars though!
  13. Mk4 Golf pd 150 which was an absolute nightmare and I spent way too much fixing it, this was followed by a mk5 Golf SDI which filled its sump with diesel every week or so. Then came the mk1 Focus. The mk4 Astra was a stop gap while the first Golf was being fixed and it was brilliant, I should have kept it instead of the Golf! Kia Ceed now which I really like.
  14. I think I was unlucky with mine and bought a bad one, it was really nice to drive but a bit of a lemon. I was lucky that my Focus was more solid than most. I preferred my Mk4 Astra over the Golf and the Focus but I've never been known for having good taste!
  15. I think thats on the MK5, the MK4 is done from the inside, instead of fixing it I bought a MK5 SDi which filled its sump with diesel.......that was enough Golf shaped headaches for me so I bought a Focus then a Ceed.
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