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  1. I like tiger seal, I did an ace neat job sealing the rear air vents on my Focus.......just a shame that's not where the leak was coming from 😕
  2. I've had a few leaky cars and it's always a right pain in the arse! Cabin it's dry (at the moment) just the boot, I'll have the light back off when I'm rest days and see what I can do.
  3. Mine was until very recently, not sure why it let go all of a sudden!
  4. Don't do it, it's upsetting! It's still leaking I've bought a little sheet of neoprene to try and make some sort of gasket/seal for the light unit (can't use tiger seal as the lights come off to change the bulb)
  5. I've heard that's quite a common problem
  6. K11 Micra which was replaced by a MK4/5 Fiesta then a bright yellow Lupo.
  7. I don't think jonny69 meant to offend I'm pretty sure he means he actually wants to hear more detail about some of the cars, I know i'd like to hear more, well read more, you know what I mean.
  8. Cracking list of cars, would love to see pics of you could find some
  9. Whipped the back light off on the leaky side, there's a seam with what looks like hairline cracks in the sealer but I can't imagine much water getting through, I ran a bead of tiger seal on it anyway as well as a bead on the wiring grommet. I'll wait for it to bucket down again and see if it's fixed.
  10. There was a large build up of crud and debris around the rear hatch and light area which I've cleaned out, probably not directly causing the leak but rain water being able to flow away faster surely can't hurt. If the weather is dry enough on my next set of rest days I will whip the lights off and see what I can find to seal up.
  11. These are also on my mental list of cars to buy (along with Yaris's) so I'll be taking a keen interest in this. It's a shame about the first one you looked at as it looks great in the photo.
  12. I love MK4 Astra's I had an 8v in silver as a stop gap while my car was being repaired, did everything I needed it to despite only costing £200. It was a 5 door though so no seat knob shenanigans.
  13. Ooh taa I'll take a look I've got a boot leak on my little boys mums Jazz to sort too, thank goodness I waited until the weather is terrible to get round to it 😕
  14. Boot still leaking, then next culprit are the rear light seals 😕
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