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  1. My favourite scrapyard is Eva Bros. In Scunthorpe, it's not changed in the 30 years I've gone there (used to live going there with my dad) I'll get some photos next time I'm there.
  2. Absolutely period correct accessory I think they look good! That reminds me do people still get the anti static strip things to hang off the rear and spoilers for wipers?
  3. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere about spooky/strange goings on. Do the strange feelings always happen at the same time/location?
  4. Henry's friend looks to be Tonic blue like my MK1, a smart colour.
  5. I pay by direct debit but it's 10 monthly payments (I think you can spread it over the 12 if you wish though)
  6. Going towards a new carpet for the stairs and landing hopefully (I'm worried I've become a grown up 😕 )
  7. Had some nearly new Uniroyal Rainexperts put on the rear so that's a full set now
  8. Is there a thread where I can read about this and perve at more pics?
  9. My dad had a normally aspirated diesel (Perkins Prima?) Maestro, very unrefined but mega economical and reliable.
  10. And more importantly he stuck it up on the lift so I could have a nose about underneath, no oil leaks 😮 and it's all nice and solid looking, even the rear trailing arm mounts, surface rust on the subframe but all looks solid. The only mention of rust in any of the MOT history is the 50p size hole I had welded on the sill last year. I haven't dared have the rear arch liners off yet though......... He also showed me how to get the smashed fog lamp off so I can fit the new one.
  11. Took it in, they bled it again, much better now
  12. Going to pop it back to the garage in the morning, I know the pads need to bed into the discs but but the pedal travel is massive before anything happens, it wasn't like that before. Feels almost like the piston retracts too far back so the pedals travelling about twice as far as normal before the pads contact the disc. Does that make sense? I don't think I've explained it too well.
  13. I think £35 ish for the caliper, £15 ish for the pads, £40 labour then the rest was VAT
  14. Due to me not having axle stands and needing to get to work in the afternoon I took the car to a garage I use, brand new caliper, pads and labour came to £104.78 which wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Will feel nicer once the pads are bedded in.
  15. And some brake pads it's cooked them!
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