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  1. Is it just me or does the bonnet make it look like it's sneering 😂 looking forward to seeing the progress on this.
  2. I know I don't dare!! I've checked underneath and from the inside and all is solid but yeah the liners are staying put!
  3. Cheers guys, a local garage managed to fit me in this morning, bearing supplied and fitted for £46 it was the near side, very noisy and with a lot of free play, definitely needed doing! I really need to wash under the arches!
  4. I've got a really growly rear wheel bearing, off side I think. The noise developed recently but has got a lot worse today. Not really ideal as I work for the emergency services, so am an "essential" worker and have a 60 mile round trip to work and back. Arse.
  5. Seems sorted now I check it occasionally and it was dry even after the storms, sealing the bumper to the rear panel (leaving a gap in the middle) sorted it. Also changing the tyres seems to have pretty much got rid of the slightly "squishy" feeling at the back although I'm sure the bushes are probably a little soft.
  6. I will enjoy reading about whatever car you choose and whatever you decide to do with it
  7. Changed the oil today and popped a new Bosch filter on, old filter came off easily (as I knew it would as I made sure not to over tighten last time) I got the correct grade oil from Eurocarparts for about £16 delivered iirc. Forgot to take photos 😕
  8. Never welded/no rust, didn't it need a plate on the inner wing or am I thinking of something else?
  9. That's exactly why I like Mr. Bornites so much. It's just what you would see if you walked through any carpark in the 80s.
  10. I love that mini, it reminds me of how minis were when I was a kid in the 80s with 10" wheels and the little chrome hubcaps
  11. Finally got round to replacing the smashed front fog light. I started by unscrewing what I though was holding it in but ended up being the adjustment screw. I then removed the surround trim.......which obviously I snapped. I then found the actual screw, removed the unit and swapped the backing frame over to the new unit and fitted it. New trim pieces on are £15 on eBay so the broken one has gone back on, it's not really noticeable, also I couldn't get the adjustment screw to go back in. I don't use the lights anyway I just wanted it to look tidier than having a smashed one.
  12. Dan302

    Shit Ideas

    Dolomite Sprint angled head bolts
  13. Dan302

    Shit Ideas

    MK4 Golf (and I assume other VAG cars of the same era) door locks, both o/s doors on my Golf deadlocked themselves shut.
  14. I may be buying a 2004 C-Max 2.0 tdci very cheap from someone at work. It's currently his dog carrying car so I'll need to give it a good valet then possibly get the timing belt done.
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