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  1. I had the non intercooled 64bhp version in a Corsa C, the oil cooler let go and I never did manage to clear all the oil out of the coolant, never seemed to bother it, tough as old boots.
  2. Well I've subscribed on YouTube and am working my way through the Alpine videos, very enjoyable indeed.
  3. And I've just been informed by my dad he hand painted it in hammerite (well I assume Smoothrite) 😂
  4. I remember my dad having an Alpine back when they were banger money, it was christened "Ticky Talbot" and it towed our Sprite Alpine caravan which I always thought was cool.
  5. I'm glad this Astra is getting such love. I really like them.
  6. More about the Mondeo's https://h2g2.com/edited_entry/A611001
  7. https://h2g2.com/edited_entry/A388172
  8. I can't remember how many Mondeo's and Mavericks were in the team, I'd love to find all the episodes in full.
  9. https://www.motorhomeplanet.co.uk/archives/5307
  10. Can anyone remember a TV show in the 90s where a team were driving overland through Russia? They used Ford Mavericks and Mondeo 4x4s IIRC they had to keep them running 24 hours a day to prevent them freezing and all the fluid lines were routed inside the cars. Not completely relevant to this thread but I just remembered it 😂
  11. My mate had a Panda as his first car I remember 3 of us sleeping in it at campsite visiting a cider centre not the comfiest night I've ever had.
  12. What about white wheels? I've got terrible taste though so maybe best to ignore me!
  13. This is making me miss my Dolly Sprint. Will look ace in satin black
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