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  1. Dan302

    AX Weirdness

    More photos please! I had a phase 1 pug 106 and it was brilliant in the snow (skinny tyres and heavy diesel unit)
  2. Thats brilliant, such a neat design those Punto's
  3. It will be useful for recording old chod i drive past 🙂
  4. Thats what I was thinking, I've been meaning to buy one for ages but never got round to it, a good birthday pressie though
  5. I got a dash cam for my birthday so have fitted that, managed to tuck the cable just under the front edge of the headlining then I used to little hook with sticky pads to route it down the A pillar and down the dash. They aren't very stick so shouldn't mark the plastic if I remove them.
  6. Congratulations on the engagement but more importantly those are my absolute favourite retro wheel!!
  7. Mines silver, its so anonymous its a nightmare to find in a busy car park!
  8. I meant to take a few photos to compare it but forgot! I also meant to take a pic of the damaged wiper arm too, I'm useless!
  9. Decided to treat the Ceed to a few little bits and pieces. As the headlights seemed a bit rubbish I thought I'd try a pair of the Osram Nightbreakers silvers which do seem quite a bit brighter (without being a ridiculous blue and dazzling other drivers) You have to undo two bolts to move the coolant bottle to gain access. Obviously I dropped one of the bolts somewhere in the engine.......lost forever then. Seems secure enough with just one bolt for now. I also managed to break apart the old bulb part of which is now inside the headlight 😕 I then replaced the front wiper blades
  10. Subscribed, just making a coffee to drink while I enjoy the Maestro video. My dad had a normally aspirated diesel on (IIRC) a H plate in silver, brilliant car.
  11. I seem to remember and old old segment on top gear about that.
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