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  1. Bumble bees almost never sting. Unless you do something really stupid.
  2. I've just noticed that the dates on posts are showing in Septic format. eg. "On 5/13/2020 at 12:44 AM, Slowsilver said: " Is this a site setting or something in my settings?
  3. Distributor seems to be missing the all important Marigold cover.
  4. Measure them all with no shims. Then work out what you have got to make up the gaps.
  5. It looks as though it should turn through 90 degrees more and use both bolts to hold it, and the cable go though the other hole in the bracket.
  6. GBJ

    Ask a Shiter

    Some Japanese cars (eg. Subarus) have lights that turn off with the ignition. They have a separate switch that turns the side lights on for parking lights. Maybe the Shogun has one of these switches that has been inadvertently switched on?
  7. Why's that bloke pissing in the bushes when there's a perfectly good toilet there?
  8. The distributor drive gear on the new shaft looks different from the old?
  9. Are you sure it wasn't a loose battery connection that you improved when you connected the leads?
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