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  1. GBJ

    The grumpy thread

    Wow, you've got long legs!
  2. She's right, it looks shit. The wheels are Ok though.
  3. GBJ

    The grumpy thread

    Oh do fuck off you pompous twat. If you are going to be a moderator you need to respond to users when they point out problems, not insult them.
  4. GBJ

    Forum problems

    Thanks, I can't see a sticky thread called "About the forum". Can you provide a link, please.
  5. 502 error is happening very frequently and to many people it seems. Is there anything being done to investigate the cause? I haven't seen any response about it from the mods/techies.
  6. GBJ

    Forum problems

    Is there a thread for asking about problems with the forum software?
  7. With eight cylinders firing you can't hear the misfire once the revs pick up.
  8. It doesn't look very fine! Don't forget that it won't be spurting fuel out if it leaks, it will be sucking air in.
  9. Have you checked that the rubber tube from the top of the tank isn't split?
  10. GBJ

    The grumpy thread

    I've found the same to be true of all women from North Yorkshire.
  11. GBJ

    The grumpy thread

    Could or couldn't? Hummus or houmous?
  12. GBJ

    The grumpy thread

    Middle class? Why can't you spell then?
  13. They certainly look very French in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwnSR7BF-x0
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