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  1. It doesn't annoy everyone.
  2. They look very different to me. Unless you are just saying they are car door shaped?
  3. Sometimes if a poster actually quotes the post they are referring to it makes it easier to follow the thread. I have no idea which post adw1977 is talking about.
  4. What sort of grease are you using? I thought that rubber bushes should be fitted with a lubricant that drys out so that the rubber flexes without moving in the housing?
  5. The original belt lasted 25 years but you want to change for a different type?
  6. GBJ

    Ford timelord

    Little Deuce Coupe "I've got the pink slip, daddy"
  7. Never mind that. Did you find the fasteners you needed?
  8. It looks as though you have stopped the car half way up the ramps?
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