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  1. I've had a couple of years without a bike, I've now started looking again, what is going on with prices! The same bikes I saw 5 years ago are the same price now!
  2. There's a lot more Stevie Wonders out there than you might think, I've seen brake pads fitted with the metal backing against the disc, a water pump housing fitted with no impeller in it, I could go on. It's obviously worth giving everything a proper check over but it wouldn't suprise me if it's just been fitted by a blind man with no fingers.
  3. Replacement buckles have arrived but I'm not going to get chance to fit them until tomorrow. I'll lose the middle belt but I'm not bothered about that. Fingers crossed They are both OSR buckles from a Citroen DS3
  4. I've now ordered some belt buckles that I'm hoping will work, if not I'll probably be giving FOTU a miss. I will update when they arrive. Fingers crossed!
  5. Hope that makes sense. I'm not the greatest at technical explanations.
  6. Becm falls out of sync with the immobiliser causing a non start. It's not a faulty part, there is a sequential code that moves back and forth between the immobiliser and becm to tell the car you have the correct key, on occasion the code won't reach one or the other, they keep on counting up and fall out of sequence with each other, making each one think the key is incorrect. It's a case of resetting the codes which normally requires either dealer level diag kit or the correct "sync mate" tool. It's a reasonably common problem, I used to fix a 3 or 4 a year with the same fault.
  7. Becm has probably fallen out of sync. I've got a syncmate for gems type ecu here that I'd let go for significantly less than new, if you require it of course.
  8. Well that saved me a discussion with Mrs Delmonti over parking arrangements.
  9. That means it's super eco friendly, it's now reached the point in its life where it only emits lovely fluffy clouds
  10. I also travelled (albeit a short distance) in said deathtrap. I will be taking this up with even lesser b grade complaint celebs.
  11. I'm in it for the Mazda, how can anyone say no to a chance in that. Although being honest the galaxy might be more useful
  12. Nice to see another Inca on the forum, I'm loving mine.
  13. I'll let you know, I've not really started looking yet but I'll need to sort it before FOTU. Shouldn't be too difficult.
  14. I'm going to call that successful, no leakage on the way in this morning, and unexpected bonus, I cleaned up some electrical connections at the same time last night and I no longer have warning lights flashing up at random.
  15. Well I think I know how to solve the child seat problem, I need shorter seatbelt catches. In other news it has decided it prefers it's oil on the outside of the engine. The rocker cover gasket was leaking a little when I got it, so I bought a replacement but hadn't got around to fitting it. Over the weekend it decided to totally give up and I've been topping it up at a rate of nearly a litre every 50 miles! So tonight I decided to swap it over, lovely and simple job on this. Air inlet, breather pipe, one clip, three bolts and it's off. Yeah, she's a bit damp. Breather split but I think I'll get away with it. Back together and cleaned up. Yet to take it on a test run so I'll save that for the drive into work tomorrow, started it up and it seemed oil tight so that's a start, you could see it dripping out on the old one!
  16. Not a great result! If it makes you feel any better the 205 has decided it prefers it's oil on the outside of the engine. I noticed the rocker gasket was leaking and have a replacement, just haven't bothered to change it and in the meantime I think it has totally given up.
  17. Careful though, excessive and improperly prepared lubrication can result in poor running for about 9 months.
  18. I'd have thought the bogging down is related to the overfueling tbh. I'd start with cleaning the carb, make sure the floats aren't sticking, and the jets are free and clear.
  19. I wish it was that easy. I remember being carried about loose in the back of my dad's van when needed, those days are long gone.
  20. So set off this morning for the Bicester Sunday Super Scramble only to turn back and head for home within a couple of miles to swap into the wife's car. Turns out the rear seatbelts just won't hold the child seats securely, they seem to tighten down at first and then loosen off, I'm not sure if it's the seat padding sinking or the belts themselves. I'm going to need to find a solution before FOTU. Any ideas?
  21. My wife has a dig about me changing cars all the time, but there's normally a reason or at the very least an excuse. I'm honestly trying very hard to make my current two long termers. I think it's difficult to have a car that does everything well enough to keep me interested and then having to juggle with running costs and storage space makes things awkward. If I had the space to park a couple of cars up for 6 months at a time and swap around I don't think I'd have a problem.
  22. All I would need is a decent photo (straight on) of the original with a ruler or similar against it for scale
  23. Just seen your mention of the original Fox decals not sticking, if I dig my vinyl cutter out I'd be happy to try and make you some more up.
  24. This must be worth a punt for someone https://www.facebook.com/groups/peugeot205.owners/permalink/2434361633287665/ I'd buy it if I had the space
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