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  1. My wife has a dig about me changing cars all the time, but there's normally a reason or at the very least an excuse. I'm honestly trying very hard to make my current two long termers. I think it's difficult to have a car that does everything well enough to keep me interested and then having to juggle with running costs and storage space makes things awkward. If I had the space to park a couple of cars up for 6 months at a time and swap around I don't think I'd have a problem.
  2. All I would need is a decent photo (straight on) of the original with a ruler or similar against it for scale
  3. Just seen your mention of the original Fox decals not sticking, if I dig my vinyl cutter out I'd be happy to try and make you some more up.
  4. This must be worth a punt for someone https://www.facebook.com/groups/peugeot205.owners/permalink/2434361633287665/ I'd buy it if I had the space
  5. Weirdly the more times I look at that picture, the more I begin to like it 😂, and it would mean no more sunroof issues...
  6. Doesn't look too bad at all, whichever way you look at it, it's far more presentable than it was. Fingers crossed for the MOT
  7. Not all VW's currently, mostly the 2.0tsi cars, Golf GTi, Golf R etc. Won't be long until they all go that way though.
  8. Seals in the vacuum servo swelling causing the piston in the master cylinder to not fully retract, after a few uses it sticks far enough down the lock the brakes on. Over the next 30mins the seals slowly slide allowing the piston back in to position giving the pedal a normal feel. I've actually seen something similar on a landcruiser when brake fluid had managed to leak into the servo after a failed master cylinder, the owner replaced the master cylinder without realising.
  9. Well I've managed to put my Subaru back on the road so thought I should get a photo of the two together. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but both brilliant in their own ways. My god did the Subaru feel like a rocket though in comparison this morning 😂.
  10. Click on the little circle/star on the left hand side next to the thread title.
  11. Usual ford is second box from bottom on left hand side so your colour code should be FE
  12. I've just seen they have the date on the website 11th August. It's a bit of an awkward date for me but I'm going to try and make it.
  13. Looks interesting, I'll be keeping an eye for the date. It's the first I've heard of it, but sounds better that the usual "drift yo" shows and should hopefully have more variety.
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