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  1. Thought you all deserved a better photo of the new bike Still love it, just need a bit more seat time.
  2. I've no direct experience of Lexmoto, but I honestly think you'd be better off getting an older Japanese or European equivalent. Even if the build quality isn't too bad you've then got the issue of "can I get spares, and where from", the other thing from my (albeit small) experience of Chinese bikes is you'll have to strip the whole thing down the moment you get it to make sure there's grease packed in everywhere there should be.
  3. Picked this up on Wednesday There's a few bits and pieces that need tidying but for the most part it's a good honest bike, rides well enough, but me on the other hand... I can tell I've had 4 years off.
  4. I've had a couple of years without a bike, I've now started looking again, what is going on with prices! The same bikes I saw 5 years ago are the same price now!
  5. There's a lot more Stevie Wonders out there than you might think, I've seen brake pads fitted with the metal backing against the disc, a water pump housing fitted with no impeller in it, I could go on. It's obviously worth giving everything a proper check over but it wouldn't suprise me if it's just been fitted by a blind man with no fingers.
  6. Replacement buckles have arrived but I'm not going to get chance to fit them until tomorrow. I'll lose the middle belt but I'm not bothered about that. Fingers crossed They are both OSR buckles from a Citroen DS3
  7. I've now ordered some belt buckles that I'm hoping will work, if not I'll probably be giving FOTU a miss. I will update when they arrive. Fingers crossed!
  8. Hope that makes sense. I'm not the greatest at technical explanations.
  9. Becm falls out of sync with the immobiliser causing a non start. It's not a faulty part, there is a sequential code that moves back and forth between the immobiliser and becm to tell the car you have the correct key, on occasion the code won't reach one or the other, they keep on counting up and fall out of sequence with each other, making each one think the key is incorrect. It's a case of resetting the codes which normally requires either dealer level diag kit or the correct "sync mate" tool. It's a reasonably common problem, I used to fix a 3 or 4 a year with the same fault.
  10. Becm has probably fallen out of sync. I've got a syncmate for gems type ecu here that I'd let go for significantly less than new, if you require it of course.
  11. Well that saved me a discussion with Mrs Delmonti over parking arrangements.
  12. That means it's super eco friendly, it's now reached the point in its life where it only emits lovely fluffy clouds
  13. I also travelled (albeit a short distance) in said deathtrap. I will be taking this up with even lesser b grade complaint celebs.
  14. I'm in it for the Mazda, how can anyone say no to a chance in that. Although being honest the galaxy might be more useful
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