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  1. My lovely little C2, fun to drive, I do like little cars.
  2. One of the Asda's in Boro is 115.9 or was when the Mrs filled up on Friday, ours is 116.9 (Skelton) so good cheep motoring times well relatively in the North East.
  3. I will but not yet it had a near full tank, mind you that could be near empty its a Citroen but I will get one when I get some. Joyfully it has proper wheels, ones made of steel.
  4. I bought a C2, she is a nippy little thing and its nice to be in a little car again, cost £275 so all good. Alas no interesting collection caper, forgot to record it sorry.
  5. Go to see a C2 chap on phone says it runs really well, yeah as-long as you don't want to turn, turn right a new born could do it turn right and you need to be a power lifter. WTF has gone on there? it was like the power steering was bust only going right. Well that was a waste of time, argh.
  6. Got overtaken by a speeding Audi with the Reg TWxxWAT well made me laugh.
  7. Recently I have been fancying a Citroen C" and C1 so am looking at a C2 tomorrow.
  8. I found making skirts for wife and daughter to be relatively easy, dresses for adult women are hard. Your right about materials though, I would add yu want to work with one that is not too thin or thick as they can be a right pig in the machine. Worth buying a jeans roller (foot) if doing denim or other heavy materials. Off and on I have fancied doing a tailoring course, just one for pleasure over career mind, I can never find jackets I like or they are expensive.
  9. It ended did you get it?
  10. I had the saloon version 12 or so years ago, cost me £50 with full mot and lasted me 2 years before I stopped driving due to going on Oxycontin and feeling too stoned to be safe. I have a fondness for them just down to the sterling service the one I had gave me, it passed 2 mots with no work under my ownership and all I replaced were 2 tyres and break pads.
  11. It's just an overpriced Dacia Duster
  12. I am not moaning, Im saying it is piss easy, I also look after two kids have a small business , I was pointing out it is not hard now not like when my gran was bringing up kids with no life gadgets . I was pointing out the articles in the Guardian etc claiming being a house person was the hardest thing in life when its not.
  13. Mrs66 is fine with doing a fair bit of stuff I do, she does the gardening but leaves stuff that she thinks I do better. I do the laundry so I know how little effort is required for 3 loads, were talking half an hour if not ironing.
  14. My dad had a 3.5 V8 in that glorious glorious colour with a vinyl roof, wonderful I thought, the wings were really bad rust traps though.
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