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  1. Im seriously tempted, must resist though, but its green also, its hard.
  2. Today my painkillers are not working, oh the joy of a f load of of pain from head to ankles, still better than depression though.
  3. My dad had one of these K reg it was always breaking down and it was not that old at the time.
  4. Have you looked at recovery software? there are a good few free ones that supposedly do the job well. I don't reuse memory cards anymore a 16gig decent one is less than a fiver off Amazon.
  5. I co drivered on a stage once in one, they were absolute beasts so want to drive one on a stage or two but at that price I will give it a miss and I have seen them for an awful lot less. Its a Metro always a winner in my book, its the bonkers rally version complete winner love love love.
  6. Always makes me want to ask if they are open to offers, or even go and view and shake my head a lot and offer like 25p.
  7. Epson do printers with re loadable ink tanks, which should be cheaper to run. However its an Epson and the last one I had was shockingly bad for clogging heads that after 4 sets of replacement heads under warranty I gave up and got a refund. It was their top of the line A3 also so I got the Canon equivalent and no issues, being a high printer ink did work out less though per ml . Need to find out if Epson have sorted their heads out they do a nice A2 and A1 set that have stunning photo output set of inks aint cheep though but massive cartridges.
  8. Yes a late friend of my dads had a school worth a fortune and had a fleet of shite cars, not one was under ten years old at the time.
  9. What is the general reliability of these things like? I have fancied turning a van into a camper just because it would be a fun project and they looked to be a reasonable size.
  10. Alex66

    Stance hilarity

    Going to have to check but I think this is one of my dad's old cars, could be wrong but cool if it was. Anyhow this looks OK not to my taste but like others have said not a fooking clown car.
  11. Got a stomach bug, can't take my normal pain killers well its shown me how well they work and have been considering sawing various parts of my body off at various points. Ordered a battery and charger set for a camera I got at a bargain price only the f charger in the packet so now have to send that back to get refund and find another source.
  12. A Triumph 2000 and a 1960's Jag saloon and the Mrs spotted a nice E type.
  13. Alex66

    Shite Postcards

    I have wisely spent a good few hours looking through this whole thread, they are wonderful full of bad compositions but so charming. Brilliant they are.
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