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  1. Could go on about where they get some of the chemicals for the wonderful batteries in their electric cars, child soldiers are quite often involved, I like to point out they are Blood Batteries when these twats get all pious.
  2. I used to have one, one of the last Audi's I liked the look of.
  3. Never use them on principle as you said it is a sly way of putting people out of work.
  4. Bought a house, well had offer accepted and its off the market.
  5. May I be a bit rude and ask what sort of percentage did you low ball by? We are up that way a bit South of you looking at houses tomorrow and if we can low low ball people all the better. I am as they say a tight git.
  6. Had that happen once with a music drive, now I have an OTT set of drives to back up my photos I have 4 sets for photos. If you have Amazon prime they offer infinite photo back up as part of the deal plus unlike other specialized back up services your drive does not have to be attached every 28 days or something silly. Good luck with it that can be a fraught time.
  7. Last night I may have had a mini stroke, by the time the paramedic came (not long) it was all over, trip to A&E to get checked out nowt but I am being referred to the stroke clinic. I am quite shook up by it all and its the last thing I need with going around every eve to look after a rapidly declining father whilst he waits and waits to get into a retirement home.
  8. I am quite tempted by the previous shape as it is quite big in the boot area and have a great utilitarian feel about them, plus they come up at a quite good price.
  9. I quite like the look of that Duster, I think it has future classic in the line of other greats like old Lada and so on, its a bargain for what it is anyway and so unexceptional, I am tempted to get one (not new though).
  10. Which is BS they have to work with in very tight frame works and unlike people like to make out they can not just go in and remove the kids, it has to go to a judge to sign an order. Only if there is an extreme case will the kids be removed without them being forced to "work with the family".
  11. Call Social Services, explain what you have seen go on, alas it takes an age for them to go through the process as their hands are some what tied behind their backs. But from what you have said it is certainly seems to be neglect and probably child abuse.
  12. My old now sadly late neighbor had one of these in the 70's it was quite a big beast, his was in a dark brown I recall.
  13. I think they meant ruined https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citreon-2CV6-Special-with-Upgraded-Interior/183918128058?hash=item2ad25febba:g:1ToAAOSwOAhc2XfW
  14. I think the word is ruined FFS https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citreon-2CV6-Special-with-Upgraded-Interior/183918128058?hash=item2ad25febba:g:1ToAAOSwOAhc2XfW
  15. There are mugs, I am a sucker for mugs any way to buy?
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