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  1. In terms of content stripping it down is the right move. Im interested to see what the issue is.
  2. We've had ours since 2016. They are like a limo in the back. 1.6 Auto, with the cruise set at about 60 it will return 47/48 MPG on a run.....thats calculated manually too. Zero complications with these, SOHC engine, proper auto box , everything is well designed & easy to work on. Just a great everyday motor that you can jump in and know you will get where you need to go.
  3. My car..... 5351 or to the man that knows........535i
  4. I was about to buy one 7 years ago.......I went to look at the car, it was red, facelift, not much history but priced right, being sold from an ok residential area. I was speaking with a guy who I thought was Michael ( he could have been going by another name, I cant remember), the owner of the car, a private sale. All our messages were signed off Michael, on the phone he responded to the name Michael. Anyhow I looked at the V5 and there is a different name on it......I think the address may have been different too. Ummmm Mike, WTF?? Anyhow he told me his story, he was an actor, Michael was his stage name, starting showing me some DVD's purporting to be films he'd played parts in, told me about a new film he was going to be in.....I'd never heard of him or these films before., Anyhow the alarm bells starting ringing, I think I said I needed to go for a coffee and have a think about it. I either rang him or txt him and said "not for me Mike, Joe, Billy..... all the best with the films" . Anyhow the wife told me I was gonna be a dad about 2 weeks after this....and that as they say was that......MR2 money became deposit on house money.... I do still want one but I have 4 cars in various states of repair at the moment, one would have to go first.
  5. I just read your advert for that MR2.......the advert is so well written I was literally thinking which car can I sell quickly so I can buy this......unbelievable that is the level of offer on a keenly priced well described motor like that.
  6. I remember seeing one of these in that colour on the forecourt outside Warwick Wright Kenton back in the late 90s when my old man went to test drive a 406 Estate. Always liked them, especially in that colour.
  7. Craftsmen.....every last one of them lovingly prepared to perfection......I love how one of the first guys is just puffing away on a cigarette....havin a smoke, buildin me a jeep...simpler times
  8. I like that, is it still going? I was debating with myself if I should get a nudge bar for it. Loving the merc too. I like the old school diesel rattle of these.....it reminds me of my dads cars when I was growing up. I have a link to a project theard below.....nothing all that interesting, it mainly me distroying my driveway changing 25 year old fluids https://brm-forum.org/thread/287/frontera-2-8-tdi-diamond Anyhow I wont hijack this mans thread anymore OP, good buy, will look forward to seeing some updates on this, they do have small following and actually the editor of Practial Classics has just bought one....
  9. Either that or a boat Honestly, shes a bit rough round the edges in the flesh. I've no major plans to modify it or off road it, just tidy it up a bit more and drive around in it for a bit. I dont think its ever been off road. It was owned by friends of the family for 25 years, the dealer refused to take it as a trade in ( like not even for free) against a 2019 Ford Kuga so I ended up with it. Try the FOC owner club on Facebook also, very knowledgeable guys on that
  10. There is someone on Facebook trying to sell one just like that, I think he wants 7k.
  11. I got a Frontera last Nov, it's been my lockdown project. Still plenty to do, it needs a tickle with the welder on the passanger rear sill before it MOT this Aug. I wasnt expecting much but they are in fact okay, not brilliant, just okay. It drives like an old truck but honestly that is part of the charm for me. Regarding your one, for £450, well bought sir. If it anything like the A series they are simple to work on. If you need spares there is a guy in Kent, Greg from Frontyspares I think, he breaks them. This is mine, pictures flatter it, 2.8 TDI Diamond.
  12. The buy and sell Id imagine, no photos but every single car advert with the words "Mint Condition" written at some point. I can remember going to view a Honda Accord described as such......thankfully we didnt travel far to see it as there wasnt a straight panel on the car.
  13. Saw this on another forum..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114789512106?hash=item1ab9fcf3aa:g:-1EAAOSwrKBgjdAu&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5336905289&toolid=10001&customid=kosc1ojzie000pix00003 I enjoyed this mans assessment of them last week, circa 1994 https://youtu.be/nMCFeoR9oSg
  14. My old man had a 1991 405 Estate GRD Turbo in dark grey metallic...of all the cars he owned while growing up it was my favourite. 4 x elec window, elec sunroof, elec mirrors, remote central locking, grey velour, red turbo badge.....it had the lot. He went round a bend too quick and put it through a wall. I've promised myself if I even find its twin I'm gonna buy it. well bought sir
  15. Not quite the same but I was after a part for my BM about a year ago, I contacted a chap breaking one on market place... 'This is a true story. The events depicted in the below took place in South East England in late 2019/ early 2020. At the request of the survivors, the names have been redacted. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred (or close enough) Me: Do you have said part? Him : Yes I do but I need to take it off the car first....it will cost x amount.... Me: Great, can I collect this Saturday? Him : Yes, see you Saturday. Me on Sat morning : Still okay for today? Him :Sorry cant do today, my cats got food poisoning or some BS like that Me : Okay, next Friday evening? Him: Perfect, see you Friday. Me on Friday: Still okay to collect today? Radio silence....... Well about 6 months later I was also selling a bit for a BMW.......collection only, no offers clearly stated....my old mate contacts me....is this still available? Why yes it is sir..... Would I accept x for the item.....oh no, you live quite far away ( 20 miles).....would I post it..... Well sir, seeing as its you, how about fxxk no....... He messaged me weeks later....."whats the part number? " Sadly my cat had food poisoning so I couldnt respond..... Ive just thought now, maybe his cat actually died and he was so distraught he couldnt reply to me.....Oh crap, now Im the asshole.....
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