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  1. It's an ALFA - it's just testing you a bit. It'll be worth it. 147s are great little things. Well bought! 👍😁
  2. I haven't had much to do to this machine lately so in a moment of boredom I improved* the NS rear door card. The top edges of the doorcards on 190s are known for unpeeling the outer vinyl from the hardboard(ish) backing. Three are really good on my car and only one was letting the side down so out with the gorilla glue and some clamps. Much better now. I'll post some finished pics later...
  3. That's brilliant! 👍 When's it for sale? 😁
  4. Excellent stuff! These are hugely underrated cars especially when you consider that the early ones were fighting in the same arena as the mk5(?) Escrot and the mk3 golf and were massively better than both imho 😁. Nice to see one being saved as you hardly ever see them any more.
  5. Yeah, it's the 5cyl (HGT) that was allegedly an engine out job although some specialists used to just loosen the engine mounts and pry the engine over to one side while a small fingered lackey slipped the belt over the pulleys. 4 cylinders are a much more straightforward affair.
  6. Yep, except it was usually a cassette player with the slot behind a funky lift up door thingy. I had one from nearly new. A 1.6 and it was great. Solidly put together and good looking. The 1.4 isn't the best of the range but for 200 notes who cares? Leaks into the cabin can be from the seam where the roof panel meets the side panels under a little rubber strip. Removing said strip and adding a wob of tiger seal usually cures it.
  7. That's all fairly standard rot for a W123 so if that's all you have then that's pretty good really. If there's any grot at the back of that front wing (where it meets the sill) then maybe a replacement panel might be best as it will come with a decent chunk of the front valance too...
  8. I'm not too sure - not an Opel expert but I'll ask the guy who is working on it. He rebuilds lots of Mantas. Mainly Bs. I'm sure this one is a genuine RHD but perhaps not originally a GTE.
  9. That's a cheap way into the w126 plutocracy/insolvency. 👍
  10. The brurple machine passed the MOT this morning with no advisories. MUCH SUCCESS! 😁👍
  11. The mighty brown machine had a pre MOT going over and service today in good company. It's hovering behind this nice Manta....
  12. That's a lovely looking thing. Well bought. I think keeping it close to standard is the wise thing to do. 😊👍👍
  13. Yep, I'm named because of my history with those pesky balljoints - I keep spares in the shed as service items. I joined the 190.co.uk forum and that's where I found the car. Really knowledgeable bunch on there.
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