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  1. I'm a bit late to the party with this one as I've had it nearly three weeks and I've posted chuff all about it apart from the collection thread. Anyway, here's my newly acquired 190e all the way from sunny* Scotchland. It comes fresh from being laid up for three years while the PO had the jacking points and all of the brake and fuel pipes replaced. Most of the suspension has been refreshed too so it's a bit of a 'Triggers broom' underneath. It goes/stops/corners like a 190 should ie not very dynamically but that's how I like it so I'm a happy bunny. I'm still getting to kn
  2. I love these Prismas. My old man had the chance to get one as a company car back in the day. Lancia were trying to win over the uk public by getting AA staffers to drive around in them. He chickened out and went for a Montego (or was it a Cav?). What a dunderhead! 😁 I had two of its Delta brothers - a 1.3lx and a gtie. Great cars and pretty well put together too. 👍
  3. Yep, bornite it is. V5 for this one lists it as purple! Henceforth it shall be Brouple ( or metallic shite). Back int Yorkshire now. Goes well. Not much old history but a fair bit of more recent stuff. I is happy 😁
  4. I know! It was peppermint tea too. Tres fancie non? 😁
  5. Breakfast achieved (Almond croissant because Harrogate) and poo count at 1...
  6. Yep, they're good value if you find one that's been looked after. When I bought it I'd been looking at mx5s but they were all very crispy at my price range. The rusty bits on SLks are usually on the outer panels while the structural bits remain clean. SLKs aren't the last word in handling etc but they're a relaxing and plenty fast enough drive.
  7. Aw shucks - I'm blushing with pride. Glad you like the car. It's been great and absolutely faultless in the time I've had it. Although I'm a forum newbie I have to say that everybody I've had interactions with has been top class and thanks to @Agila for an easy sale. 👍👍
  8. The facelift SLKs are 'permacharged*' ie no clutch on the 'charger so I can't imagine it'll do too much harm to bodge the clutch out of the equation? *note suitable hairstylist reference
  9. https://forums.mbclub.co.uk/threads/supercharger-not-working.118814/ Don't know if this link might help? It's a CLK they're talking about but the same engine.
  10. @HMC Top knowledge! ? I added the gingercators and earlier alloys. Here it is as I got it.
  11. Cheers! It's dead posh too - that cheapo looking boot spoiler is a Carat Duchatalet item. They're some modding outfit who do shiz like this; I'm sure it adds many thousands of pence to its value... This is their latest thang...
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