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  1. Well, it's only taken two months (you know, weather, Xmas bollocks, short days, lazy etc) but the new wings are finally on. It looks a lot better now. The old wings were pretty manky. It has revealed that the bonnet is a bit faded but the colour match to the doors is OK (depends how fussy you are 😊) so a bonnet repaint might* happen in the future. The new wings have been painted in that Raptor stuff on the inside and then undersealed on top of that so they should last a while...
  2. I've been slightly slack arsed about getting on with the new wings but they're now in the paint shop - Huzzah!
  3. Yeah, but isn't that the ultimate Parts Bin raid? 😁
  4. I used to have one of these and I bloody loved it. I kept a set of keys when I traded it in 'cos I'm a saddo...
  5. Yes they're not bad at all. The gap where they meet the top of the door isn't exactly perfect but you'd have to be pretty picky to notice. I suppose it depends on the quality of the rest of the car as to whether it justifies the extra cost of mercedes originals.
  6. Yeah, I got mine from this ebay seller. There are lots of others if you don't need side repeater holes or are willing to cut them yourself. Anyway, here's the link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154562938532
  7. This morning has mostly been about test fitting new pattern wings before taking them off again for painting. Not a bad fit at all really. A bit gappy near the top edge of the door perhaps. Not fully tightened or shimmed either so there's room for improvement. Excuse the packaging marks (tape, labels etc) but I didn't want to curse the fitting by cleaning them up first...
  8. I also took my sister's VAX to the driver's seat which was a little* grubby. This is the gunge that came out of it. Thankfully the rest of the interior is nice and clean. A previous owner must have been a grubby bugger.
  9. The previous owner had also stripped the air filter cover of all of its paint in an effort to get rid of surface rust. He hadn't however got round to painting it again. He'd also slapped a star logo on it for reasons best known to himself. A bit of sanding, bilthamber and black paint later and we're looking much more original...
  10. I told you all I was shite at updating and participating in forum life. So here's an exciting update! There hasn't really been much to report. I still haven't bought any new wings to replace the slightly scruffy ones on the front. I've been doing a bit of tinkering though as it's the quiet time in my industry (trade shows - it's been a quiet few months as you can imagine) First of all the paint on the door mirrors was flaky and I'd temporarily slapped a black pair on to neaten the car up. I finally got my arse into gear and ordered a bornite rattle can of t'interweb. A bit of sanding and priming later and the original mirrors were, once again, body coloured. Ta da!
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