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  1. Went for 5 145 80 R13’s in the end. Wheels off ready to go to powder coating. Had my first proper nose round underneath. Brake hoses all shot 1 outer CV gaiter split 1 inner CV to diff seal leaking gearbox transfer case gasket leaking 1 hole found NSF inner wing, easy fix with wing off. Very good really. The only concerning bit was the expansion tank is nearly empty and I can see glycol around one of the downwards facing core plugs. No mayonnaise on the oil cap or in the expansion tank it may simply have evaporated. Rad not wet. I’ll f
  2. Yes I am tempted with the 165/70’s, bit less weedy looking and a bit more stability, I just don’t want to ruin the steering at low speed. I might just bung a pair on the fronts and see
  3. Thank you chaps. Stock it is then. might as well get the wheels powder coated at the same time Not looking forward to hand painting in the inserts.
  4. The tyre is a 145 SR R13 The SR style height equivalents to 80% of the 145 width (116mm) it’s just back then it was simply known as an SR and not: 145 80 R13
  5. MattJY


    I’ll probably get one from Italy, not bothered about the LHD
  6. MattJY


    So after my last snotter (R14) purchase, I’m in the market for something else and I think it’s going to be an Ape, or CrAPE Not planning on converting it into one of those poncy catering wagons but I’d gladly lug my own beer around in. Stupid idea or do it?
  7. So a question about tyres. My R14 has 145 SR(80) R13’s on it, the factory fit. Should I up the tyre width or stick with oem fitment? Other job I have to do is replace both driveshaft gaiters...it’s like having my old one back, forever having knocking CV joints. Oh, and I should drive it again Backed it in and out the garage a few times but that’s about it.
  8. Thanks for the car baba website, that’s really useful. Not done anything with my 14 except bought a few more parts.
  9. Oh, and BTW, I am back as MattJY, not MUT now. Its taken months to sort out why I got banned, Dont think the mods know what happened either, but I am back!
  10. Minor update, no progress with the resto but have now found a new TS grill and TS monogram in France, has been purchased and sent to a mate in France for collection if we every get to Le Mans in September. Have also found a chap in Holland with most of the new body panel, no bonnet unfortunately. Still no joy trying to match the beige TS interior fabric, looks like I will have to buy a French LHD car and break it for parts. The issue is the ones with the descent interiors are in reasonable nick and €1500-2000 which is more than I paid for my complete GTL. Oh well, its not about money
  11. Well as springs just turned up, I thought it time to give an update on progress. Due to the missus not letting me play with cars till the kitchen is done, the progress is nothing more that the odd trek into the garage and an admiring stare. I did find a brand new set of TS clock, miles/UK version in frog gland for €35 so had to have that! So, best get on with the kitchen so I can start taking the thing apart...oh, and I started a garage so have to work on other peoples cars before my own, fooey!
  12. No luck with the fabric from Roby but thanks
  13. What I could do with help on is sourcing the beige interior fabric...struggling with that one. Its a herringbone weave chenille...that much I do know.
  14. I read it and spoke to Hopkins and am helping him with his ongoing search. The remnant of the smoke bombed 14 may be mine soon too. Just found and bought in France a UK TS clock set new in the box with no miles on it for €40....buy of the year!
  15. A chap bought the OSR quarter panel from Switzerland to the UK, so another part of the jigsaw complete. I also noticed gunk up the NSF wheel arch which turned out to be a split CV boot...luckily, I found a new one in the boot ?
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