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    CaptainBoom got a reaction from wuvvum in The grumpy thread   
    This one perchance?
    The fact that this version is introduced by Keith Chegwin is more traumatic than what happened to Robbie...
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    CaptainBoom reacted to artdjones in The grumpy thread   
    A great little film to lift the mood on a Sunday night.
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    CaptainBoom got a reaction from BorniteIdentity in The grumpy thread   
    This one perchance?
    The fact that this version is introduced by Keith Chegwin is more traumatic than what happened to Robbie...
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    CaptainBoom reacted to GrumpiusMaximus in The grumpy thread   
    @CaptainBoomI think that's one of them!  I also remember this one and the headphones flying into the air...
    Yeah, I never messed about on the railways...
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    CaptainBoom got a reaction from GrumpiusMaximus in The grumpy thread   
    This one perchance?
    The fact that this version is introduced by Keith Chegwin is more traumatic than what happened to Robbie...
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    CaptainBoom reacted to GrumpiusMaximus in The grumpy thread   
    @cobblersYou've brought back a fond childhood memory of a school assembly when a chap from the railways came in and warned us of the dangers you could encounter if you wandered around on them.  This included the hilarious video of the chap losing his shoes after getting an electric shock - if you were born in the 80s, you'll probably remember the one.

    Amongst the numerous things in the talk, he also brought in a set of detonators and warned us never to touch them or play with them.  Nice to know that he was right.  Don't play with those fuckers!
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Dyslexic Viking in 1963 Mercedes Benz 190DC Fintail.   
    Sorry to everyone but this one will not be on the road again this year. Was hoping for an opportunity but the weather has not allowed it and the road salt has started. So that was it for 2022. 
    And it's going to be quiet here for quite a while as the winter will be used to save up for everything that needs to be done on this one next year.
    And the plan now is to get this into a body shop at the end of April to fix the holes in the floor, the front wing that needs welding, and have seat belt fasteners installed. Then I will get everything else done, such as new carpets and soundproofing.
    So hopefully a lot will happen with this again in April and May. This one also has its 60th birthday next year, so it will be a special year so I'm looking forward to it.
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    CaptainBoom reacted to bear-in-the-air in Bear's Slow Spacious Swedish Shed   
    Boring car boring update: Miles have passed. This is all. Handled a 1600 mile round trip from Scotland to south wales including kayaks and camping supplies like a dream. 

    The service light has started to bother me (last change was only around 7000 miles ago on synthetic, but it's been a year) so as I was up north at my parents I figured I might as well take advantage of their big shed.  Oil? Check. Filter? Check. Pressure sensor? Check. Tea? Check.  Wrong cabin filter (not pictured)? Also check. (Meant to buy the charcoal version but bought a regular one, oh well.) 

    I bought the sensor because it was a fiver and I vaguely remembered seeing an oil leak from the sensor, or around it in the past. 

    Yep, still leaking. On closer inspection, the oil is coming, at least partially, from above the pressure sensor. I'm not sure what else is there, maybe PCV? I need to do some searching up and work out what the culprits could be (or if anyone has any experience or insight I'd love to hear it).  
    I apologize for the grainy photos of the oil change, I was running on a backup phone. As tax, have a DSLR photo I took recently on a run with a mate.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to neil1971 in 'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread   
    Three slightly less than pristine doors for a Vauxhall Mokka, £400. Been up three days and surprisingly don't appear to have been snapped up yet.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Crackers in Cars of Crackers: Speedy Swede   
    I like this car. Lots. 

    Its previous owner @Wgl2019 has clearly taken great care of it, it looks like it's done barely half of its 157k miles! 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to MiniMinorMk3 in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    Some stars getting their Woolard on and some not quite getting there



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    CaptainBoom reacted to AdgeCutler in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards, Chips got! :)   
    Happy birthday to REV. 
    Both Brian’s lower window channels have now been formed and cut to suit and so I turned my attention to the uprights in a free moment this afternoon. The bottom of each is pretty well rotted away and so the first was cut off entirely and a piece of the newly formed channel welded on. Another small step forward. There is small discrepancy near the weld but a little work with the file should rectify that.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Crackers in Cars of Crackers: Speedy Swede   
    A poor show on the numbers I'm afraidm
    About 45mph (traffic 😓) 
    Correct 😁
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    CaptainBoom reacted to AdmiralRazorBeard in Admiral's Sinking Fleet   
    So I have been a member for quite a while, but haven't actually posted my own exploits on here and I figured I would actually put everything together for you fine people, for some reason, 'normal' people don't generally listen.
    I am from Stoke-on-Trent and have been all about sub £1000 fodder and everyone thought I was mad, I thought I was mad, until I discovered @dollywobbler on YouTube, and this site and realised we are all mad 😁.
    So the current fleet consists of:
    2004 Volkswagen 'New' Beetle TDI - Bought because I kind of liked the look, was really dull to drive, so I fitted 35mm lowering springs (not my usual kid of thing) but it made quite difference, paid £450 18 months ago. Then hammered it delivering pizza for extra cash during all 83.5 lockdowns.
    2009 Volkswagen Touran S 1.9 TDI - Basically, the Mother-in-law got offered next to nothing in part exchange on a brand new Polo, so I paid the princely sum of £800 for it. I then spent £1500 fixing the damn thing, DMF, clutch, timing belt, new shocks, springs and servicing. Finally got to the end of the tunnel and have a reliable car, although these 2000's VWs seem to rust like an 80's Ford.
    2005 Citroen Berlingo 1.6 16v - Recent purchase, wasnt overly interested until I realised it was sat on 199,000 miles and that just wouldn't wash. Currently has water running into the passenger footwell, although I cannot work out where from. Also needs the front suspension going over as it knocks like its trying to sell double glazing, though hopefully this should be a good runner over winter, and for £500 with MOT until June and a file full of history from its one owner, I can't complain.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to egg in Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread   
    From Skoda via the Car Design Archives Facebook page
    The head of the body construction department, Josef Velebný, photographed here at his desk in the early 50s with scale models of Škoda 1101/1102 ’Tudor’ and its successor the next Škoda 1200 ’Sedan’.
    Note early form of Woolarding in progress.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to MondeoBlues in Cross-Country Mystery Car Kerleckshun Adventure (What Will It Be??)   
    Right, back having collected the shite. Couldn't do more updates because my phone was low on juice and a didn't have any signal anyway. It's dark now so I'll wail until tomorrow to take pics. But what I can do is tell you that it's  1997 Volvo V90 from Godalming. (Pic from classified attached)

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Crackers in Cars of Crackers: Speedy Swede   
    I bought a big Swede from Scouseland. 

    Thanks to @Wgl2019 for the easy sale! 
    Long drive back home now so I'll report back again later! 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Yoss in Felly Fav and Trum. *Wanna see a fupped gearbox?*   
    Haven't updated this for a while because I really couldn't be arsed to get out and put it back together. But I have just got enough together to be able to start it. 

    We have some sort of transmission! That's fourth gear. I had it on axle stands and put it in every gear and brought up the clutch. It seems to select every gear without any graunchy noises or bearing noises so so far so good. It's not the same as putting it on the ground and putting the weight of the car through it but it's a start. 
    Only slight problem is the manifold gasket has blown. I know you're supposed to put a new one on every time you remove the manifold but I didn't have any to hand and I have reused them before without issue but I have probably reused this one once too often. Never mind, that's a minor job in the grand scheme of things. I'm off to order one now. 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Crackers in Cars of Crackers: Speedy Swede   
    I've done it again. I can't buy a car locally, it always has to be hundreds of miles away. 
    Begin: Awaiting a Tren.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Dobloseven in 1973 Vauxhall Viva… untouched since ‘93 - worth it?   
    Could it be a case for Magnum, sorry I mean Viva P.I?
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    CaptainBoom reacted to juular in Mrs Juular's popemobile - weldy time   
    The blue tarp has been deployed.

    Fixing commenced with replicating the end of the chassis rail with new metal.

    This was welded in place starting with the tube for the subframe bolt.

    She has been properly getting stuck into this. I haven't done a thing.

    The repaired section.

    It was tidied up a little and primed after this, but it's not going anywhere. Nice and solid.
    The other side is a bit more involved in that there's already a repair patch over the top, plus the rot extends a lot further.


    Then being rebuilt in stages.

    That needs folded over, and a bit on the other side needs replaced too.  Then the lower section is just the mirror image of what was completed on the passenger side.
    In the meantime, a bad weather project was ticked off, namely dismantling and fixing the original radio.

    Also, a hood ornament was fitted, for maximum rat look.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Talbot in Engineered like no other car. Not a single one like it. Thankfully.   
    As any owner of an indirect-injection diesel engine knows, when glowplugs start to fail, you have an engine that can be a pain to start and then clags like a 1950's tractor for the first minute or so until all the cylinders decide to join the party.  Even if you've only one plug failed out of six, it makes a surprising difference, and as many IDI engines have post-heating to ensure complete combustion, that one cylinder that isn't post-heated will knock like knackered balljoints on a cobbled road.
    A little while back I lost three in quick succession, making the engine near-impossible to start and engulfing about 3/4 of the housing estate I live on into the great London smog of 1952 every morning.  To get to the plugs to change them is a bit of an arse on the OM606, as the inlet manifold has to come off.  This is a bit of a bore, as the ports are duplex on the head, meaning there are 12 ports.  About 3000 bolts to remove from the manifold to the head, and then a few others from the EGR valve and so on.  It's made a lot easier on mine, as the "bastard" bolt that goes in from below (meaning you have to jack up the car and remove undertrays) is missing.  It's been like that for well over 100k miles, and I've no intention of replacing it.  So... 6 plugs ordered.  Pick a nice weekend and off with the pipe-organ that is the OM606 manifold, visible here: (pic from earlier in the thread)

    to reveal all the gubbins underneath:

    Pulled all the glowplugs out, as they have a habit of seizing in on this engine.  Good ones put back, three dead ones replaced.  I'm not changing all of them, as three of them are still working.  £1 says that another will fail soon now I've said that.
    The plug access isn't bad, certainly a bit easier than on an XUD.

    Thankfully all mine came out OK.  They are very long and have an astonishingly tight tolerance in the head.  Often, these will clag up with soot in the close tolerance and hence get very stuck.  I tend to slather them in copper grease, which seems to help.  Dead one here:

    Back to starting on 6 cylinders, with somewhat less smoke.  Huzzar!
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Saabnut in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon.   
    Every autumn I have to deal with an influx of mice. Everytime I get annoyed, I think how much harder it would be to deal with neighbours. Apparently putting out lethal traps for neighbours is frowned upon......
  25. Haha
    CaptainBoom reacted to D.E in 'just bloody scrap it' - the eBay 'fuck me, what were they thinking' thread   

    Good thing it has been rustproofed! Imagine how bad this would have been without Ziebart...

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