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    CaptainBoom reacted to Stanky in Stanky's Car Fixing Thread - A Clear Improvement 24/5   
    After an anxious wait, today my new windscreen arrived!

    Massive thanks to @mintwth, Alternative Windscreens were able to source and fit the last M100/M101 Sirion windscreen in the UK today. I did have a chat to them about  'what happens if I break this one?' and theysaid that they are happy to fit a 2nd hand one if I could source it so that is an option.
    Next job is to tweak the exhaust again, it sits a fraction too low after my most recent modifications and knocks against the rear axle (I think) on left hand turns which is a bit annoying. Its a fine balance because if its too low it hits the subframe, and too high and it chafes on the rear bumper so I need to fiddle about with it and get it right.
    Then its MOT time next Friday
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Stanky in Stanky's Car Fixing Thread - A Clear Improvement 24/5   
    Ok, so some progress. National Windscreens came back and said they can't get them anywhere, so that was a no-go. I phone Alternative Windscreens (A local Indy, used them before and recommended) who said they could get one (but ONLY one) and its booked for replacement a week on Friday. 
    I have a nasty feeling that when the herbert gets to the racking in the windscreen warehouse, he will find it bare, and I'll get a call saying "Sorry m8, no can do" which will be a major issue.
    For now, lets be positive though, they've said there is one available, so it will be there and be fitted and the car will fly through the MOT without a single advisory.
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    CaptainBoom reacted to grogee in I'll get round to it at some point - I’m all out of XM piss jokes and I’ve bought an A frame   
    Autoshite people waiting for news of the XM MoT... 

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - I’m all out of XM piss jokes and I’ve bought an A frame   
    Judgement day for the XM today!!
    Ive just done the final job, which was to reattach the towing electrics.

    It was one of those very simple yet very fiddly due to corroded fastener type jobs.
    Its going into a dedicated MOT place in Lewes later today, wish the old girl luck.
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - I’m all out of XM piss jokes and I’ve bought an A frame   
    After deliberating the best course of action, I've booked the MOT at a 'just MOT's' type of place a couple of towns away. The 'no pass no fee' place was tempting, but it's about an hour and a half away and would be a false economy if I end up stranded.
    Judgement day is this Saturday, at 10:50am.
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Rust Collector in I'll get round to it at some point - I’m all out of XM piss jokes and I’ve bought an A frame   
    Today I wanted to sort out the last problems of note on the XM.
    I started with these warning lights this morning.

    Replacing the coolant that was lost when changing the pump got me to here:

    The handbrake is on, so that leaves the ABS.
    To recap, as it’s been sometime, when I last ran the diagnostic test on it I was given two codes that wouldn’t clear - the near side front sensor and the offside rear sensor. When I busted out the multimeter, the NSF was open circuit and from memory the OSR was very high impedance. I replaced the front, and that cured that code. I then procrastinated over fitting the rear and focussed on the fuel pump instead.
    The pump was sorted* yesterday, so that just leaves the offside rear sensor. Luckily the rears are the most miserable ones to sort. Legend has it that they’re bonded in with adhesive, and use a height adjuster to get the correct clearance as they have to be a gnat’s cock away from the badly designed reluctor ring.
    Best get started then.
    Amazingly, the rear shield came away without an any disasters.

    The sensor was well and truly stuck in there. With a bit of persuasion it snapped off and left the shaft in. Standard.

    Disc off then.

    That needed some proper testing with a nylon mallet to get it free.
    Next up I needed to crack loose the hub.

    Lots of teeth and lots of shiny bits.

    Well, there’s your problem:

    Release the STUFF!

    I chiselled out the remains of the collar with a screwdriver, and I was left with all this shite.

    It was fouling the new sensor and stopping it going in. I seem to recall this being mentioned on the XM forums as being a menace to clean out properly. Fortunately I’m a lazy bastard, so I realised that an 18mm drill bit and my laser guided eyeball would do it in two seconds.

    I then fucked around measuring things to figure out if I was going to have any length issues when it came to going sloppy seconds on the freshly reamed hole.

    The reluctor was in when I took that measurement initially.

    Looks good to me.
    I then spent some time fucking around looking for a suitable shim to get the clearance I needed, before realising the heat/dust shield that bolts under it is the perfect thickness. Here’s how it looked before I realised that, and I was using a washer:

    Reassembly is the reverse of removal. This is the absolute worst part in my opinion:

    That connector is up between the top of the rear beam and floor pan. It’s best to get to it from under the car, popping up in alternate places under the subframe like a demented meerkat. It’s one of those things where you can either see it or you can touch it, but not both at once. Speaking of which, if you’re doing this job then it’s worth observing this:

    Similar to the front, there’s a couple of types of sensor and if you’re lucky like me then you can use either impedance value which opens up some options. The green one is original to my car, the blue one is the replacement. The lugs are in different places, but a craft knife sorts that.

    Once it was all back together, it was time for the moment of truth.

    Result! The ABS diag ran as it should then the lamp went out. I now have no warning lights whilst the car is running.
    I’ll give it a quick run round the block, then see if I can sort the slow starting by tweaking the fuelling and throttle adjustment (I’m 99% certain they’re marginally out as it was originally firing instantly on this pump) and then I’ll get her in for a ticket.
    Im really pleased to finally be whittling down the known big jobs on this car, hopefully the MOT doesn’t throw up anything horrible.

    Also, a big shout out to the weather today. It would’ve been absolutely miserable doing this job whilst rolling around the floor in near constant rain…

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Marshall2810 in Vanishing motoring YouTube channels   
    There's lots to choose from and struggle to keep up to date. I'm quite enjoying the less hysterical ones with genuinely good tips and friendly presentation style. Two smaller channels I can recommend are Tasty Classics and Seaside Garage. They're a bit more of a community, and often reach out for help and encourage comments etc.
    I don't watch normal TV so get far more value supporting their work than with paying a licence fee. 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Zelandeth in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Trabant, Invacar & A Sinclair C5 - 24/05 - Recovered but substantially broken...   

    Expensive arse. 
    Something major appears to have let loose in the bowels of the engine.  Was running absolutely fine, bumbling along at about 45, there was a single cough, then about five seconds later it sounded like all hell broke loose.  Immediately shut the engine off and coasted into this lay by.  Engine now hits a hard spot when you try to turn it by hand.
    Best case?  A piston ring has broken up.
    Waiting for recovery.  Then I'll need to leg it down to MK Central and find a train to Birmingham I guess!
    Abby needs the Partner over the weekend, the Rover I don't trust to make it for a second as it's still having fuelling issues, and TPA sadly is still buried in the garage, and currently missing a fuel pump as that's just about making the Rover currently run.
    First "there's no way we're fixing this at the side of the road" I think I've ever had in one of my own cars.  We didn't try to sort the issue on the Saab as I was literally about a mile from home and I'd flagged down an RAC patrol so it was just easier to stick it on the recovery bar than faff about in the rain.
    This ain't getting fixed here though!
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    CaptainBoom reacted to inconsistant in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    The A2OC are a friendly and helpful bunch but they’re absolutely obsessed with specs and options. Not just the big stuff like leather seats and glass full length sunroofs but even anything from false boot floors to arm rests and other items of minor convenience.  Kind of like how Mini owners are obsessed with personalising their cars by obsessively removing chrome and adding stripes I suppose.
    Those alloys you’ve put on it (pepperpots?)  are great and really work on the A2. Much nicer than the standard 5/6 spoke flat faced alloys like our one had imho.
    Have a photo of our A2 with a red car. Geekfact: both these were built at the old NSU factory 20 yrs apart.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    Project Drive, VAG edition. 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Jikovron in Tales of a new business, trials and endless uphill battles   
    For aslong as I can remember I've wanted to be directing my own path in business but never had the actual confidence to overcome huge self doubt and fears of failure, in 2021 when I nearly met with my mortality thanks to covid I remember hating that I'd played things safe as houses like a boring nobody and literally despite continued health maladies I feel that I've got a second run up at life , so I'm starting from nothing at 35 and want to get pushing forward with what is abit of a dream for me .
    So basically my sister and I have teamed up to create a new garage/engineering works of which provides the usual bread and butter garage services and also more specialised work less commonly found like large manual machining capability and welding.
    We're looking to stock up on a range of common classic parts too so that we can take on most project work without waiting on parts turning up in ebay etc albeit limited space prevents stocking a vast amount.
    So far over the last 8 months !

    Obligatory huge lathe brought back somewhat inappropriately 

    Company car brought down , inappropriately 

    Lathe electrical rebuild done because it was dangerous as hell, 415 through the soaked push buttons etc ,,horrible ! Once cleaned and generally setup it's been put to work straight away!

    this s100 k series swap was quite aquite to drive, getting one to fit the earlier car isn't bolt in like with the estelle and rapid !

    Cambelt snappage job on an iveco 2.3, lots of new valves and lapping required!

    loads of work done, and loads more hopefully to come ! 

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Rustybullethole in Laters city life, Im outta here for a bit   
    Used the bike in the Cotswold a fair bit getting supplies and whatnot. Some lovely roads and cracking scenery. Once the group went home used the bike to explore all the bits of the woods id never ventured to on foot.

    After Id made it shiny with the jetwash Percy was often to be found admiring himself in the mirror finish of the exhaust.

    Loads of lanes to be explored in the future around here too and lots in the way home. 

    Mate Matt bought my old transit up for it to begin its new post ulez life.

    He'd borrowed a bike off another mate big George and we had a cracking ride back again on the twisties and then playing with the traffic through town. 
    Stopped on the heath for a piss then parted ways at the top of Shooters Hill.

    Need to go unload my tat before the crack heads do. Ten days back in London, its nice contrast all round. 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Rustybullethole in Laters city life, Im outta here for a bit   
    Get it done. Every rides an adventure. Just a mini one this time stopped in the Cotswolds to see a mate then on again to Wales. 

    Camp all set up for the night. Timberloc screws worked a treat as pegs on this slag heap.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Zelandeth in Zel's Motoring Adventures...Peugeot, Renault, Rover, Trabant, Invacar & A Sinclair C5 - 24/05 - Recovered but substantially broken...   
    They do have quite an aggressive look to them. Especially in a light colour so the black grill stands out.
    Didn't take a huge number of photos.

    Yes please.  I'd gladly daily this.  Bit outside my pay grade though!

    The answer of course is "both!"

    Sadly the Estelle had gone by the time I got back with it, would have been fun to get a photo of all three together.
    This is the advantage of a meet that's literally five minutes from my doorstep.  
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Weird Car in Weird Car’s weird cars *now with added bus* Out enjoying the Rolls!   
    Time for a quick update I suppose
    MG has now clocked up 2000 miles trouble free since replacing that euro car parts crank sensor, with a Discount MG Rover Spares one, just goes to show modern parts are absolutely awful 

    it has developed a knock from the passenger side front though so that’s next on the priority list 
    not too much progress on the Rolls to report,
    I've fitted the door card from Westminster spares without dying it because I was get annoyed with not having one on the car

    I’ve been driving it almost every day for the last month as since getting my promotion at work I felt it was necessary to arrive in style lol  much to the dismay of my bank balance, and it’s not been too bad, it does have a tendency to run a little lumpy in traffic so I suspect it a full coolant flush is needed, annoyingly it isn’t fitted with a Temp gauge which is one of my automotive pet hates on old cars.
    I did finally get around to filling the dash pots, topping up the power steering fluid and changing the oil though so it’s running a little better now
    I also got a chance last week to get out in convoy with a friend from work in his lovely P4 


    they looked so lovely together though it was a little funny watching him dart through all the tight single track country roads whist I carefully manoeuvred my absolute land yacht through 
    I had to drive up to Chichester the other day so I took that opportunity to pop over to Rolls Royce for a picture

    on that same day there was a parcel waiting for me when I got home 

    my replica silver lady from Indonesia , very good quality actually and very heavy, the plan is to get it welded on at some point 
    Yesterday was a fun day too, took the Shad to 2 separate meets, one in Chichester

    Which was all fun and games until the boot decided it no longer wanted to shut, so bungee cords to the rescue, once home I discovered the bottom latch had slipped down so after bringing that up and back into place and making sure the bolts were tight it now latches and locks perfectly again!
    Later in the day @calebaaront came over and asked if he could drive the Shad so I took that as an opportunity to chill in the back seat for a while. Such a lovely place to be 
    then we finished the day off by taking part in the Southsea Cruise they do once a month 

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    After being pressed up, the rest bolted back up without incident and the car is now back on the path to full health. 
    That looks less deadly. 

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Jim Bell in Shitting in the shallow end. *A2 fixes*   
    A plan was duly devised to make this rig roadable. Not by me mind, but by car fixery legend @Jimbob McGregor .
    The "have tools, will travel" hero volunteered to have a good go at getting the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Audi A2 in fit enough shape to drive to the garage. 
    That meant getting the arms off. 
    A man of great taste and endeavour ariveth. 


    Decent arse. 8/10. 
    That's not good 

    Actually that isn't even attached at all. 



    It came out easy. Well, this bit did. 
    This bit decided it would prefer to remain attached to the car. 



    Oft you fuck then, you absolute wishbone-end. 
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    CaptainBoom reacted to scaryoldcortina in The grumpy thread   
    Hello? Is that Arthur Dent? Ah, hello, yes. This is Arthur Dent speaking. The earth blows up tomorrow- no don't hang up!
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    CaptainBoom reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
    Often, 'being me' feels like I'm trapped playing some sort of bit part character in an incredibly tedious soap opera where all the storylines whizz past every week and fuck all happens to my character except he feels older and more knackered every episode. But I just had a look down my drive on this sunny evening and briefly felt like a winner.

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    CaptainBoom reacted to EyesWeldedShut in Albumshite   
    Tried to get that on Spotify but it's not listed (lot of his other stuff is there). Spotty gave me this instead (Indie Rock apparently - 'tis OK stuff)

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    CaptainBoom reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in collection mission to SPAIN!!!! COMPLETED IT M8   
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    CaptainBoom got a reaction from MiniMinorMk3 in Albumshite   
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