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    ETCHY reacted to captain_70s in Wheel trims - The Good, The Bad and the downright Shocking   
    All Acclaims had the same steel wheels, CDs got plastic trims and 165/70R13 tyres over the standard 155/80s (145/80s on the base spec). I think the bare steelies with the polished hubcaps look better!

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    ETCHY reacted to seacow in Found My Childhood Car Collection!   
    Visiting my folks this weekend and was presented with a box of my old toy cars that I thought were long gone - memories with all of them - thought I would share pics of the stash!

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    ETCHY reacted to eddyramrod in Smoothest riding car?   
    Seriously?  OK, Huggy might not be for you but anything roughly similar will do the job; I had a 1980 Buick Century with the 3.8V6 and that rode just as nicely on 205/75 tyres (Huggy wears 235/75).
    Big squashy tyres and soft suspension are your way forward.  Don't go as low as 65% profile, and always buy the luxury models over any sport-type variants.  Older will be better and American better still, because they come with lovely thick soft seats.  If not American?  Jag or Volvo.  Lexus LS if you really can't get any of the above.  After that, Disco or Rangie, but be sure to buy automatic!  It makes a difference.
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    ETCHY reacted to djoptix in The Doctor's travels through time. Wheeler dealer   
    That's not so bad, if you cut back to the adjacenct car you'll find fresh metal to weld to. 
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    ETCHY reacted to Asimo in It could have bloody worked - cars which could have been...   
    Agreed. Leyland Force 7 was a better effort in the same vein.

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    ETCHY got a reaction from martc in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Fantastic image, thanks for that.
    Imagine what that beasite would be worth today. The rhomboids were a great & rather futuristic shape, takes me back to when I read  " Charley's war" in Battle comic as kid.
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    ETCHY reacted to martc in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Caution Drive Slowly.
    The Lord Mayor’s Parade reaches Ludgate Hill, London in 1917, featuring a Mark IV tank to drum up support for the war. The Mk IV was Britain’s most produced tank of the First World War.
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    ETCHY reacted to LightBulbFun in LightBulbFun's Invacar & general ramble thread, index on page 1, survivors lists on Pages 24/134 & AdgeCutler's Invacar Mk12 Restoration from Page 186 onwards :) practical driving test passed finally Woo! :D   
    so for those who might not know at long last I had my 3rd driving test today,
    and for those who do know are probably wondering just how it went! 
    well im very pleased to announced, that finally after 2 years I finally passed my car driving test and now have a full Catagory B licence woo!
    heres the obligatory picture of the pass Certificate  

    only 4 minors, Ill take that LOL

    im so please to have finally passed, Iv put so much time, effort and money into it,  and its finally paid off!, 3rd times a charm literally (although 1st time with this instructor for what thats worth )
    and there was so much riding on it (with my theory pass which was going to expire in January, but knowing there where just no practical driving test slots for the foreseeable future etc)
    its a massive weight off my shoulders now!
    speaking of instructors this is the website https://drivebetter.co.uk/ for the one which I passed my test with  I do recommend her if you have someone in East London wanting to learn how to drive, if she can get me through a test I imagine she can get anyone through!
    heres the obligatory standing by car with pass certificate photo!  

    so yeah finally passed Woo! I just need REV roadworthy and home and finally ill have some form own personal independence once more! 
    Thank you to everyone who has been with/put up with/helped me through this whole roller coaster ride! its seriously appreciated  
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    ETCHY reacted to Fumbler in My, how you've grown...   
    May have posted this on here before so apologies if I have!

    Taken a few days after I bought the car in 2019. Nissan really have made those extra 200mm on the new Micra really, really show.
    The new Jazz is something like 5cm shorter than the previous one, and is lighter too, but the styling makes it looks much larger than it actually is. Must be to do with all the polygons they design into the bodywork and stuff.
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    ETCHY reacted to chris667 in What year was ‘peak car’?   
    Ah, yes. "Infotainment". TBH I find a lot of the mobile technology (that's seemingly now unavoidable!) creepy. And I don't want to be "entertained" in my car. It's like everywhere you go, you have to have a little screen in front of you.
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    ETCHY reacted to eddyramrod in What year was ‘peak car’?   
    Infotainment is the work of Satan; in that respect I rate it even above diesel and FWD.  Stuff like heating controls, radio etc need to be simple and easy to find on the move.  There are FAR too many distractions built into new cars; combined with ridiculous thick windscreen pillars and slitty windows it's no wonder people are driving into each other!  It doesn't help that nobody knows how to cross the road any more - when did you last see a Tufty or Green Cross Man ad without going to Youtube?
    Of the many many cars I've owned, I still say one of the best for all-round daily use was my mk5 Cortina: 2.0GL automatic.  Comfortable, powerful enough, smooth... and it even fitted in a standard parking space!
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    ETCHY reacted to JeeExEll in Eye-catching black and whites   
    Aftermarket padded fibreglass dash top designed for Cortina 1500GT gauges and a Mk1 Cortina 1500GT/Lotus armrest console.  Wonder what engine it had.  I'd be disappointed if I didn't hear the bark of twin 40s.

    Just needs Deep Purple 'Smoke On The Water' at full volume.

    Then converted to side windows.  Those banded rims must have been heavy.  Bit of negative camber at the front there, what a fantastic period van.
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    ETCHY reacted to JeeExEll in Shite Magazine scans   
    Mentioned elsewhere today but maybe belongs here instead.

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    ETCHY reacted to cort16 in Classic cars that are depreciating   
    Who else is just looking at the Granada?
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    ETCHY reacted to jaycey001 in I brought a Lada Niva!   
    Ive been in the market for a reliable, long distance cruiser for some time and had narrowed my search down to a Discovery Tdi or even a Dacia of some description. I live in Southern Spain so needed something that would be reliable for driving back to England in several times a year (I know you are now checking the title of this thread, dont worry its not a glitch in the forums 🤣)
    So I was browsing Wallapop and facebook market place, which seems to be my only pass time at the moment, and up came a 1992 Lada Niva with 52,000 Km on the clock and it had a Snorkel fitted!! So I immediately contacted the owner and arranged to view it the following week. I had assumed the vehicle was in Granada province as per my search criteria but on investigating realized it was closer to Madrid than Granada and was a good 6 hour drive away, across mountain passes, incredibly steep inclines, hair pin bends and sheer drops.
    Regardless, a friend agreed to drive me there and we headed off to view my future reliable pan-European cruiser. The boot of his 1997 Pushrod Fiesta was filled with spares, tools, tow ropes, jump leads, spares and camping gear (just encase)  and we headed off. Even in the passenger front seat I felt travel sick driving along the mountain passes and after a few hours I longed to be behind the wheel of the Lada so I at least could focus on driving and not if I was about to vomit over the mountain side.
    We passed through many tiny Spanish towns and farming communities and eventually arrived in a village in Ciudad Real and saw the Lada parked at the road side, without a Snorkel, just a hole in the bonnet where it should have been. Good start I thought!
    The Lada had about 3 foot of thick dried mud stuck to every surface which made rust checking impossible, I went to check the oil but the seller didnt know where the dip stick was and when I found it there was no trace of oil in the sump at all, on date checking the tires it was obvious they were the original Ukrainian rubber and well cracked with unknown inner tubes, the drivers door window didnt wind down, but the screw driver wedged in to hold it up was included in the sale, Bargain!
    I went to start it and when it burst into life the seller made a surprised and relived sound as if he wasnt expecting it to start. All good signs of a bargain I thought and after traveling all that way I knew it would be impossible to negotiate the price, which it was. On a short test drive the cabin filled with petrol fumes and crawled along at a leisurely and very noisy  pace.
    Obviously, as any Autoshiter would do I handed over a big bundle of cash with a smile and jumped in ready for the 200km drive home. As the seller counted his cash he commented that driving it was "Pure Joy" he then loaded me up with free Coca Cola (possibly anticipating a breakdown and didnt want me dyeing of dehydration in 40C heat!)
    First stop was a petrol station and filled it to the brim for a total of 29 euro we then headed off across the mountains, the fuel gauge swung erratically along with the oil pressure gauge around every turn  and after 2 hours behind the wheel I knew I had a gem of a car, driving it is like a cross between my old 89 O Series Petrol Sherpa van and a 300tdi Defender, just a collection of all the worse bits of both of them! The steering is vague to say the least and on tight bends you turn the wheel and it seems nothing happens until a few seconds later when it eventually bites and flings you in the direction you want to go, the breaks are non existent but the gearing is so low all you need to do is come off the accelerator and your crawling along.
    Another hour or two later we decided to find a camp site, which led us into a national park, with ridiculous 12% inclines which included a hair pin at the top and every time I had to get up one of these hills I would need 1st or 2nd gear and every so often the engine would miss and feel like it was about to cut out, by then I would have a huge line of traffic behind me, when going down the hills the huge line of traffic would back right off as the exhaust popped and banged due to over fueling. Even my mate who I was following could smell the un-burnt fuel coming off the car.  Another feature is that when you go above 80km/h the wing mirrors self fold allowing for more aerodynamics - those clever Russians knew what they were doing!
    Finally at the campsite I sat and drank many beers while my body recovered from the trip.
    The next day early in the morning we had the most difficult part of the drive across the main mountain range, the car started first time and despite doing about 12mpg and being severely out of tune it got me home, a total of 270km in the end.
    On inspection the snorkel was in the boot and ready to fit (apparently it kept falling off, hence why it was removed)  and since getting all the mud off it is in very good solid condition and the millage seems genuine, the only real problem was that the clutch fluid reservoir was empty and the flexi hoses so corroded you could fit a euro coin in the cracks.
    Its now with my mechanic and is being converted to electronic ignition, weber carb, full service etc etc and come April I plan to drive it back to England - I will update on how that goes 😅
    Here are a few pics:

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    ETCHY got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)   
    The FD Victor was a bloody cool looking car, the VX4/90 trim level just made it even cooler (god  those wheels look brill). Great shape & the interior is great too, black vinyl rocks.
    Really like those, not seen one on the road in forever.
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    ETCHY reacted to AndyW201 in Shite in Miniature II   
    Arrival, part two, and just to show that I'm not all about rusty German barges,

    Another Vanguards variant that I've been chasing for years and inexplicably never got round to buying one of! This is from one of the golden eras of Vanguards IMO. It was amazing at the time that I could finally get models of "real life" classics that other manufacturers had ignored. Stuff like Marinas, MK1 Granadas, Allegros, Hillman Imps and, as shown here, the Landcrab. At this time, Lledo had really upped the game with detail and features like sprung suspension. 

    This one was another eBay purchase and it really is as new, right down to the box.

    Unopened bag with the mirror still on the sprue and collectors card un-removed from the box.

    There were a couple of reasons I have been after this particular version. One being the colour, of course. "Antelope" really shows this one as being a later BL-era example. (Complete with correct  plughole badges on the front wings)

    However this one has a wider than usual side stripe and a slightly racy red interior, which gives away the fact that this might not be the usual family plodder.

    That little boot badge says it all. This is the twin-carb 1800 S. I've always liked the idea of the Landcrab's slightly staid styling coupled with the grunt of an MGB motor. Generally I just like sporty versions of cars you would think unlikely to have a sporty version of, I suppose.

    A great model of the Landcrab IMO, I think the S would have looked a lot better with some Wolseley 2200 style Rostyles as standard though.
    (Runs and hides...)
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    ETCHY got a reaction from catsinthewelder in Youtube moments   
    Fiat 127
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    ETCHY reacted to adw1977 in Bo11ox' Aircraft Carrier   
    Only Deluxe Zephyrs got that grille, the standard models continued with the same front end as Mr_Bollox's example, along with the bench front seat.  I think in later years the Deluxe massively outsold the standard model.
    Oct 1970 brochure
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    ETCHY reacted to DoctorRetro in The Doctor's travels through time. Wheeler dealer   
    Not much to update, I've replaced the Renault alloys with Mini steels, repaired the cracked mirror and done a hill climb at Shelsey Walsh.
    Have been toying with selling, because that's what I do, but difficult to see what I'd replace it with that'd be any better.
    I did see a 'nice' Skoda 120L on Facebook, but it sold before I could pull my finger out and enquire.

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    ETCHY reacted to martc in Truck Shite   
    More miscellaneous Soviet/Russian wagons. And a tractor (Ukrainian).



    GAZ-330811. Available now from your local authorised dealer. Assuming you're a dictator.

    ZIL-E-167 from the 1960's. ULEZ exempt.

    MAZ-7904 12x12 Truck - 42.4 litre V12 Diesel engine produces 1500hp. It has a second auxiliary engine (a YAMZ-238F V8) which is used to power the pneumatic pumps, electric generators, cooling system fans and other units, its output is 330 HP.  The curb weight of the chassis is 140 tonnes, it can carry a payload of 220 tonnes and the wheels have a diameter of 2.8m. Built in 1983.

    Kharkiv T150K tractor from the 1980's. Kharkiv are still with us, as XTZ, in the now independent Ukraine. Their current range of tractors still have a family resemblance to the above -

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    ETCHY reacted to Tadhg Tiogar in It could have bloody worked - cars which could have been...   
    Back end has hints of Merc "pagoda" roadster
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    ETCHY reacted to PrinceRupert in My chariot for the weekend - 1961 Bedford CA   
    Hired but thought a few of you might like to see a few pics.
    1961 Bedford CA converted into a camper van.  80s transit engine and gearbox.

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    ETCHY got a reaction from R1152 in Dollywobbler's Consolidated Tat Thread   
    I think that's a superb idea.
    I'd watch it.
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