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  1. Great stuff & brilliant progress. I must also say I like the old spanners too (in case you didn't know the 1961 one with arrow on means it's government property, so possibly military). Might I also suggest a King Dick F Type adjustable spanner & an old foot pump - something like a Kismet or a Dunlop, would also be a great choice to go with them.
  2. Bloody cool, more pics required please. It's so incredibly original looking, great to see. I dunno why but i wasn't aware they did a 4 door saloon, I thought they were all 2 door.
  3. ETCHY

    Liver Run

    I think we've all seen it before & it's doubtless been posted on here before but just watched it again so thought i'd put in on again . Crappy film quality but got to love an SD1 Jam sandwich !
  4. Note poor fit of door on Anglia. For some reason even when new (& before they inevitably dropped) the fit was usually crap at the trailing edge.
  5. 20k to own the silver wet dream machine ! What more could anyone want ?
  6. Great progress. I seem to recall previously you doubted your abilities, I think this shows you don't need to, sodding great job done, despite it fighting you every inch of the way !
  7. I wasn't being smug ?. Also the 103e Popular shown in that pic' was discontinued in 1959 (the year the 105e Anglia was introduced), the Popular at that point became the 100e variant (that was previously an Anglia).. My point was that by the end of the '60's & even into the 1970's BMC were producing the Farina's which looked very dated. Yes those sidevalve Fords (including the 100e) were also out of date but there is a big difference between 1950's & late 1960's motoring.
  8. Nice mix of cars there. Incredible that the BMC Farina's lasted so long, that looks so old fashioned compared to the Mk2 Cortina but was on sale at the same time !
  9. Best of luck with this, looks interesting. Take a torch too, they always come in useful. A first aid kit (or at least some plasters) might be handy too.
  10. Good work. Interesting car the Allegro, utterly horrific (typical '70's BL) reputation & lots of fuckwitts experts always have a lot to say about how crap they are etc etc. However I've known quite a few people who've had them over the years & they all rather liked them. That must say something about it as a car. Glad you're saving one.
  11. Superb work, i'm enjoying this a lot. It's fighting you all the bloody way but you seem to be winning & great job on making the tool. If all else fails you could now go on "Dragons Den" & try & market your R6 special stud removal tool !?
  12. Bloody fabulous images. Suddenly I'm 20 again and scrambling amongst knackered old tin !
  13. I do like "ghost signs", what a cool shot. Kids with toy guns & a terraced street with hardly any cars in it !
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