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  1. I got my Ford Anglia from posting a note through the door. The car was utter shit & a complete money pit that I sold for a loss. All the best 😂
  2. That was a brilliant conversion. The one I saw in scrapyard around 1987 was so professionally done it looked factory. Sadly another BL "if only".
  3. Scrappage scheme , PCP & so many folk having to be flash new car owning wankers will have done for these. Same as with so many cars of that era. Perfectly presentable tin sacrificed to "save the planet" or boost the ego & visible prestige of some pecker who couldn't afford it. Sad, very sad.
  4. I always think of this advert when I see a Mk3 Cavalier. Sledgehammer maybe a possible name for it ?
  5. I do wish the TWC sticker was an internal one. I've got an Internal Hubnut sticker on our car, so i'd bung one of those on too but I hate stickers on the outside.
  6. ETCHY


    Ape's are great. When we were in Italy (Lake Garda) a few years back the little buggers were everywhere. I really admire the use of them abroad they're cheap little vehicle's for doing local work,usually battered to hell, they take up no space & just do the job. Cool idea IMO. We in UK could learn a lot from that approach.
  7. Matchbox/Lesney did a cool model of a Sno Trac if I recall, might keep you going until you get the real thing
  8. It'll have been exported as I think it's a Cooper S . They like those in Japan (they like mini's in general).
  9. The wood trim on the doors of the 1300E always seemed odd. WTF wouldn't it be at the top of the door panel instead of being mounted so there's a big patch of painted cheapo looking metal still at the top ? Always looked weird to me.
  10. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    I remember this series being on the telly. John Peel was a great narrator. The old boy with the Jowett Javelin is quality
  11. I remember them being everywhere. They were ok humdrum transport (as they were designed to be) but nothing really special & they were all pretty basic inside & not exactly refined, even the 1300E wasn't that plush. I just don't get the crazy prices, I know it's a Ford, but a Viva, Avenger or Marina is no worse IMO & they sell for far less.
  12. Utterly brilliant. Incredible job, it's just fabulous, really well done.
  13. Totally agree on this. At the end of the day It's Ian's channel & it's his choice. I watch his video's regularly & for the me the bits I enjoy are tinkering, new arrivals to the fleet & road tests. I personally wouldn't want to watch a proper car restoration channel which is why I enjoy Hubnut. I like the fact he often doesn't know what he's doing (but gets there in the end). If I wanted to see somebody 100% clued up i'd watch Car Wizard or similar regularly. The Invacar & the Fox whilst pretty shagged when he got them didn't need substantial welding etc & as
  14. I like the Primera, solid 1990's chod, interesting because they were everywhere & now aren't. I must say personally i'd bin off the Oltcit & the Yugo as I don't really see what they contribute to your channel (that's not meant to sound arsey it's just my opinion). Then either just have less cars & more space in the unit or get something else like a '70's or '80's BL or somesuch unloved but useable motor. You seem to enjoy driving & tinkering & both the Oltcit & Yugo seem a bit beyond that.
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