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  1. Old yank barges are lovely things. I once knew a bloke who had a Chevy Caprice having previously owned a rather nice Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. He always maintained the Chevy was smoother and more comfortable.
  2. It also looks like it's using a panty liner. The Suzuki Tena for men, has a certain ring to it..
  3. 100% agree, I hate thick pillars & that cars have got so big (even the small ones I prefer). I might however feel differently in a wallop... Incredible the difference things like airbags have made to safety. Our modern is like a sodding bouncy castle in a crash !
  4. Fab. Love the 85mph speedo. Proper Yank barge motoring, brilliant !
  5. ETCHY

    Pride & Joy

    There was a dealership in Preston in the early 1990's selling these. I always recall those whitewall tyres. I stupidly didn't give these a second glance then..now i think these motors look bloody cool. Well saved and great colour.
  6. I like the Force 7, but the styling (to me ) is just somehow totally bat-shit weird. It always looks like some bloke came up with it in his garage, type of thing you'd see on the cover of Custom Car or Hot Car back in the day when somebody dick'd around with a normal production car to produce their ideal custom motor... It just doesn't somehow look like a factory product.
  7. I once went to look at a Hillman Imp. The blokes mum let me look at it as he was out. Told me how he'd restored it all. Car was an utter rot box so i didn't bother with it, but the thing that always sticks in my mind was the pale blue cotton blanket that was the replacement headlining... I noticed it as it was badly secured & sagging down onto my head when I got in. I don't think it was to original spec' somehow..😂
  8. Brilliant work. Those seats look fantastic really great work done there. Modern cars just don't have seats that look as good or as plush/comfy.
  9. I like the Police post on that shot, rare thing to see.
  10. Ooh that might be worth a look. Ta for that
  11. 100% agree the A40 Farina was in many ways the first supermini. Oddly it's been overlooked for many years by the classic car types who go all gooey over a 105e Anglia or Morris Minor. Bringing a car out with a 2 box shape in 1958 really was well ahead of its time, ok the hatch is split in 2 pieces similar to a Range Rover but an opening back end & folding back seat (the back seat folded even in the conventional boot lid one), was well ahead of the game. It was always as if BMC were slightly ashamed of it & just didn't figure out what they had (a familiar theme with BMC unf
  12. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    A car journey from south London through Kent in 1964
  13. Brilliant stuff really enjoyed going through these, reminds me of when i was a kid in the '70's. God the 1970's looked grim & grimy. Cool Notable how many old cars there are, folk kept stuff going longer as new stuff was expensive & not affordable (no PCP etc). It was the same with everything else too including domestic appliances even clothes etc. Probably (in some respects) we were more environmentally friendly than today - make do & mend etc rather than just buy new & chuck out the fixable. Although a smoky old HA Viva probably doesn't do too much for the env
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