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  1. Cool stuff, I'd be interested in seeing more of that book. My Dad worked for Leyland Motors (later Leyland Trucks) & I remember the T45 Roadtrain & later the Roadrunner being launched. The T45 in particular was some truck & Leyland had high hopes.. I had a big poster/brochure on my wall as a kid of the Roadrunner doing its 2 wheel stunt. Even as a kid it seemed an odd thing to get a truck to do !
  2. Extended spring shackles, yep they were chrome. We did that on a mate of mine's 1.3 Marina... not surprisingly jacking up the back end made the handling worse & it looked horrific !😂
  3. That's a great pic. I can remember custom cars like that, usually in some lurid colour with a fake fur interior & no doubt full of "plastic padding" covering the rot. The other thing is that Range Rover, am I the only one who sees an original Bache 2 door with its clean classy styling & just can't believe how far the current Rangie's have fallen with their bloated styling, naff detailing & shit low profile tyres on huge alloys - they now look just sad somehow ?
  4. Terrible & wonderful. You'll need balls of steel I reckon. Might be worth it though..when it's working..
  5. It is just wrong isn't it. I saw one on the car park at work and just couldn't believe how crap it looked.
  6. Is it just me or does the back door on the latest Corsa's look just wrong or off something else? The door handle placement & length of the door just looks weird to my eyes ?
  7. Cool, good stuff. I used to really like What Car ?
  8. That's criminal, an unmolested early GT turned into that fuck up.
  9. Yep it's a sash clamp/cramp. Handy things. Not my kind of thing thanks, but being a Record it'll be decent quality. If you bung it on ebay or marketplace it'll go.
  10. Late model Granada or the grinning Scorpio that followed it ?
  11. As much as I like trafficators (they are cool), I do rather like period conversions to flashing indicators. They were done to keep the car usable as it aged & (IMO) they just add to a cars history. It's the kind of mod' somebody stuck on when it was just an old car & they wanted to keep it going. A lot of the classic car brigade get all bent out of shape over a flashing plastic indicator on an old car but if done years ago I think it adds charm (yeah i'm weird )
  12. Good call, lovely cars. Or possibly things like A70's etc ? Big-ish wafty things that can be worked on relatively easily & are solid heavy cars. Might be worth a thought by DW/Hubnut.
  13. As the Primera is on the way out & modern (ish) motors do seem to be pissing you off due to being a pig to work on, have you considered going older ? If you like wafting & comfort, what about, A55 or Austin Westminster, Vauxhall Cresta etc etc ? You were considering a 4 figure sum I recall for buying a better Oltcit, so I'd have thought a tatty ish one of those might be possibly in budget ? Would be difficult getting one not totally rotten, but maybe worth a thought ? Or what about P6 or Triumph 2000 ??
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