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  1. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    I was just looking back through this thread & spotted this one. It's the absolute spitting image of the one my neighbours had when I was a kid. Theirs had a silvery grey dashboard though & I can't make out if the one above is or not. It can't be my neighbours car though as that went to the scrapper sadly (gearbox failed). I do like that colour & that grille really does make them look so different somehow.
  2. I like the styling of those apart from the roof. To me it always look like a conehead.
  3. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    Great reg & a great colour. That's a very good looking Maxi.
  4. Car colours were so much more interesting once. Even well into the 1990's. Then all of a sudden for some reason they got dull as hell !
  5. Good video T'C', It really does illustrate how desperate Rover had become. I can remember all the Top Gear stuff. I rarely watched that programme but I saw a feature on the City Rover & I can recall that tosser Clarkson & his two pet stooges laughing their heads off about Rover. All I can remember thinking was that there were lot of poor sods working at Rover who will have had mortgages & families to support who'd be watching Top Gear & be reading car mags etc & be worried sick - you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see it was pretty much the end. Bloody sad.
  6. Interesting test. Low polluting Diesel,, funny how the experts opinions on that has changed isn't it !
  7. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    I dunno what it is with BMW these days but they're making the grille look like somebody who lives in Royston Vasey . A local car for local people..
  8. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    Very nice, complete with late 70's /80's glass sunroof ! Looks better than the German crap next to it.
  9. Superb job it's going to look great when it's back together. Interesting about the back side window design. A mate of mine had a Vauxhall Chevette hatchback & that had them done a similar way just held in by tabs at the front relying on the catch - utter crap, whoever thought of that should be shot.
  10. ETCHY

    Bodge Jobs

    I once used one of those black plastic plant-pots (that are thin plastic & sort of square section) folded out to bridge a gap on a sill on a mates Morris Marina. I then filled over it with Plastic Padding type elastic (filler). Looked good as new & i'm convinced that due to the elastic properties of the filler it actually increased the strength of the Marina 😂
  11. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    Oh wow yeah I forgot about Ambassadors being RHD only. That really is mental isn't it !?
  12. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    That Chris Cowin book looks interesting . Not seen that before.
  13. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    I think one of the big things that BL failed to do was get onto the hatchback craze early. I think if the Allegro had been a hatchback that would have helped as it would have had a more modern character & would have been a Golf competitor (plus it would take Ford many years to introduce an Escort Hatch). A hatchback Mini or better still the enlarged BMC 9x should also have gone into production in the early 1970's. I like the Princess a lot (done quite a few miles in those) but I never saw why they produced it/spent money on it, they had the Marina as a rep's car & Cortina rival so what was the point. That money should have gone elsewhere. I do also wonder what a 1.3 Maxi might have been like with the 1275 cc A Series. Ok the Maxi is a heavyish car but that engine powered the Marina ok & Ford put 1.3 engines in their Cortina's & Capri's. A 1.3 Maxi might have been able to compete in a lower capacity bracket with the Golf if the Allegro were still a saloon, (or indeed would you actually need the Allegro if you had a 1.3 Maxi ??) Interesting to ponder !
  14. ETCHY

    Car chases

    I thought it was just me, but yep i'm the same.
  15. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    Looks great, pity they didn't have the money (or perhaps also the will) to introduce it. It might have been possibly a better bet to put money into producing something like this rather than the Princess ?
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