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  1. Glad Betty is back As others have said rustproof the hell out of it. I'd also get a decent aftermarket steering lock, never know with something "different" with a big engine if some scrote would fancy nabbing it for a laugh.
  2. When i look at the side on pic for some reason the back end reminds me of the Batmobile.
  3. Bloody fab. I remember a garage in Preston selling these new in the early 1990's complete with whitewalls. Great save, well done. I did consider buying one at the time but instead spent a fortune restoring a Ford Anglia that was frankly utter wank. What a fuckwitt 😣
  4. A 1.3i CVT from Fred Coupe in Preston. That's where our old Micra came from & ours was a 1.3 CVT too ! Ours however was the lower spec Equation, yours is a posher GX. Our 1.3 CVT was pretty brisk & was nice to drive. I always thought that transmission selector lever was stupidly & unnecessarily long though. Well bought & saved.
  5. An incredible comfortable special place, to wait in for the RAC to arrive..
  6. Liking the look of this. Thanks for the info'.
  7. ETCHY


    The Viewt was available on the K11 & K12 Micra platforms. I rather like the K11 based one. They might look a bit daft but I think they're rather cool in their own way.
  8. Yep very sad, but you did the right thing sometimes it's just the time for them to go. We were heartbroken when our little K11 Micra went to tbe great scrappie in the sky. Odd how you get attached to the bloody things !
  9. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    The Daimler SP250 Dart was never a looker but bloody hell that's ugly. Cool technology for the time though.
  10. Just spotted this thread. The pedal car above is the same type I had (I got it Christmas 1974) but mine was the Police Rescue Tender, complete with fake telephone, siren (you pushed a rubber thing on it & it sort of squeaked). Also had traffic cones & a road closed sign. I thought I was the mutts nuts that Christmas
  11. So lots of decent usable cars will possibly get binned so folk can PCP their way into some modern tub of shit they can't afford & that has been produced at great cost to the environment, to allegedly save the planet...!
  12. Ok my 2 p's worth (I appreciate that opinions are like arseholes & everybody has one πŸ˜ƒ) Keep Elly, keep TWC, keep Myrtle. Flog Foxanne (it's a 2 seater pickup & you have TWC as the uber impractical car). Bin the Charade, it's going to cost money, ain't worth it & doesn't really add much as you have the Matiz. The Oltcits might be worth keeping for tinkering but seriously consider if you want to put a lot of effort into tinkering..if you do cool, if not flog them. Get rid of the Yugo, it's buggered. Flog the GSA, you've just had it "fettled" & it runs well currently, thing is it's nice & it'll deteriorate if you use it, it's a complex old car - sell while you can get some dosh, this will become something you'll spend money on if you keep it.. do you need that if buying a house ??? The C5 would be decent family transport that will get you & the family around comfortably, safely & be ok to use to go off all over whilst doing road tests etc., yes it need a few quid spending but it might just be worth it, what else will you get if you flog it for that money? Unless of course you want to get rid to just buy something new... None of this meant to be a smart arse & all posted to try & help a bit..
  13. ETCHY

    Austin Maestros

    Cool. They do look much better with the steel bumpers IMO.
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