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  1. I thought i'd give this a "just in case" bump up 😉
  2. Cool. Scrapyards used to be fantastic places. Ok many were fairly lethal but who cared, the cool mix of cars, the scrambling over rusty piles of metal , smell of old engine oil & the ability to easily & cheaply get parts for your old clunker, that you took off yourself (thus helping you figure out how the fuc*ing thing went back on) outweighed all that. I really miss the scrapyards of old.
  3. Like I said before, why don't all hatchbacks have a front seat you can do that with, It's brilliant idea !
  4. That Leyland is uber cool. However i'd suggest too sensible. I think an obscure Russian Army truck with parts made of pure unobtanium may be the way DW/HubNut should go 😂
  5. I do really like the look of those, yours with the bizarre Cadillac style white leather interior is somehow particularly cool ! The whole City Rover thing is a comedy tragedy but on the very odd occasion I see one on the road they make me grin. Proper autoshite
  6. IMO i'd stick it on ebay with no reserve & see what happens, that way you've given it a chance to survive. If nowt happens from that i'd scrap it.
  7. I know Austin Rover were sometimes a bit dodgy in quality control but I never thought some Brummie would have to use his boner as a screen fitting tool !🤣
  8. I'd get them back as if somehow the 'screen broke whilst buggering about they'd have to sort it. If you do it and it breaks it's a world of pain and another bill !
  9. ETCHY

    Morris 1300

    The story goes that Pressed Steel Fisher who were going to build it told Issigonis he'd designed in huge rust traps. Issigonis however wouldn't change it so PSF went ahead as per his design... PSF it appears were right !
  10. I have a Picanto like that. Is it the seats or ride (or both) that are better in the VDP ?
  11. Well bought. It's certainly different to the grumpy looking Picanto behind it ! I look forward to the updates.
  12. ETCHY

    Morris 1300

    I just love the condition of that car, it's just how I like them, it looks like the kind of (cared for) example I saw still floating about in the late 1970's/ 80's not some super shiny restored thing, just good honest useable in nice condition . The rusty one does really tell you how badly these could deteriorate. The number that were in scrap yards in the late 1970's/ early 80's when really some of them weren't that old was untrue & yet the body rot was bloody scary terminal. I often recall that the whole front end forward of the windscreen often used to droop forward/ down, especially if they were on the top of a pile & the wobbly sills full of filler. I know all cars rotted badly back then but 1100/1300's really were IMO especially bad. Sad as it's a bloody good design. Cool speedo too !
  13. Fabulous little motor, really does look good, great job on those bumpers. Incredible to think it's basically the same engine I had in my 105e (997cc) Anglia !
  14. The cigarette burn fixing technique is just genius, that's a fab result. Lovely motor, and an auto (my preferred flavour) . I really like versatility in cars & the way that front passenger seat backrest folds flat for long loads is a cool idea - why don't all hatchbacks have that? Nice dog BTW.
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