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  1. Yeah i'd have thought so too to, be honest but when you see all the cars that just used to be abandoned on scrap land, I suppose many just got left in gardens & perhaps gradually just sank or got earth piled on them perhaps?
  2. Good buy. A riot of brown 1970's wedge-ness ! I think you've done the right thing getting a B Series instead of O series engined one. As others have said the B Series is uber tunable. It's funny I didn't used to like the silver dash panel but now think it looks rather cool. I always like the big F*ck off radio speaker that the series 1's had.
  3. Some people really are utter wankers, why the hell would they do that? Really sorry to hear about this.
  4. Erm... I only have one car & it was working ok yesterday - am I perhaps on the wrong forum?
  5. There's something wonderfully utilitarian & cool about an early R5.
  6. Is that Preston registry office? It certainly looks like it.
  7. I always thought the wheels made a massive difference on Mk1 Granada's. When fitted with the standard hubcap type the car IMO looks really dumpy. The alloys or GL sport ones really lift the looks.
  8. ETCHY

    Austin Maxi

    Cool pic, I like that a lot Doesn't it somehow look like a really old photo- older than it can actually be?
  9. Austin 3 Litre. A tragic car, released later than it should have been, disliked by the firm that eventually ended up having to produce it, given an unfairly lukewarm reception by the motoring press of the day & canned before its time. However a genuinely good, exceptionally smooth & excellent handling car. It deserved to do better than it did. Great review here -
  10. The wooden box he found in the boot is probably holding an old footpump. I'd take a look if I were him as some of those are very nice.
  11. On the other hand if you're self isolating, it does have leather & picnic tables - potential self isolation holiday home at the end of the drive !?😁
  12. Just take the quick route, instead of buying the Bentley, pile any money you have up & burn it 😉. You cannot run any Bentley cheap & a shagged one will just be a total money pit.
  13. Terribly sad news, my condolences to the family.
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