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  1. That is brilliant. It's not just the cars, its the seats & various other bits strewn about. However for me the best bit is the ground that looks like mud & oil mixed, god I remember that shit from scrappy's back in the day.
  2. Didn't the CD version of the Acclaim have alloy wheels but they looked exactly the same as the trims? I may have dreamt that though...
  3. That's bloody lovely. Can't remember the last time I saw a Horizon on the road.
  4. Be like sitting in runny nose.
  5. So you get a mk1 mini and also a blow job.. Ffs you even had to ask if you should buy it ? 😂
  6. An 850cc Mk1 Austin Mini & that reg no' is pretty cool too. Buy it.
  7. Is that a WW2 Pillbox in that shot ?
  8. I really don't like the Lynx, it looks overbodied & gawky. It reminds me of a something Bond cars (of Equipe fame) might have come up with.
  9. Fantastic image, thanks for that. Imagine what that beasite would be worth today. The rhomboids were a great & rather futuristic shape, takes me back to when I read " Charley's war" in Battle comic as kid.
  10. The FD Victor was a bloody cool looking car, the VX4/90 trim level just made it even cooler (god those wheels look brill). Great shape & the interior is great too, black vinyl rocks. Really like those, not seen one on the road in forever.
  11. ETCHY

    P-reg Ford Ka's

    Picanto's are alright, they're still small cars.
  12. Very nice motor. A mate of mine had 2 Omega's, a pre-facelift & a facelift, he did a lot of miles & seemed happy with them. I always preferred the pre-facelift both outside & in, the design looked far better IMO. I really didn't like the later grille. Cool leather too.
  13. I think that's a superb idea. I'd watch it.
  14. Because many folk are obsessed with power not range. Especially if you read car reviews. Yes range is mentioned but check out something like carwow and all that irritating twat goes on about is power & launch times etc etc - stuff that is basically pointless but many arseholes are into.
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