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  1. Superb thread, bloody hell I enjoyed that. What a cool little car. Seriously brave doing that, glad it paid off. I think your gonads might be viewable from Jupiter !
  2. What book is that please?
  3. I didn't know that model existed, never seen that one !
  4. ETCHY

    Malta in the 90s.

    Looks very like the bus terminal at Valetta to me.
  5. ETCHY

    Malta in the 90s.

    When we went in 2019 JDM stuff was prevalent. I mean don't get me wrong if I was a Maltese I'd welcome the extra EU cash & improvement in the cars available & no doubt living standards. However from the perspective of a tourist wanting to see elderly chod, such as the 105e Anglia that used to just be parked up basically abandoned outside the Barrakka gardens in Valetta, or the crazy buses, the fact they'd largely gone was a bit sad.
  6. I've said it before & i'll say it again. We have rules & regulations for bloody everything on cars but none for basic safety shit like light-bulbs being able to be changed easily. It should be mandatory that all bulbs can be changed easily with minimum effort & tools at the roadside. It's common-sense & it's heavily linked to safety. Will it happen ? Fucking never.
  7. ETCHY

    Malta in the 90s.

    Is that the museum that's in Buggiba ?
  8. ETCHY

    Malta in the 90s.

    The Bonneted Thames/Leyland reminds me of one we once went in & travelled I think to Mosta in. The roads were bloody horrendous, the ride was worse , the driver a maniac & I remember my arse constantly being bounced out of the seat & us both literally hanging onto the seat back in front to just stay located. Bloody brilliant fun it was !
  9. ETCHY

    Youtube moments

    Who needs a rear wheel drive Escort. Get a Picanto !
  10. ETCHY

    Malta in the 90s.

    Fantastic stuff. First time we went to Malta would be about 2000 & seeing stuff like 105e Anglia's floating about as regular tatty transport was like travelling back in time for me to being a kid in the late 1970's early '80's. The old buses were just a treat to ride on. Bloody uncomfortable, bouncy & frankly scary at times, but brill. Every street would have some dodgy old rammel parked on it. Just brilliant !
  11. My first thought was where's the mascot ended up..?
  12. We went to Malta in 2019. Got to say where we stayed in Sliema & travelled out to Valletta & elsewhere the old buses were just heritage type tours & modern type stuff was the norm. We'd been to Malta many times in previous years & travelled on the old buses (loved doing that) & the new buses including a different ticket system wasn't as good IMO. Valletta bus station had also changed & that was again IMO not as good either. A heck of a lot of the older cars had gone too. It was still ok but for me a lot of the character had gone.
  13. My other half's late Grandad helped set up the foundry at Ashok in the 1950's (he managed it). First thing he had to do was send back to Leyland for boots for the Indian guys working in the foundry as they were barefoot/wore sandals !
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