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  1. I thought i could see it, but i was mistaken
  2. I understand, but i think a purpose built second hand trailer tent would be a more sensible option, i believe there is a smaller one person trailer tent that can be towed with a motorbike but my google searching is weak
  3. Who ? @dollywobbler🙊
  4. He only wants to spend £2.50 yet is paying for a re chassis on a TR4 !!
  5. Google Camp-let, the trailer tent has already been made for you
  6. Missed a dent on the OS/F wing
  7. I read the number plate as VW SHIT
  8. Erm..............................photos ?
  9. And how many kicks on purpose ?
  10. Why is he called Panhard Gary ? 👼
  11. I think he means the Yaris
  12. Not sure, but has the front been modified ? 😲
  13. Why as a 47 year old adult do i find that entertaining, and good at her for having a go and doing it ?
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