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  1. Or try swapping the front tyres from left to right, it is cheaper
  2. Exactly, i can understand why you bought one, i have seen your track record, but what about the other people ?
  3. I can see the appeal of driving one and not seeing another one coming the other way, but bloody hell you must have clenched buttocks all the time
  4. I was being sarcastic with the amount of faults they have, i mean a window just randomly breaking and people buying them with faults and accepting that it is normal
  5. When someone goes to the toilet nick there spot next time
  6. Thank you for coming back, this thread is so interesting, i still think that limo would be prime charity banger rally fodder, i hope that is what it's future holds ?
  7. No that is the fairies, isn't it ?
  8. Got to be a Saab, i like the use of chop sticks, and i am amazed a train is running on a bank holiday
  9. I presume Barry Sheene is indicating he is number one lol
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