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  1. I think i saw it in Sandringham car museum on a youtube video
  2. The tell tale in the instrument cluster ? If so apparently it is an indicator stalk fault
  3. I still call speeders Stirling Moss
  4. Tony Pond !!!! fucking hell how old are you ? 😂
  5. Yes but a really boring story, couldn't you jazz it up a bit, say he threated you or something ! 😉
  6. I think it was a bullet dodged to be honest, i like the Merc
  7. You can never over pay for a car that you like and want
  8. I didn't know people actually bought cars from them, the prices they advertise the cars for !!
  9. Talking of feet photos did you see @dollywobblerbare feet in his Alpine video, plus from some angles whilst driving he looked naked 🥺
  10. You went to the tip in a Bentley........................MY HERO !!!
  11. I remember that Peugeot 504, what happened to it ?
  12. Wow your wife has an interesting taste in cars, i bet you were shitting yourself about a couple of the choices 🤦‍♂️
  13. The way you made that request, makes it sound a bit seedy and a bit like you are asking for feet photos. Or maybe it is just my perverted mind.
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