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  1. @DodgyBastardhad an Audi do that !
  2. Yes i know what you are saying, but can't you get a new shell now, or at least you could before the pandemic ? Edit Yes you can https://www.motorsport-tools.com/ford-escort-parts-mk1-mk2/body-shell.html
  3. Yes but what about the Yugo ? 😎
  4. I looked at the photos, cleaned my glasses, then looked at the photos again and realised it wasn't my glasses 🤣
  5. Fuck me how much !!!!!
  6. The bloke doesn't seem to have a clue, found it in a garden, it could be cloned or stolen for all he knows.
  7. Ok i have just read the advert, does anyone know what the seller is on about ?
  8. Have you noticed how 3rd, 4th and 5th gear are nearly all the same, just a slight change in engine tone ?
  9. Actually i think a 1.4 hdi peugeot 206 is £30 a year road tax ?
  10. Don't be afraid to rev it !!
  11. How did you know i have a "thing" for Kelly Brook ?
  12. Photos or get the fuck out !!
  13. Or that other Mercedes campervan
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