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  1. Hey Ken, good to see the progress you're making with Dad's old car. Might have to buy it back when you've finished...😁
  2. Thought I'd update you guys with what's happened to the old girl. Long story short, it's now at its new home in That London where it will be brought back to life in due course by the very excited PurpleBargeKen. I just wasn't going to have the time/ability/garage space to do the car any justice and nowhere to keep it when finished so it's for the best that it goes to someone who will appreciate it and give it the TLC it deserves. I've got first dibs on a buy back if he ever needs to get rid though. Getting it out of the garage was a bit of a job, but achieved through the efforts of Ken's mate, Phil. He identified that the clutch wasn't stuck, apparently easily identified by the fact that the master cylinder had already been removed by Dad! The rear brakes were totally seized on and took a good while to sort out, not helped by the fact that neither of us had a trolley jack so I had to nip off to Toolstation to buy one (bargain at £24 BTW if anyone's looking for one). The first drum was a bit of a challenge but that side of the car was accessible so it wasn't toooo bad. The other side was right up against the garage wall so we had to bounce the rear of the car a couple of feet sideways - can confim that the rear springs are still bouncy. The second drum was well seized on, so much so that we had to get the heat on it - fortunately in Dad's house there was an old tank of gas with a decorator's blow torch, and there was enough gas left to do the job. God only knows how long that tank had been sat around but I'd guess at least 20 years. Brake shoes were removed and the wheels put back on, tyres were inflated and the car saw daylight for the first time since 1987. Result. We had a slight moment of panic when pushing the car down the driveway as it was rolling nicely, me steering, little brother and Phil pushing. Gained a bit of momentum towards the road when I suddenly realised we had no brakes! Fortunately it's not that heavy a car and we managed to get it stopped before disaster struck. Anyway, the transport guy turned up shortly afterwards, pushed and winched the Tolly onto his truck and then on his way. Today's pics below:
  3. You still haven't seen a Pimento 2 door. It's Vermillion. About 3 grand apparently. Thanks again for your help, Ken. Can't tell you how much we appreciate it.
  4. I wish! We've left it with some diesel down the cylinders to see if the engine will free up. Not holding my breath though.
  5. So, we've been to see the car today, Ken stuck a new battery on and..... Let there be light Let there be dashboard lights too new petrol tank in the surprisingly solid boot Nice solid top mounts The only rusty hole that we found Check out that original colour underneath the dirt, it's Vermillion doncherknow. Castrol sticker says oil change due at 60000, car has only done 54000 so no need to change it just yet Both of the original fuses together with spares Nice solid inner wings, not so robust hoses. Ken will be along in a while to comment further, I'm sure.
  6. Or a paper bag filled with a quarter of chewing nuts or toffee bon-bons.
  7. And a can of petrol and a box of matches in case we need to kill it with fire.
  8. Can I just take a moment to publicly acknowledge the many helpful messages that I've had from PurpleBargeKen. What a top bloke, he really loves old Triumphs! I also appreciate the many comments left on this thread. The old Toledo may yet see the road again, we'll know in a couple of weeks if it's a viable project or a rusty heap of death. Fingers crossed.
  9. Had a quick pitstop at the old house today and snagged a few more photos, only 1 side though as I can't get around the other side so FK what that's like. Anyway, not quite as horrid as I was expecting, plenty of surface rust but, like good quality toilet paper, my finger didn't go through. On the plus side, the headlining looked nice and clean.
  10. So we haven't got a service history but we do have an original Toledo sales brochure which looks like it's from 1972 or thereabouts.
  11. It's definitely never been in an accident and, yes, those are the original plates. The car was bought new from a dealer in Lowestoft - we used to go on our holidays to Kessingland in an old car and come home with a new one, as you do. This is the second Toledo that we had, the first being a green one (VPV 926K - funny how you remember really old reg numbers but not more recent ones! I remember that one as I got to choose it from the list at the dealers). Before that we had Mini Travellers that Dad bought from a dealer in Market Harborough. There's no service history unfortunately, Dad was a bit of a driveway mechanic and sadly he's not around now for me to ask what's up with the mechanical side of things. The transmission cover is off so I guess he was fiddling around with the gearbox or clutch at some point.
  12. It really is. PurplebargeKen of this parish has very generously offered to come up and have a look to see if it's a viable project. This is a great forum and its nice to see a bit of love for the old girl.
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