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  1. Nooooo. There's no Cambridgeshire here. It was an Austrian lump. Made in Austria it was.


    A Roverised donk from the Bavarian Motor Works.


    Nope. Rover L Series in the ZR and ZS, BMW M47TU in the ZT (and some Freelanders)

  2. Being a ballboy is Hazard-ous.


    Grump: I'm very pissed off about one of my "students" (I'm teaching a bunch of NICS middle management how to use a new Quality Monitoring software system). The individual in question is consistently late, farts about with his mobile when I'm talking, complains about everything and appears to be the world's only surviving brain donor. I've "had a word" with him, but he takes no notice.


    It's in my remit to boot the cunt off the course, but it's annoying me more that it's pissing me off so much, and I don't understand why.


    An old friend more or less begged me to deliver this course, but notwithstanding that or the wedge, I am NEVER doing one of these for the Civil Service ever again.

  3. ‎0815 today, some oul twat of a farmer on the top road out of Carrick, driving a tractor, complete with trailer bearing a portable shithouse holding up half of East Antrim.


    I need a roof-mounted Panzerschrek

  4. Screenwash - The stuff in the boring is crap and freezes, but its nearly full. Is there anything I can put in it to lower the freezing point of it - some super concentrated stuff or something?

    Worst case I suppose I could use a big turkey baster type thing to empty it and then fill it with decent stuff.



  5. Could well have been Sir, good call! However, it's had a new cover, coolant sensor, and the EGR is now reasonably clean. Changed the oil too, and, fingers crossed, it seems much better. I was going to say "it seems great" but it's a 3 pot Corsa :D

  6. Spark is good, Cav, nice and strong. Gonna lob a new coolant temp sender into it tomorrow, and have a wee look at the EGR. Oh, and the owner described a "wee chip out of the metal bit on the top of the engine"






    Whacking great hole in the cam cover!

  7. Corsa 1.0, year 2000. Runs like a bag of shite until warmed up, then is OK. Oil and water are OK, 3 sparks present. I'm thinking stuck 'stat? Also the EML is on, but it won't talk to my OBDII reader.


    Thanks all.

  8. As said, if you up your budget a bit you've got a lot more choice.


    Ditto with 996 Porkers. Spend 10k, you're taking a chance. Spend 12-15k and get a good one. They're not tolerant of neglect plus abuse. You can thrash the tits off them, but only if you look after them right. The bloke who sold me my Jag took one in as a cash buy. The man who owned the car couldn't really afford it, and it needed quite a bit of work to make it right because Mr Skint hadn't maintained it. Parts can be horribly expensive.

  9. This Pisshat (pictured in my works carpark) suffered total electrical failure yesterday, and just rolled away! As you can see it just stopped where it sits. Gave our security team a bit of a scare, they thought Knight Rider had gone VW when the saw a driverless car gently reversing across the car park.




    It's almost new, too.

  10. Dunno about the V6, but my mate has a V10 5.0 TDi Phat-one, and it's bloody awesome. Big fat leather seats and weird orange wood trim, Quattro etc. Agreed, though, most people think it's a Pisshat.

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