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  1. Nope. Rover L Series in the ZR and ZS, BMW M47TU in the ZT (and some Freelanders)
  2. That number plate advert is probably for real. "Year" plates are popular in NI among Spides (chavs) who've just had their first brat, culchies and dickheads from Bangor.
  3. Being a ballboy is Hazard-ous. Grump: I'm very pissed off about one of my "students" (I'm teaching a bunch of NICS middle management how to use a new Quality Monitoring software system). The individual in question is consistently late, farts about with his mobile when I'm talking, complains about everything and appears to be the world's only surviving brain donor. I've "had a word" with him, but he takes no notice. It's in my remit to boot the cunt off the course, but it's annoying me more that it's pissing me off so much, and I don't understand why. An old friend more or less begged me
  4. That looks fan tas tic. Lovely.
  5. Spacker alert http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 1842453161 "Sheep in Wolfs Clothing"
  6. Paging Lord Sward of Newcastle-land. I reckon he'll know.
  7. ‎0815 today, some oul twat of a farmer on the top road out of Carrick, driving a tractor, complete with trailer bearing a portable shithouse holding up half of East Antrim. I need a roof-mounted Panzerschrek
  8. ashmicro


    Sleet and hail here in eastern N.I. Cold wind, but no snow yet.
  9. Could well have been Sir, good call! However, it's had a new cover, coolant sensor, and the EGR is now reasonably clean. Changed the oil too, and, fingers crossed, it seems much better. I was going to say "it seems great" but it's a 3 pot Corsa
  10. ashmicro

    Drum brakes

    I would like to meet the man who invented drum brakes, and shake him warmly by the throat.
  11. Had my exhaust start to blow on the Samba the morning after the test in '91.
  12. Spark is good, Cav, nice and strong. Gonna lob a new coolant temp sender into it tomorrow, and have a wee look at the EGR. Oh, and the owner described a "wee chip out of the metal bit on the top of the engine" This: Whacking great hole in the cam cover!
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