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  1. It's clear there needs to be a little more logic to the layout of AS and how people find their way around; not this, but a bit more order than the current two big catchall buckets of 'main' and 'off-topic', plus the much smaller and less traffic'd modern section. Of course, these suggestions are open to constructive debate and consideration of alternative ideas, but we thought it might help to reduce the churn of posts on the main section and stop the perennial complaint of 'my thread keeps getting pushed off the 1st page due to irrelevant noise'. Below are the mod thoughts, we don't see five sections as being excessive & hope you'll agree, with a bit of helpful blurb about what each section is for which would probably go a long way to helping signpost people on where best to put stuff: - Autoshite main board - Keep your fellow shiters up to date with whats going on with your shite, grins and grumps - Autoshite non-motoring - Want to share your hobbies outside of shite? Bung it here - Autoshite For sale - Selling vehicles or parts? - Put it here, it's better than Fleabay or Scumtree - Technical questions - Got a question you want answered? You know where you can stick it m8 - Modern Shite - Made this millennium-ish? Shite of the future and bangernomics -A separate politics/Brexit/'potentially sensitive' sub forum that WILL be part of Autoshite but hidden away and can only be accessed by asking to join. No current member of AS will be refused and as long as folk are tolerant of opposing views and no nastiness starts, it'll be left alone. Suggest minimum post count/length of membership (ooh err matron) before access is allowed. We propose a vote on this and will honour the result We'll run the vote for one week to see if people want this and simple yes or no options for the poll ref. Reiteration of rules on main page, attempt to make clear when any post is hidden by moderators and person/s involved messaged. None of us are perfect we may forget from time to time but will do our best. Please just be nice to people though on any part of the forum or use the ignore facility. The report option will remain for now for everybodys sake. Thank you.
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