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  1. Seeing as Im still on the road to recovery after my afore mentioned accidents I thought Id share another with you. After Spain [1990] I moved onto wealthy Munich and ended up living in a crumbly house in Munichs wealthiest suburb with more hippies..Pullach where all the houses were worth millions.I ended up working in the local beer garden which pulled 1000s of drunken jazz loving punters and earnt the boss millions. A small man with a perchant for expensive cars he took delivery thru the Ferrari Club of a brand new 348TB..which was the turbo version which i now realise was extremely rare. I w
  2. these images bring that neck injury flooding back..funny...i was thinking that the Warty might still be languishing in some local junkyard...the object that Jesus is retrieving from the boot was a vintage saxaphone which incredibly was undamaged..whilst the disciple on his rights suitcase was totally crushed..he had to do the rest of his holiday with a rubbish bag...when we finally got down sth me in resplendid neck brace..for my birthday i insisted on a picnic in the local junkyard...wonderful!..are those images to old to be worth posted ?
  3. Wanganuis a pretty small place... a town NZ tried to forget hence why its the last place u can afford to buy a house..plently of 80s original Japper nonsense..some beautifully preserved..last Mitsi Galant street sale lost its wheels after one night just up the road from me...the vintage car club keep their excess collection in the shed nxt door to the one i live in..they just "threw' out a DKW ,Skoda recently..and i bought a a beauty 65 Viva HA on Natural Gas off them for 120 quid..ill squizz around town soon wif me camera..spotted a Mitsi Geneva Mirage rotting outside someones beach house ye
  4. I was living in Berlin in 93 n some local hippies invited me to a free holiday in the Sth of France. We d been offered a free ol Wartburg Deluxe by a East German family in Potsdam so we went out n took delivery of it.Lovingly original with self emptying ashtrays..we brougth it back to Berlin and bought a few trays of 2 stroke oil and off we set..we headed off into France and when about 100km from Lyon we passed thru a quaint local village.We decided to stop for a coffee so my mate Sunja did a u -turn and pulled up outside the caf..unfortunately not quite getting our arse over the white line.I
  5. I lived in a small village outside Granada in 1990 which had a real precarious road.We used to borrow a German mates fantastic ol Mercedes 240D to get home afer a night out on the discos.Needless to say..my mate was a bit pished n and whilst attempting a severe right hand bend at about 100kph..the arse gently slid to the left until we completed a full turn.. side slamming the kerb at full force bouncing in the air with a then ominous hissing sound as we gently lowered ourselves to the ground.On a darkened inspection we d lost two tyres..and split one wheel in half.We were rescued by a local in
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