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  1. Good write up buddy..i wafted to a wedding in NZ in one...seemed appropriate for the day...this is a local families here in my Highland village..
  2. Me sad at Prince's demise behind the clouds of purple rain..i worked for him twice..the 1st time in Munich 92 on the Diamonds and Pearls Tour..i had to build a backline for his private birthday party at a nightclub.. i was able to stand beside him all night whilst he played superfunk until 6am..it was just simply awesum...and a strange irony occurred a few days later.. a drunk American my flatmates brought back to the house..robbed us..including the 400DM cash i earnt from Princes show....a couple of days later..i found a 3 diamond and white gold vintage ring in my room...the thief had lost it
  3. None. Im just here to perv at other peoples ..
  4. You just got some laundry tokens from me...nice one....
  5. I am no help so ill just leave this Post It as a form of visual relief..
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