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  1. Back in NZ..local car museum i was friends with had this..last seen priced just over £1000...
  2. When i arrived in Wellington in 97..first thing my sister did was scrap her orange one..ex-ChCh..zero rust..head gasket had gone on it..i woz like..mad biatch...
  3. I have now got approx. 3300 car photographs in my digital archive..NZ-AUSSIE-Scotland...
  4. Yes..yes..and i think it is naturally radioactive...but i think its more kinda Superman V. Kryptonite factor...you would need a big lump to be in danger
  5. Forgive me..quick jump back to 2010..part of the photo study survival course..I came back from New Zealand for a few months.. Islay Bread and Fish van Ex-Armenian Embassy Princess who disgraced herself on a Newtown St in Edinburgh for nrly 40yrs. Blue Blue electric blue..thats the color.. Street racing Mysterious Tina in short doors scandal.. On the Strontian estate i was brought up on..the council type.. Edinburgh Swedish extravagance.. My mates GT6 languishing... Deutschen turisten viel geld.. The infamous SE5..which has finally donated its Essex to a speed
  6. The mines is a funny place...partly organised old dump ground..part tractor restoration workshop..heavy machinery plant..cows and goats...its a great 20-21st C. fuck up croft...the older mines have to be accessed by Ariundle...their flooded and are extraordinary colors due to the mineral content...and deer routinely commit suicide down them..ah..A fence..ill jump that...
  7. My general Highland spots...and the occasional quarry into areas of more built up civilisations.. Craignure.Mull...4cyl jet boat Capri getting a rebuild My mate Andy has this rather expensive Bambina in his Edinburgh lock up...not his..and for sale for a queens ransom.. Sad Skoda another sad Skoda Abandoned scenster in supermarket car park Drunker early morn image of a trussed up Austin Strontian mines..again and again...
  8. This thread is now officially dead.Ive removed my photographs.Dave PLEASE now remove.Goodbye.
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