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  1. Todays dump of rust from the sub-tropical Highlands...im now having to try an use the Canon 5D mk3 more often.. Mr McGilverys 1934 Wolseley.. Acharacles former bus station...not completely abandoned but certainly unused. And behold..what lies behind the container of Doom? Hallelujah!..a Lister generator
  2. Cool...my BOAC Junior Jet Club membership failed on the way back to the UK in 1973...and we were stranded in Calcutta for a few day..i was only 6...epic night bus journey from the airport in a glass-less late 1930s model..i insisting the driver continually pressed the Hoohaa horn.,,my first exposure to huge poverty and seeing people sleeping on the pavement..on arrival at the enormous Empirical England Just Left Hotel..we were in a lift..depositing tourists to each floor..door opens..and there was a cow standing in the hallway...lunch consisted of a full brass band resplendent in red uniforms.
  3. Back in 1991..on a visit home from Germany...theres a cool old shed in Strontian...which has a great history.Peering through the window..i could make out an Austin.I never forgot it..and always remained convinced it was still there..so yesterday and I went round to the croft where old Mr Millin lives to speak to him.His croft house is so cool..like a timewarp..60s wallpaper...50s carpet..and he has a slight mobility problem.Sure enough..the Austin is still there..must be nrly a record in storage years,,it was his fathers..when he died in the 70s..it was put in there..and left.He'l allow me pro
  4. This Scimmie on the seafront in Ft William has been languishing with its odorless Cologne on the outside..its now been joined by BMW bike..that hasnt moved in 3 yrs.. And Volvo with resplendent gaffer tape trim in fine fettle at Morrisons. And visiting Deutchelux-wagen in no sat-nav tour shocker.. Abandoned fun-tour Pug on the road to Mallaig-nowhere...
  5. Fuel shortages are also being caused by the amount of molotov cocktails that are being lobbed at the Gendarmerie....
  6. Yep..i think your right about that..but no longer built as they have have no explosive protection..ceased in 2005...Taliban and their IED's saw an end to them probably...
  7. My old mates company in Shropshire...he hired me as a photographer. http://www.shropshiregunbus.co.uk/ All the info on the vehicles is there..we scooted around town..blasted down the motorway with extra turbo boost..and then went all wheel driving on some posh country house estate... This one was back from the client for new seats..mini bar..and to be lined with Harris tweed.. So in all i counted about 11 of them...their quite amazing actually...Gregor pulls them out of Switzerland..Oman and Malaysia...i may even be able to accompany him one day.
  8. i cheat bastard with old photo..white 230 breathing fire for inadequate 300D useless f-ing battery..
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