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  1. And to repeat, I could have just stayed anonymous, scouring the relevant resources without ever registering. I registered because people shouldn't just take from online communities. I've literally thanked people for their input and help giving me new avenues for sourcing cars (still can't find a local "independent" auction centre that does cars though), so "taking little notice" is rather wide of the mark too. Also the outlet is online and not behind a paywall of any kind.
  2. Demio

    eBay tat volume 3.

    That's nice and close, and has the magic words that the owner would rather see someone drive it that scrap it for me to drop by with my dumb idea and low budget... ... but unless I'm wrong about the plate (seems to be P286BCN, which is a red Astra Expression rather than an LS), it's not had an MOT since 2008...
  3. None intended. I've received a lot of helpful information in here so far, and it's nice to note that people are concerned about whether I'm going to fall foul of the law or not. I'm probably not (I've outlined the full plan to one of my friendly motor industry legal contacts; their opinion is that I'm the safe side of the line), and nobody needs worry on my behalf about that, or anything to do with the writing and publication (pitched and commissioned) aside from how difficult getting a car that will move under its own power, legally, and not require ruinously expensive repairs to continue to do so for such a stupid start price is. But bringing up those concerns is appropriate and it's good to see people are willing to do so rather than keep them to themselves and just let someone do something potentially careless.
  4. Oh, without doubt - hence the "hopefully" part! A lot of this is really reaching at the limits and no small amount of hope. Losing money on the car(s) isn't an innate problem (it's no less of a tale), because even if I lose all of a £100 car (which shouldn't be possible, because scrap and insurance) I'll still make money on writing about it. That's the day job after all! Cheers. For the most part, the response here has been more on the nice side of the equation than the cunt side. I've had a bunch of suggestions for sourcing cars, and loads of nice people chucking links up. I'll make the project an AS community thread before I write anything about it properly anyway - you guys will have been instrumental in getting the car(s), and there's plenty of vehicle life stories - from collection to sending off - on here from members, so it should slot right in. Just with a dumber budget.
  5. Many thanks for all your concerns over the legalities and value/publication of the content. I'll assure you that you don't need to be worried about these things, but it is nice to see people willing to give such advice.
  6. Honestly, that thought had occurred and maybe that's something for down the line. I'll bear what you say in mind too. I'm no engineer, and I definitely can't create anything, but almost anything else is fair game - so long as it's economically viable. I've got no problem doing an engine swap, but there comes a point where the car simply owes more than its value. Some work, like that, might even harm the value... my first question when I see a car that's had an engine swap is "Why?" and my second question is "If you've fucked the engine, what else is fucked?". Of course there are genuine reasons for engines fucking themselves - a colleague had an Alfa 166 which mayonnaised itself one lunchtime, thanks to a cambelt failure on a belt that had half its scheduled life left - but it's something that might put people off in an advert. Yeah, that's absolutely something I'm keeping in mind. I'm assessing every lead for potential value and potential costs, and if they're getting too close to each other - or the balance heads towards costs - I'm not pursuing it any further.
  7. Sort out the issues with it (because there will be issues), run it for a while, sell it for hopefully more than it owes me, lather, rinse, repeat. Create content (there may be video, but I seriously question who would want to look at me) based on all of the above. Budget Brewer, with added honesty. And less budget.
  8. Hence the "partially" qualifier on the last item. I can pull dents, I can replace panels and glass, I can patch rust and duff paint, and I can write about all of these things (so it's actually preferable to be scratty, as freelancers get paid per word)... but it's not economically viable to start unbending crashed cars or welding up giant chunks of chassis. I'm specifically looking for cars that are as working and presentable as possible, but sufficiently poor in either or both categories to put sensible people off, thus the price. Road legal is the sole non-moveable point because I need to drive it home. @lesapandre Good stuff! I've caught some of these myself too, and I've fired bids in. You're right on the bidders too, and I'll have to try that tactic. I've seen more than a few coming back up after selling with bitching about non-payers. There's a 240k Avensis on there like that which looks tempting.
  9. Well, you're very much mistaken on the first and last items. Even if there was a point to doing so, I don't have the time to do the latter one in any case (and given that Barryboys closed down, the market for motoring communities that take the piss out of other motoring communities is somewhat of a dead end), and why would I need or want to register here and post this thread to do it? In fact I registered here, after tips from other people in the motoring writer industry, precisely so that I was being part of the community and not just sitting, anonymously leeching leads from the eBay and £200 threads. I don't think people should just take from online communities, they should give something back too - or else the resource you found so useful dries up. As for the middle one... well we'll see. There's some here who think it's absolutely out of the question, others who think it's doable but difficult, some in-between, and more than a handful of people who are interested in the general idea. I've been keeping a close eye on many of the relevant sites since November, and I'll happily concede that in all that time I've only seen three viable cars at a ton or less, but pretty much a deluge at £150 and up - a far cry from £499. At £500 it isn't even a challenge any more - two of the cars on my drive were £400 between them. The extra suggestions from people who've participated in this thread have been really very helpful indeed - it's exactly what I was after. I've checked every link people have posted too. I don't Facebook, but my older child is attached to FB Marketplace for the cause. Hopefully once this gets going, you'll see what the point was, although I don't anticipate the first words appearing until well into the summer. I'll definitely keep a thread updated here with the progress though.
  10. Who or what (aside from a town near Birmingham) is a Cannock!? Hopefully not. Aside from anything else, I'm not just after one car - it's going to be a long-term feature series; aiming for multiple cars per article. I don't mind cars needing a bit of work, because I've got enough kit and experience to do most small things. They'll still cost parts and time, yes. Bigger jobs are beyond me (and budget, yes), and some things will just end up with the car owing too much, like welding up cheesegrater sills and arches. I want each car to move on to a new home when I'm done with it, and not end up as a cube. I haven't even sent one of my own four to the weighbridge yet, and its bodywork is now 40% rust bubbles... Edit: Thank you for the Fiesta and earlier Rover links by the way. Rover seems to be out of MOT, but I'll bear it in mind; I don't have a Facebook, but my wife is enquiring about the Fiesta now.
  11. Well, I guess we found him. I did wonder if there'd be one, and sure enough. Have another crack at reading the first post, there's a love.
  12. It's about £140 up near me at everyone's favourite random 'farm' with a single-car transporter and dags on strings. But I expect nothing - it's all planets-aligning shit. Yeah, and they're not the kind of places who do much internet advertising! Still, I've found a few options, cheers! Hmm, there are a lot of very old people in my area - Wayne Rooney would have a ball - and a lot of cars that don't move much. Although admittedly two of those are mine...
  13. Yeah, there's more than a few of us on here who earn a 'living' by pressing keys on the topic of cars. I recognised three names right away (although I know them by others!), and there's certainly a nice Venn overlap between their areas of expertise and what I'm aiming to do here. In fact one of them pointed me here in the first place... Again, I'm not Brewer. A quim I may be (and almost certainly am), but I'm not that kind of quim. Well, neither of us have ever had a facelift... honest.
  14. To be fair there's only really three requirements after the price, and they're really two - that I can drive it away legally without having to cross my gonads it will get home. Everything else is a "it'd be nice if". As for mates, pfft. Like I've got any of those. Yeah, that's absolutely bang on! I have been looking for Bravos - they don't tend to run up big figures. And I concur - it's absolutely a challenge. But as John F. Kennedy once said, "We choose to buy functioning, road-legal £100 cars and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.".
  15. Never thought of that actually. That's a good shout - the same cars do tend to keep cropping up on searches (seriously to find these cars on ebay I have to put in a brand name plus "-breaking -spares -repair -finance -sold -braking -parts -week -deposit" to filter out all the crap), so it's definitely worth trying. It's like a regular quim, but instead of having the swept volume of a normal quim it boosts on demand to appear like more quim. The plan is to have further cars after the first one, so I'll need what I get back. I thought about the thread title as you suggest... maybe a Wanted tag? I'm totally down for that, but I'm not entirely familiar with the auction world at this end of the market. Are there big auction chains (like BCA, Manheim etc.) for cack? Yeah, I'm essentially trying to luck out on cars people are too attached to scrap it, or too uninformed to realise the value of as raw materials - and not because I want to profit off them, but because I want the car! Hah, no. I saw his trials with the wrong-engined 323 on Twitter though. I've been thinking about this for about six months, off and on (I actually registered here in January, but had account problems). It's just the timing is right for now.
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