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  1. I'd driven past this fine* vee-hic-u-ell a couple of weeks ago. This time I stopped. Click Snap As the voice of a lady* some where behind me says "Hello" and I reply "ooh-aargh! Hello" whilst simultaneously nearly going arse over t*t on the ice and being surprised by the gentle beckoning Click again The lady on her doorstep with her arms crossed next to a silent gentlemen asks "Is there any reason why you are taking photos?" "I just like it" responds I heading towards my car...
  2. IF it bothers you @reb registered office address services are available (says t'internet) from £20 a year.
  3. This is at a truck "recycling" yard in Calverton, Notts. The truck pics are unsurprisingly in the Truck Shite thread. This party is over...
  4. This is next to the tip at Calverton, Notts. I was at the tip today so poked my phone through the bars. The yard is usually rammed but not so much in there today. I assume when the trucks have had their Euro rating lowered they are shipped off to developing countries. A full pic of the bus is in the Bus shite thread.
  5. My mate had Granada's and Consul's in the 90's when they were dirt cheap. Since being a grown up he's done a full nut and bolt restoration on one and has bought another in running order. What an interior!
  6. We had the same when our girls were younger. One year we got sooo many presents (toys) some of em didn't even get out of the under stairs cupboard in a full year. The next Christmas we said although we appreciate it can you all contribute to a new playhouse - it was good quality, basically a 5ft square low mini shed. Everyone who contributed choose a few words/wishes which I had plaques made up of and fixed them onto the playhouse. Just an example but there are lots of other "big" presents you could probably think of. 18 months ago, after 5 or 6 years of lots of use the playhouse got sold on Gumtree and the proceeds went in the kids bank accounts. You won't be able to do that with, as you say, STUFF in 2028.
  7. I received my free book on Wednesday, ta very much. It was signed as well, does that make it worth lots of quids mister??
  8. I hope that copper got a proper b*****king - the Police road traffic base is literally 2 miles away in Ollerton. I live 10 miles away from the ford and have been through it many times but only when it's a few inches deep. I used divert on purpose to go through to entertain the kids when they were younger. Strangely now the kids are young teens "a drive through the ford" doesn't cut it anymore. When the ford level is high they are always lots of road closed signs. If idiots choose to go through I don't want my council tax being used by my County Council to pay for gates to physically stop the pillocks. Plus it would stop the next episode of Rufford Ford Fails
  9. Yeah but as I'm taking em I can never remember that at the time!
  10. (Whatever I try the forum always puts some of my pics in Australia mode - can a mod or someone correct them please) Drops my car off for it's MoT, this is at the back of the garage: Nice looking Viva says I as I hand over the key. Mechanic: "That hateful thing. I've had 4 hours underneath it scraping off underseal. Got in my ears, nose...". One of my neighbours had been doing bits to this for its owner but obviously off to pastures new: Then I'm having lunch with the wife and spot this. I'm going to take a pic of this for Autoshite says I. Wife: "it'll be gone before we've had dinner. What, you are doing it now?" It just cracked me up. However best news of the day is this: It's for my Daihatsu Sirion bought off here in Sept 20 and through its 3rd MoT. I spent a fair few quid on it to get it to a good mechanical standard 2 years ago but so far it's been v reliable. Mind I'm only doing 4k a year in it.
  11. Understand perfectly about putting it away with your harsh winters. If you ever need a quick happiness boost during winter just poke your nose in the garage for a quick look at the beauty.
  12. Please, please take it out for a good drive on the roads before they start salting. The smile you will get will last you all through winter. If you are at all worried about any breakdown then don't drive far from home (10km in any direction?). Your dad can always then tow you home with a tractor!
  13. Great stuff, your dogged determination has paid off. The engine sounds lovely.
  14. Ta very much, to be honest that was my initial thought on pricing. I'll see which 3 at least hold air for some time and gob the trailer with a spare on Gumtree and let the fun begin. If I find an actual buyer who wants the trailer I'll see if they want the others "free" as well. Ad in the for sale section now listing 2 available for the grand sum of a fiver.
  15. Nah, all got 145 R10's on em. I've put ad on the for sale section for £75 to gauge any interest. To be honest I'm not wanting to make a fortune I just want trailer and wheels/ tyres gone from the drive. If someone wants all the tyres I'll take the trailer up the allotment, bring those 2 wheels back with me and use the trailer remains to make a cloche or summat.
  16. Yes they are, so 5 Mini wheels in total. So what sort of value are they worth? I'd just assumed the mini wheels wouldn't be worth much as there must have been millions of trailers made using scrapped mini wheels and not enough actual Mini's left for them to go on!
  17. I've a v scabby trailer to sell via Gumtree. Look at the state of this lot. I've got to try and find 2 that stay up long enough so the lucky buyer can at least get it off the drive! I've got 2 x Courier Steels, a Kumho, a Power Star and I think a India Super. One Courier won't even inflate. They have had 30psi. I'll check pressures again in 24 hours and then the best* 2 will be going on the trailer then it's at the mercy of the lovely folks looking for a Gumtree bargain.
  18. Thank you for perservering with not just the work on the car but also the write up and photos of your efforts. The writing is much appreciated especially as this is not easy for you. Keep up both the car repairs and write ups. It's a great car and a great thread.
  19. Really well done. That sounds lovely. Your perseverance has certainly paid off.
  20. I took a chance and bought this kit and I hope it fits. Hope so too.
  21. No problem - hope you get the Merc up and running without too much difficulty, it's a beautiful thing.
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lift-pump-repair-kit-for-Bosch-FP-K22-pumps/324478216496 This has loads more parts than the one you showed...
  23. Didn't think an Ambitious Roof Box thread would gain much traction so this will have to do here... At a car park in Mablethorpe.
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