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  1. A nice hilly route for you and that delightful* conveyance too!
  2. Sounds promising on the interview, looks promising on the lights!
  3. In the corner of the MOT test centre yard.
  4. I like how you remember that you have an appropriate photo from 1980, but more than impressed you can actually find it!
  5. I've done the maths. That's about 40mpg. I wish I could get that in my Doblo going to work in rush hour. No wonder it served as a taxi for so long.
  6. I can't with help any phone holder suggestions but when the noise of the phone vibrating isn't there that sounds like a very pleasant drive. Well done you. That is a very good 61 year old car.
  7. In 2007 I got a lift in my new girlfriend's (now wife) Daewoo Kalos. It was my first time in the beautiful* car. I wrote my name in the dashboard dust.
  8. No, just spotted in a car park. 10 mins later the leak had stopped.
  9. Nice little website you've set up. Gives a good overview. I don't do facething so good to see you having an online presence. Hope the new business goes well for you and sister.
  10. I think my local depot is still using those...
  11. Whitby Edit: 6th April. I had a look inside it. It's absolutely chock full of random car parts (used), disassembled pressure washers, a massive length of thick chain etc. It's well down on the shocks.
  12. No, they all the same quality. Fairly rigid when up. I increased strength with a screw into the wall on each back leg.
  13. Take a film camera, when you send the film off to be developed get an extra set of prints. The original back up system! Just don't store the negatives next to one your lit bulbs.
  14. Yeah but it looks right breezy over there. No chance of your bins blowing over!
  15. Sportsbikeshop does free returns if your order is over £25. Order 3 sizes and return the other 2. I ordered 2 pairs of bike gloves and returned the pair I didn't need. It's all online and seems to be automatic. Of course you have to pay for the full order upfront.
  16. Rufford Ford Shame really. As a local kid I'd always want my dad to drive through as fast as possible. Then when you were in Rufford Park you'd always cheer when a vehicle went through at speed or stand on the bridge and play chicken to avoid a soaking.
  17. Now that's not a little bit neglected it's properly dumped.
  18. I could try to flog em, they are approx 2.85m long (Inc the bracket bits) so they won't go in a Fiesta! Not sure I can face the great unwashed via auction sites/bumtree They aren't that expensive to buy from used dealers. There are 12 on eBay for £40. There are some 2.3m ones for a fiver each.
  19. Major racking update After visiting an v unwell family member today I thought a bit of physical was called for... I'm well impressed with the set up. It's absolutely rock solid. I used the middle level as a platform to lift (solo) the top level beams in place. I'm trying to balance the work bench height against maximising storage space but the middle bench level is going to have to come down a bit. Cost was £130 for the beams and uprights. The boarding was another 90 quid so total of £220. I also got another set up of a loft over the garage door (see a page or 2 back) out of the original racking purchase so a right bargain I reckon. Slight issue is I've got to fill these gaps You can't really tell in the pic but the brick roof supports are in the way of the racking going flush with the rear wall. The gap is about 8". I plan to fill by screwing 3 x 2 to the wall and the boarding and infilling with cut pallet slats. I've still 12 beams left, probably cut em up and use as fence posts up the allotment TOP TIP: There are different makes of racking - Link51, Redirack, Mecalux, Stow (mine) etc. They are all proprietary and not interchangable between makes. So if buying any stick to one brand.
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