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  1. Christian pop isn't very good, musically or in theme. That's as much detail as I'm prepared to go into.
  2. Sorry. I forgot to say it sold on eBay. Wasn't too sorry to see it go really, my heart was really in this car anymore. Lost a fortune, but I suppose that's what happens when you love cars. And you're an idiot. At least I saved it. And the bread, cheese and water diet isn't as bad as they say.
  3. Bit of a bump and reduced to 700 notes. Can't afford to keep it anymore, it's gotta go.
  4. Love 205s and especially love that this one has character. If I had the money I'd probably have a punt. Pointless to say I know.
  5. Yeah still showing MoT about to expire.
  6. Shame cos it's otherwise really clean. Depends what the car is worth to you, really.
  7. Well, it has an electric sunroof and windows. Not having central locking seems a bit stingy but then again it's not a big deal I think a small 3-door car. The light is probably for the now disconnected alarm. It's still under the bonnet and I have the fob but I'm assuming it broke years ago.
  8. A few pictures of the interior. Sorry it's still a bit messy from my Scotland trip. I've included a picture of the hole in the passenger seat, it's larger than I remembered. The car is parked at my cousin's and hadn't been started in ten days...it fired right up. May still have the original space saver spare by the look of it (eeuughhh!). Marvel at the loose fog light.
  9. Forgot to mention and you all may already know this but this motor qualifies for classic insurance.
  10. Need a bit more interest before I commit to a roffle but looking good. Plenty of time after all.
  11. Oh man, if the Honda was sold I'd have that! (Another one to add to the plethora of stupid "if my circumstances were slightly different I'd buy it" posts you seem to get on Facebook groups). It really is a lovely car, though.
  12. Alfa Romeo 146 Ti. Probably not that obscure but the next most obscure car I owned in recent years was a 1996 Toyota Starlet CD.
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