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  1. Was the 1.6 GTi not just the step up from the XS that you'd hoped for?
  2. I'm thinking mine is some kind of unreported phase 1.5. It has the phase 2 steering wheel plus it has the screen wash reservoir in the boot for the rear wiper.
  3. Thanks. that seems to be the consensus. 45k is astonishing. Mine has 106k. I actually like 205s in white, my brother had one years ago.
  4. Ah, I thought that was something to do with ventilation due to my idiocy.
  5. Anyone know where the oil filler is on these? I've looked and looked and can't see one.
  6. Haha yeah it's in the boot for some reason. Yours looks that bit cleaner than mine.
  7. Yep. Also known as the PSA "X" engine, often nicknamed the Douvrin. It's a noisy beast.
  8. I'll be there, on pain of death!!! Lovely part of the County Durham too, and the world.
  9. Actually I prefer the phase 2 steering wheel, chunkier and better to hold. If I find a phase 1 wheel I'll probably buy it just for the hell of it.
  10. Just picked this up from Leeds yesterday and drove it back to County Durham with no problems at all. In really good overall condition, zero rust though a few dings and poor touch ups. Interior is a bit shagged, especially the glove box surround so I'll have to have a think about how to tackle it. Mechanically it's very good, starts easily with a pump and a bit of choke. 106k but had a couple of grand spent on it recently. Got the old Douvrin "suitcase" engine with the 5-speed gearbox in the sump. Sounds rather like a muted Mini, though admittedly the noise is more French. It'
  11. Christian pop isn't very good, musically or in theme. That's as much detail as I'm prepared to go into.
  12. Sorry. I forgot to say it sold on eBay. Wasn't too sorry to see it go really, my heart was really in this car anymore. Lost a fortune, but I suppose that's what happens when you love cars. And you're an idiot. At least I saved it. And the bread, cheese and water diet isn't as bad as they say.
  13. Bit of a bump and reduced to 700 notes. Can't afford to keep it anymore, it's gotta go.
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