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  1. I for one love reading about any old cars, please don't be put off!
  2. That's great, on a similar tack, one of my wife's co-workers isn't very bright and was persuaded that the sex of a baby was determined by the day of the week of conception -- Monday to Wednesday Boy, Thursday to Saturday Girl and Sunday could go any way. It took her boyfriend looking it up on google that night to put her right!
  3. And that one has been replaced by this the 'sport van ' which I only found for the first time when I thought this rental Golf is 'kinda funny looking'. I can't imagine what sport it'sgood at other than top hat wearing
  4. Dollywobbler, At the risk of stating the obvious any publicity for a growing channel is good publicity, the idiots who will comment just to insult are just extra traffic. You might have to consider new sponsors more aimed at draggers of knuckles tho......
  5. This looks like fun -- manual XJ40s were very tight in the footwell, are these better?
  6. I had the later shape 3.4, only costs were fuel and tyres over a couple of years and they are a brilliant car, small enough for our roads, lots of luggage space for 2 and fast and great handling. Don't be too scared of IMS bearing, if it's OK at this age it's probably one of the 70% that doesn't fail (fingers crossed), I'd certainly want to get underneath and look for any leaks, Oil from the RMS, coolant from the long pipes. Double check the a/c, the condensers are very prone to getting holed by stones. Check the hood works quickly/smoothly, the tension cables can stretch (good point to negotiate on they are an easy fix).
  7. If only he'd gone for an SRi lookalike all would have been well...
  8. Best of luck with this -- back in the day I was on the road as a rep with these doing 4k a month, I really liked the base ones, quiet on small wheels, comfy cloth beats cow and they had the essential a/c and heated windscreen. Not all had overboost ifirc the povvo 115 didn't but the 130 and 155 did.
  9. Well the original and horrible slant 4 was intended to be part of a family to include a diesel V8... Best van motors have easy torque so I'd swerve any high revving 16 valve. The Ford DOHC 8 valve i4 from the scorpio/sierra from the early 90s was available (but sold in tiny numbers) on the transit and worked well enough from a drive perspective if heavy on fuel. If you want maximum diesel misery the Peugeot 2.3 from the 505 (and Granada taxi) would certainly allow plenty of time to look at the scenery
  10. Made my day to read this -- hope it was -5 and snowing!
  11. Now that cars are getting modems I look forward to being able to look at the fault codes from the warmth of my front room on a remote screen. I'm sure the future of running old heaps will be better in 20 yrs (or maybe not!)
  12. I'd rather an oil temp gauge, at least with water temp the heater is a good guide to what's going on. Oil pressure also a good one to have... Now cars have electronic displays most of this data could be displayed on the screen -- it exists as an input to the Engine Control Unit to read on the OBD as others have said.
  13. What a great motor! I remember when these launched Fiat made a great play over putting all the minor controls on stalks including the heated rear window where the washer is on most cars.
  14. Hi all, long time reader finally taking the plunge. I'm nearly retired from the car industry so will shortly be freed from the burden of company car use. I've got a modern fun car (mid life crisis Mustang V8 perfect for living in London) but I hanker after the simpler times when my idea of a flash motor was running a Mk1 sierra with a broken engine mount, a Rover SD1 with no rear dampers but a 4 speaker cassette player or a Metro HLE with added slowness. You lot offer some great inspiration -- i'll be back for more soon.
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