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  1. Evening all Eventually a small update, all welding is done and van has been resprayed. Hopefully i will be collecting it tomorrow all going well so I will have more photos of better quality
  2. Small update. The van is stripped and ready to be blasted. I'm working away from home so i cant go see the van as much as id like. In the meantime I found a 4 gear knob cap here in Ireland and bought a re pro knob from the Peugeot museum. I think it looks well!
  3. Yeah I keep an eye on his Ebay just incase. My last few purchases off him have put me off. Where are D Spares and Tyres based? or have a website? Google is giving me no result.
  4. As was mentioned not a lot of unusual stuff survived due to a couple of scrappage schemes and also the strict vehicle testing (NCT) , every now and again something pops up like a citroen BX van that i'm currently trying to... ahem... aquire. That's why I found anyways that a lot more interesting chod has survived in northern Ireland, just its a hassle and sometimes expensive to bring a car from northern Ireland into the south.. tax and customs charges etc.
  5. Yeah i was thinking of buying the knob without the plate and maybe try 3D print the top plate or make a mould and try copy the original. Yeah Ive bought a few bits off Dean H but found him expensive and also the parts were extremely poorly packaged.. sometimes just parts thrown into a shitty box with no bubble wrap or tape on the box.
  6. Thanks for the info! I can do some research now, the gearbox on the van is quite sloppy as you mentioned still works fine though. The gearbox was the bit I was most worried about as I didn't know if id be able to get and replacement parts or kits to recondition it.
  7. You're not far wrong! The van was first registered on the 8th of October 1985. By a Mr John Gleeson. Croke St Thurles County Tipp. I still have the original Brown log book!
  8. That is bloody beautiful! Brilliant purchase.
  9. Thanks! ill try my best to keep it updated. Yeah the van is 1985 but apparently the 4 speed is rare, cant find any info in the gearbox at all! Cant even find a replacement gearknob, found one other 4 speed van in france but the gearknob was just as bad as mine. Might have to find a piece of wood and turn it into knobvan no.2 Lovley van! nice color too!
  10. Yes it is expensive, if it was any other car i wouldn't be spending the money but due to the sentimental value Im going all in
  11. More pictures I was able to get from my phone showing only some of the crustyness Also the engine bay and interior
  12. Thank you! I found more pictures with some green for you!
  13. Yes, grandad bought it in Tip and it lived with him in Meath. I'm from Louth myself
  14. As promised here is a topic for my 1985 Peugeot 305 van project The van was bought by my grandad in 1986 and used as his main workhorse until his retirement in 2010 In 2012 we moved the van from his house to a friends yard. Here's a photo from that day in 2012: My grandad died in May 2017 and the van was left to me, in August I went to pick up the van which I hadn't seen and hadn't been moved since 2012. Photos from that day: I stripped out the interior and did some poking with a screwdriver which found an ungodly amount of rust. Ive since sent the van away to be stripped fully, blasted, welded, and resprayed. I will update this thread as progress is made. Any questions are welcome Hope you all enjoy! Also thanks to Cavcraft for the help with this post!
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