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  1. You are most welcome, please enjoy and look after it. I still haven't made the first change yet, just about to pass through Bradford so not long now!
  2. Leeds bound and down, shitty railstock-a-rolling.
  3. I've got a load of 24v bulbs in tmy garage I have no use for, I can post if they'd be of use?
  4. Yeah, sorry I've been on the night shift this last week so although I got them in the envelope straight away, I have since been riding around with them in my car. I'll nip out shortly and introduce them to the post box! 😟
  5. Use the green slip from the V5 when you purchase it.
  6. @SH1TE bacs is find, pm me for details. @GregZX yes plenty still here, drop me a pm with how many you wpuld like and we will get it sorted.
  7. If we're talking on or in cars, I once found a pair of Snapon long nose pliers behind the airbox on an Xtrail, and then 10 minutes later a Stanley Tx20 T handle under the pollen filter housing. Someone had a shit day when they last serviced it! I'd normally go looking to the garage who did the work to return them, but they'd done such a shit job I kept them. I've a Snapon mini flatblade from inside a bodged up saxo door. Also I found a snapon tx30 t handle on an Audi undertray but was unsuccessful finding it's owner. All this makes it sound like I've done well, but after many years in the trade I am still at a deficit with tools lost. Especially torches!
  8. Everyone will have done it at some point, done that road test with a spanner still flapping about on the scuttle panel or balanced on that chassis. If we're lucky, we remember and that tool makes it home, if not it becomes someone else's treasure. I have a massive socket in qr41my collection with no size on it from the Horncastle bypass as well as a wire brush with scraper that I found only yesterday on the road outside my workplace. I can't recall finding anything amazing mind...
  9. Still motoring, but shortly outgoing... It's actually nearer 335k now, but I've only just remembered to post here!
  10. Also worth trying Boston Automatics for a quote too, very knowledgable.
  11. If not for Maxxo, could you please let me know as and when the time is right? Ta
  12. Please let me know if you do decide to move it on.
  13. A pleasure, thanks for the Tea & Irn Bru! 😀
  14. Well yes, it's a light bulb, not a button plug!
  15. Kill it with fire: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275302565885?hash=item40194fc7fd:g:81MAAOSwW8diVVF8
  16. Nothing other than a funny name that I remembered passing through regularly before I moved up to Lincolnshire.
  17. Hey all, I still have a fair pile of these from the last batch, and they will be the last batch at this price point because postage has now nearly doubled since I started doing this. £1.75 per sticker, to your door. Who's in? Please stick your names down below and I'll start getting back to you. Oh, and I want pictures too please, because my arse is out of my trousers and I cannot afford anything interesting anymore, so vicariously it is. 1)
  18. Bollocks, unavailable as it's our wedding anniversary and we've booked an away to Yorkshire.
  19. An unexpected day off, pottering around in the garage... I know I'll have another tickle of the aged lister SR1... VID_20220412_174825.mp4 I also found my flat cap (bought for me when I still had the "Grannie's shopping trolley" Ax Vts) , for the full Dibnah effect...
  20. Sadly no dice with the m7300, even with a rebuilt wiring harness it's still totally unresponsive.
  21. This was originally going to be a grump, but after a bit more prodding, my P9100r came back to life having not seen the inside of a car for over a decade! I've also this to sort out, I hope for a similar issue, but the loom is manky on it. I do have the CDX M30 changer and full loom with it though, and that bit seems to power up OK!
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