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  1. I'm pretty certain it's dmf,  the noise isn't altered by holding the clutch down.

    Anyway, today after the effects of last night's "dinner and drinks" had abated, I set to preparing the exhaust for it's replacement that should arrive tomorrow. 


    This is the really shit bit,  where now there is a large hole, the used to be a hanger.  The replacement part for this section was only £20 so it really wasn't worth messing about with.


    These sleeve joint exhausts can be an utter slag to separate,  but this proved a quick and easy method to get it off...


    This bit was sectioned with the angle grinder and gently spread until it can be twisted off of the mid section.


    Lastly,  a quick check of the outlet of the centre box shows that it is tender here too,  so out with the exhaust paste to deal with those pin holes.



    it reminded me a bit of this scene:



  2. Gave the focus a bit of a clean today,  ran through the lights and levels and fitted a bugger battery, just waiting on a exhaust tail pipe before the mot next week.

    It still smells damp inside so I've the dehumidifier running in it to dry it out.

    I've a timing belt kit and an oil filter for if it passes the mot,  then I'll see if I can find it a new home.





  3. 1 hour ago, dozeydustman said:

    I have found my local ECP and GSF to be pretty much spot on - no incorrect parts and they guys behind the counters are pleasant and friendly.

    Halford has its place as in it’s convenient for a bottle of oil or some wiper blades but they train their staff to sell or sign up to e-mails etc which when your car has thrown a wiper blade off on a rainy Sunday is the last thing on your mind.

    To be fair, I've been buying parts through halfords trade card this week - which are supplied by ECP - and they work out cheaper than on my ECP trade account.

    ECP in return deactivated my Omnipart account as I wasn't spending enough.  Cunts. 

    I asked for a mid spec 019 battery today;  ECP 4yr model £120+vat trade,  Halfords 5yr model £96 Inc vat.  Its not even a small difference. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, reb said:

    I'll be sacraficing some of the space for business purposes if all goes well though.

    Looks good that,  what's you be doing business-wise, that's if it is not rude to ask?

  5. One in,  I've replaced the EPAS pump but they changed the design  of the main power plug at some point in production so I shall have to graft the correct one on when I get some connectors big enough.

    Then it's off  home for a thorough clean, service and MOT.

    It's had a clutch previously but now has flywheel rattle when idling.  It'll do someone to knock about in though, as indont intend on keeping it.





  6. In;

    2003 Nissan Micra 1.0e 'Ella'

    As I'm now known as a "car guy" by a lot of the folks at the coffee morning my parents run, it nets me the occasional cast off; this came as the elderly driver had been struggling with clutch control and they didn't need two cars any longer.



    2005 Volvo V50 Sport 2.0d;

    I love the S40 as a daily, but I'm often frustrated by the fact it's a saloon, so when this popped up fairly locally,  as spares or repair due to a CEM issue, I bought it.  I had a local chap transport it back from Fleet Hargate as my shift pattern didn't allow me to go there and potentially break down bringing it home.  I am hoping to get to look at it one day, it currently resides on my neighbour's drive.



    2014 Peugeot Expert

    Taken as a spares or repair project from the same company that used to own @worldofceri's Ranger, this one proved quite troublesome to get right, and was only finished in time for the used van market to slump, as such it's still available for £4750 ono (cheap trade in welcome)


    2007 Volvo V70 D5 Auto 'Hector'

    Now MrsR's daily,  really low mileage local purchase, just approaching 51,000


    2011 Ford Ranger

    Bought in to repair and tidy up, spent several hours driving around in a holding pattern around Wickenby to prove it was fixed.



    Non - Movers;

    2006 Volvo S40

    My current daily until the V50 is proven,  the previous owner has expressed an interest in buying it back,  187k on it now but still drives spot on.



    1995 Citroen Ax Vts

    I haven't found time to do anything other than change the radio,  still waiting for a quote to rebuild the workshop so I can get into it properly and rewire the engine bay.




    2003 Nissan Micra 'Ella'

    Sold on to @comfysofa only a few days ago.



    2003 Volvo V70 D5

    I never really thought I'd part with this one, but it really wasn't suited to my commute, so it was sold to make way for a newer one, and now resides with @Cord Fourteener


    2011 Ranger

    Once MOT'd and faults proved fixed, it was packed off to @worldofceri to be the Isuzu's understudy.


    2008 Fiesta 1.4 TDCi

    Bought to run to and from Derby whilst I was still training and the V70 needed a repair.  Sold to @holbeck as a commuter car I believe?


  7. 7 hours ago, Ghosty said:

    Old radio out.



    Pleased to find a proper job done of the wiring and install.

    New one in:


    Alas the aerial lead is too short so it's strictly Bluetooth, but that's what I want it for anyway. The old radio can go in the other MX5.


    Was also surprised to find the emergency flare from Japan is still intact! 


    And lol at the window sticker. 😄


    I believe I have an aerial extension lead in the garage if you'd like?

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