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  1. Great news ! . You got one . And it drives . And you've driven it . Fantastic . Looking forward to more chapters of the story . Big thumbs up to the invacar support crew assisting you .
  2. You should contact him if you can , I saw the full episode, the owner was a invalid carriage enthusiast, he really enjoyed owning them and the history . You might have some information about his cars he doesn't know. He might want his cars added to your list !
  3. Hi LBF , Have you seen the American pickers episode with a invacar on it . There is a clip on YouTube,search for American pickers drive pint sized cars . Sorry I can't do the link thing . I couldn't find the full episode anywhere it was on the History channel, the guy had a few different invalid carriage in his collection . I hope you find it if you haven't seen it .
  4. white spirit , diesel, petrol , gunk , jizer all good (careful with the flammable vapours) . Scrub it with a toothbrush then final blast off with wd 04 . Then lube up with something suitable for its application. Have fun .
  5. New binky short out now . Good news .
  6. Well , the Corolla failed the mot sat , noisy r/h front wheel bearing.....damm ! .when she got home I jacked it up and turned the wheel , it made a terrible noise and stiff to turn screech and grind feel to it ,damm damm damm . I removed the wheel and brake pads . Still the same wheel is going to fall off noise . Then I saw what was causing it !the rubber doughnut on the drive shaft had moved down the drive shaft and when jacked up it trapped itself on the A arm pivot , the noise was the rust and dirt as it tuned on the shaft .easy fix just pushed it back up the driveshaft . Back for a free retest next week .i was more worried about the emissions test but passed that easy ! . I am grinning.
  7. Reading the "What makes you grin ? Antidote to grumpy thread " thanks all .
  8. Hi all . I am in west wickham , Kent , near Bromley . If anyone needs a hand with anything let me know , i'm free most evenings and some weekends . Cheers Justin .
  9. Hi all. Is there a thread for videos on YouTube you watch , I have found a engine building channel , I find it very relaxing to watch , it's a German guy , sometimes he speaks English , sometimes just quiet . Nice .
  10. I can't remember any buses , but It was a land mark , it might jog my memory . It was a long thin yard right on the junction stacked high with invacars .
  11. Hi LBF . Back in the 1980's I used to drive thru beddington , Croydon , there was a yard on the corner of Hilliers lane and Croydon road that was stacked full of invacars , long gone now . I have looked on google but cannot find anything about it . It was a landmark back then , just up the road from the paynes poppet factory . I was wondering if you have any information about the old yard . Thanks Justin .
  12. Jmac

    Audi A4 bonnet stuck

    Nice one , good to hear your " un - stuck " .
  13. Jmac

    Audi A4 bonnet stuck

    Hi Asch . Is the bonnet popping open / up when you pull the release ? . And the safety catch stuck ? . Justin.
  14. Jmac

    Audi A4 bonnet stuck

    Try pulling the bonnet release whilst driving slowly over a speed bump or up a kerb at a angle or one wheel thru a deep pothole , try to induce some body flex , helps the bonnet pop open . Good luck .
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