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  1. Is it a stalwart at 5:45 mins ? , sorry no direct link . Warning American narrator! .
  2. 23 more miles and you will have 123456 on the mileage 😀
  3. Courtesy light on in boot or glove box ? . Do rovers have such luxury? . 🙂
  4. im stumped , the drain screw should be sealed 100% , no drips from bottom drain pipe . the overflow pipe no21 on the parts card l/h of carb would drip fuel if the fuel was on and needle valve stuck open . good luck finding the leak .
  5. I think that screw has a tapered end to it that blocks the hole to stop fuel flow . Might have dirt stopping it seating . try turning the fuel off , put a drip catcher under the pipe on floor and a spray can lid under the screw , remove screw and turn on petrol tap for a couple of seconds to flush out . Put the screw back in and tighten. Fowler’s of bristol have microfiche parts look up on their website , good for genuine spares .
  6. Is the petrol coming from the black pipe that’s connected to the centre of the bottom of the float bowl ? . That’s a carburettor drain pipe , the brass slot head screw on the side of the pipe boss is to undo to drain the carb , is it tight ? .
  7. If your on the south coast nearish Brighton its worth getting a second opinion, I’ve had 3 implants done at “ Brighton implant clinic “ in Hove , they do gum numbing and sedation if you want it .
  8. “Men in black” they are out there 😀
  9. Yes it is Crystal Palace park . The stonework jogged my memory , used to race around there on bicycles as kids . I found a few videos on YouTube, invalid tricycle association . But I think they are from Richmond park and a few years before your model car Sorry I can’t do a proper link , there’s a few videos .
  10. Hi LBF , just catching up with the thread again . Lots to read as always . is that invacar race line up photo taken at Crystal Palace ? , it looks like it from the stonework arches in the background.
  11. @SiCyes it's a recycled pump spray , the "green fizz" cleaner was not fizzy not that green and not that good a cleaner! its filled with Muc-Off motorcycle cleaner , which is a fantastic cleaner on most things house and car . Highly recommended by me . Got 5ltrs from a motorcycle shop called " Helmet City " made me chuckle.
  12. Battery double trouble. Corrolla battery fully charged on Thursday night flat by Sunday , damm . New lion battery from ECP £45 delivered . I thought I may as well charge the van battery it's been parked for weeks and the charger was unpacked . The battery lives under a cover and I have not looked under it for years . It was a bit of luck really as the just out of guarantee yuasa battery has started to swell/expand/weep acid around the + terminal , dripping onto the battery tray . Sorted the rust on it and sprayed black . Varta silver battery £89.99 + delivery that can wait until I need the van for work again .
  13. @stuboy well I'm at a loss then . I can't find a manual for it . Was going to check if it had a transfer case with oil in it / filler plug /level screw / drain plug . If it hasn't got oil in a gear / transfer case the only oil going near the engine is 2stroke oil ? . I'm puzzled now . If you know of online manual post up a link . I will keep looking . What year is it ?
  14. @stuboy ....Oil? Interesting .... Most of the auto scooters I know don't run gear oil , the variomatic belt runs on the end of the crankshaft and run dry . It might have a small transfer case with oil in it , the crank seal might be leaking . has it got a autolube tank ? Is that empty ? . What make and model is it ?
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