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  1. Many thanks to the organisers at the FoD, apologies we didn’t stay that long but had to go and check in at the hotel somewhere north of MK. i have many many pictures from the FotU but might put them on Flickr or somewhere when we finally make it back up ‘north. Was great to be able to see my Tipo with its twin too 🙂
  2. Not a great picture but my 'project' Tipo next to my now sold Ibiza. The Ibiza was the same length and notably wider (it wouldn't go down the side of the house even with the mirrors folded in without catching the fence posts) than the Tipo but is in theory from the size class below... and don't mention the hard ride/seats, cheap plastics and continual warning lights (on the Seat that is). Hate to think what the current one is like, can't imagine things getting smaller.
  3. What a quality listing... no picture of the car, just an MOT sheet. The description, well.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/cars-/133109587346
  4. I’m hoping to drop in to the FoD after the FotU providing the Tipo’s clutch lasts that long to get there... (and hopefully home to Yorkshire) We’re stopping in north MK Saturday night - I’m guessing the field isn’t that far if we can get there?
  5. Unfortunately still for sale as have been messed about by a couple of people. Best offer likely to be accepted! The steering wheel seems to have done what Fords seemed to do - I had a Puma that did it too. Having looked the car over last weekend when visiting it will need a bit of work on one sill, though no holes but paint is flaking. Mum has now sold the house so it needs to go ASAP or will be off to a local ‘cars wanted for cash’ guy. I’ve done a few more pics and a video if anyone is interested. Could also potentially get the car across to South Yorkshire if needed rather than anyone having to venture into Lincolnshire without the correct inoculations... Video -
  6. Sadly still for sale after a couple of yokel time wasters. £500 would see anyone take it away - before it goes to a collection company for scrap value ☹️
  7. I’m in Barnsley if it helps... could look to collect and wrap up for a courier or may be able to get Newark way (fairly regularly going to Lincoln at the moment)
  8. So a bit of an update. The blue Tipo did fail the MOT on rust, but not the bit I found... £60 to the welder/farmyard/dump up the road and sorted. Plus another new catalyst on warranty to get it through the emissions. They only seem to last 12 months but give you a two year warranty to let’s see what happens next year (if it lasts that long...). The white 16V has had a bit of progress with me attacking (literally) with a welder. As very much a novice I’ve been practicing on lots of spare sheet metal and thought I’d got the hang of it. On the paper thin (god knows what gauge metal they used) rear inner arches - not so much so...! Plus it’s an awkward shape, with various curves and a strengthening rib/pressing in it. Very small tack welds and then small tiny bursts work in some places, in others it blows through at the first touch! Still at least something has happened. At this rate it may even get back on the road...
  9. Question to see if what I and the garage think is the issue or not... My old 1995 Tipo has failed the MOT on emissions. We had issues last year but it just went through. This year it will not go below 0.36-0.6% with maximum allowable amount of 0.3%. Initially it was over 0.7%. It’s had new plugs, leads, air filter, checks for air leaks and nothing seems to be wrong... it’s an early SPI 1.4ie so no complicated sensors and only one lambda (this reading seems fine on test). It’s had two doses of cat cleaner and a few ‘Italian tuneups’ which has brought it down but nowhere near enough. It had a new catalyst about 18 months ago and garage and me are now down to thinking this must be the culprit. Does anyone think we’re right before I try to go down the warranty claim route for it? Not really sure what else it could be if not.
  10. Not much of an update on the white Tipo but have found a scary amount of loose metal / hole on the daily one in the rear wheel arch liner. It’s due it’s MOT in just over a week... it’s not structural (I think) but have a horrible feeling it’s not going to pass! Compared to the other side...
  11. I still have this magazine from 1995 when I wanted to ‘improve’ my R5 GTX but didn’t have the money to do it (insurance on the 1.7 was incredibly nasty for a 17yo). Did Max Power it a bit with stickers and the filler cap (plus Halfords specials wheel trims - no money for alloys) and a R19 style grill innit! Long since scrapped I fear as sold it for a Metro GTi with a big exhaust...
  12. si1881

    Snow shite?

    Seem to have missed the worst both at home in South York’s and when visiting parents in deepest Lincolnshire. A picture of the Teapot just outside Caistor yesterday on the ‘worst’ patch...
  13. The promised snow is actually slushy rain meaning I now have a wet head and damp drivers seat Really should try to solve the leaky sunroof but if it’s parked up hill or it is actually snow it doesn’t come in!
  14. Going to try this on here before the fun that is eBay or similar. My mum has recently replaced her trusty old SportKa with a newer 500 and currently it’s just sat in the garage. It’s only done 38k with I think mum being the third owner plus a very large file of bills. As you can see from the MOT history ‘a lot’ of miles have been done in the last few years....! Has the leather interior, an aftermarket Bluetooth kit, Air Con that works and four good tyres plus working remote key. It has had some attention by a welder in the past but the filler area is solid and other than a few obvious bits on the sills and corners of the rear bumpers is in nice condition. If anyone is interested please let me know. I’m back there later this week so can look at the paperwork or anything else on the car in more detail. She’s looking for about £750-800. Car is currently SORN and located in deepest Lincolnshire (near Spilsby).
  15. 2009: 2 cars The 5 with a dodgy 90s grill... And a GTV. Possibly the nicest car I’ve ever owned but not a sensible daily user. 2019: 3 cars (or 4 with partners Nissan Nanny wagon) The 5 is still going, proper grill now found and fitted and correct hubcaps eventually found on French eBay. Plus two Tipos...
  16. Thanks, may come in useful. Am missing grab handles and o/s/r door handle if you do find anything. The White one actually came from the guy in Derby along with some other bits.
  17. They’re not too bad. Don’t think the back has been used very much and drivers only has a little wear on the bolster as you get in. Main issue is with the ‘soft touch’ covering on a lot of the plastics which has gone sticky and leaves black marks on anything that it touches. Think this is common though with Fiats and Alfa’s of the era. Does come off but is a real time consuming PITA.
  18. A few more pics of the rust and the start cutting out and making pieces to fit. Have also bought a welder... though a friend is much better and more experienced so I may just stick to the very simple arch repairs to start with. Removing the old factory applied under seal stuff has taken many many hours but does result in some very good metal and some just with surface rust which is easily treated. Refurbished rear callipers and new discs in place with new brake pipes all the way to the front. The old ones just sheared being touched. Had to take the fuel tank out anyway to be able to do the boot floor/inner arches without melting it or worse... Some very weird shapes! I then made the mistake of taking the plastic side skirts off... more welding needed on the near side footwell! The black is the sound deadening under the carpet... mainly stemming from what looks like someone jacking it up in the wrong place at some point.
  19. My current daily is an M reg 1.4ie S which was bought in theory for spares for the white one but has proved to be too good so far. Apart from a knack when I first got it of boiling over at any opportunity (eventually fixedwith a new thermostat and water pump) it’s proved to be reliable in a battered kind of way - I think it was used for goal practice at some point! It even made it to the FotU this year.
  20. Lol quite possibly. Though my ‘daily’ poverty spec 95 Tipo weirdly isn’t that rusty...
  21. Unfortunately not, they didn’t do the DGT with the 16V sadly. Just get analogue with extra gauges for oil temperature etc and a panel that says if the doors are open (something else that doesn’t quite work properly...)
  22. So after introducing myself last week I thought I should put some info up of my project ‘Salvo’. He’s a 1993 Fiat Tipo 2.0 16V Sedicivalvole with the option of ABS and Recarro seats fitted and is a late registered 5 door version Having been brought up with Fiats in the family from a baby (my Dad worked for a Fiat dealer in Warwick) I always had a want for a Tipo Sedici. I remember Dad having one as a company demo when I was 12ish. So after moving on an X1/9 that myself and a friend had rebuilt the gearbox amongst many other jobs I found ‘Salvo’ on the dreaded eBay. He needs a lot of work, I knew this when buying him, but it proved a good idea to have him transported home as a brake pipe burst unloading it from the lorry... So to the subject of ‘rust’. Yes it’s a Fiat but by the 90s I don’t think they were any worse than their equivalents from Ford or Vauxhall etc. While the Tipo was famously galvanised from new (as the adverts made a lot of effort to tell) they seem to have forgotten the rear arches on mine (and a lot of others...). I’ll hopefully do a series of posts showing what’s been done so far plus the ongoing hunt for solid metal but will start with some pictures of Salvo as he first arrived. One of the first jobs was finding a set of correct wheels for a 5 door Sedici rather than the later 3 door style and to lose the ones it came on. Then the investigation into the rear arch rot began... plus what the plastic side skirts were hiding. Oh and the exhaust falling off, clutch release bearing very noisy, no brakes, no idea of when the timing belt was done and a very sticky inside!
  23. I’ve bought a couple from Plates for Cars (another based in Ireland). Matched the original one and been on 18 months with no issues.
  24. I think the white one did live London way for a lot of its life. It’s got a Harlow Fiat dealer sticker and a lot of the paperwork is around there.Did find a pic of it on Flickr there when it was still mobile... https://flic.kr/p/9bWVoD
  25. Hi all, another long term lurker who has finally signed up. Have a rather eclectic mix of ‘shite’ ranging from a 1988 Renault 5 GTS five door (featured in Dollywoblers video of the NEC Classic in November), plus two Fiat Tipos (Tipi?!) one a 1993 2.0 16v Sedici which is something of a project (who knew Fiats rusted...) plus a poverty spec 1995 1.4 ie S which is my daily. The 1.4 was rescued as a parts car off Facebook for £180 but so far has been too good to risk breaking up.
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