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  1. Was a pleasure sir thank you for the choons and a brilliant car was faultless so impressed with the thing lol
  2. Bargain nice wee barge gd luck with sale
  3. Now how to get it home lol
  4. It will live in my new garage as we have moved house and will get some wax oil and a belt and service
  5. Omg wow thank you very much for the raffle and to everyone who entered will be my daily runner as the saab ELMO is costly lol
  6. Two randans for me please one near top amd one bottom please
  7. A wee bump my daily driver love it gd luck with sale
  8. My feelings were id like it to remain on the fourm in its original form if possible as a few members have owned it amd spent time and money and myself too. Regards Lewis
  9. Lol ill wrap it up in a bow and deliver it lol
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