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  1. The MAF (brand new from eBay) cured the power loss issue Richard's daughter experienced, not the hunting. It still hunts, but I think getting someone with VCDS to increase the revs at idle by 50rpm will help. Suspect a worn pump but upping the idle will mask it. It's currently sitting in mild disgrace on the Bromley Pageant showfield as the aux belt snapped leaving the M25! If I can't find one at the show it'll be Big Yellow Taxied home. No big deal though.
  2. We're close to proving Autoshite more desirable than Alfas! Keep voting people... 😃
  3. https://classicsworld.co.uk/guides/monkey-business-cheap-classic-car-challenge/ The story so far, if you're curious...
  4. https://classicsworld.co.uk/news/cheap-car-challenge-poll/ Can we all please vote for the ex NorfolkNWeigh Audi?
  5. Thanks chaps - I'm one of the editorial team and we're excited that a mag like this is taking off to the extent that it is. For more Autoshite action, NorfolkNWeigh's old Audi can be seen in Classic Car Buyer as part of a cheap modern classic challenge. It's at Bromley tomorrow. We're after votes for which of the three is most popular. Can the whole of Autoshite please vote for the true Autoshite hero? I want to show the GTI and Alfa boys who's boss! https://classicsworld.co.uk/news/cheap-car-challenge-poll/
  6. XM ABS sensors are painfully pricey. Leave that for now. Depending on where the sill is, it may not be structural but will need doing for the MoT.
  7. The market was cool - but then, at the last auction a lot went below book too.
  8. Likewise - but we were far enough away not to have been passed by anyone who arrived at a reasonable time! Bid on a couple of Bentleys to replace the one the AA blew me up in. The Seicento made £1500.
  9. A mate of mine would be very interested in this to join his 405STi...
  10. Serial old car licker and sometime Autoshite lurker. Hello Dicky! Heater matrix bypassed using a Rover 800 top hose as a temporary fix. This car is a way of getting Mrs Ladyperson involved in the hobby that means she can get something back too - insuring a 19 year old with a fault claim on my Applause, or my Stag, or my daily X300, or any of the other rammel lying round here will be... difficult. She's already stripped and rebuilt her own motorbikes too, so this is the next stage. We'll tackle the crap paint match on the wing and the heater matrix when the weather's a bit warmer and drier. For now I'm enjoying it though - even if my journey home involved 3 coolant baths for my left foot (2 protected by my shoe, the last straight inside) and even if I couldn't actually see.
  11. Which engine has it got? Might be just the ticket to help revive a mate's Xantia
  12. The heater hadn't packed up - it was the thermostat. Nice and toasty again now!
  13. Head gaskets can let go and it's a big old lump. Rads have plastic shoulders that can snap inside coolant hoses.
  14. Sorry guys - my Paypal decided not to send it when I asked 2 days ago! I didn't check because since then I've done 700 miles and barely slept - my brain isn't working right now! Re-done, and sent this time!
  15. This outwitted my housemate. I let her borrow mine to nip to Tesco, she's driven autos before so I said "The foot operated parking brake is a bit odd - don't worry about it as we're in the Fens." So she got to Tesco, out of gear, pressed the pedal down, saw the parking brake light come on, turned it off and got out. I thought she'd leave it in P. Oops. No. Left in N. When she came out it was 4 rows further forward straddling 3 parent and child bays. Miraculously it hadn't hit anything en route there...
  16. Isuzu Piazzas have a button to press to be able to remove the ignition key. For Transit filler flap, see also Citroen XM bonnet release.
  17. My 2 randoms don't appear to have been swapped from the other thread. Can someone stick me down a couple please?
  18. Rover 75 diesel auto. I rest my case.
  19. Surprised given that kits are actively marketed to do this to cars like the Stag - mine has the kit fitted and has never failed on it.
  20. Captain Slow

    Buying wisely

    For £500 I look at a car and think "Will this last me 12 months?" If yes, winning. If not, I'll haggle. Tenner a week seems a fair price to pay when there are people financed to the hilt on Kias and Hyundais paying a lot more for less car!
  21. I don't need or want the car, I have enough cars. But the reasons are worthy and I want to be a part of this - losing someone isn't nice at the best of times, especially when it's someone so close and they're so young too. 2 randoms please.
  22. Chris, send us an email. I do a lot of work with Practical Classics and am actually writing this from the office, if we've made a mistake let us know. In fact, I handle the letters page, so send it straight to me. I'll PM you my PC email.
  23. Belongs to my mate Alex. It's the right surround, but it's missing the boot badge. He bought it after driving mine and realising he needed one - his is a lot nicer than my £250 hack though!
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