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  1. Also, sunshine at home, pissing down at work ffs.
  2. Does the Mexi get the same hot start issue as the others? If so I think there’s a very cheap hard start relay kit that helps.
  3. My Beetle is the only car our cat was ever interested in for some reason in all of the years we had him.
  4. I hope you’re finding time to drive along with tinkering?
  5. I can’t remember the last time I saw one on the road over here whereas I do occasionally see the equivalent Metro. I remember not being interested in them when they were on sale though, digital dash shenanigans excepted but as a fifty something they seem to have become a part of that nostalgia bundle I’m carrying around now.
  6. I’ve no idea about the value of these. My first thought was ‘that seems ok for a car in good condition’. Obviously that puts a different spin on things.
  7. I’ve stuck to reversible changes on mine tbh. Discs, drop spindles and electronic ignition but I also absolutely love my Zoom Tube. 😄
  8. It’s a bit of a catch all term for the mods that people don’t like (lowered, stacked roof rack etc) but I always think of this…
  9. Apologies, can’t link directly to this. Not mine btw, just popped up in my feed
  10. I’d wanted one for years but was distracted by all manner of other kit, I finally bought one when I realised that if I didn’t buy one soon it would be another car that I’d be priced out of. I think it was around five years of thinking about it before a car came along at the right time for me and although there are times when I wish I’d bitten the bullet sooner, I’m not sure I’d have had the same appreciation for it that I do now.
  11. Sorry I meant Beetles in general, not the Mexi. There seems to be a contrarian attitude towards aircooled VW’s or perhaps the ‘scene’ when it comes to their acceptance on a mixed marque forum. The club I’m a member of over here embraces all variants and I think the majority of air-cooled specific groups are the same. For the record, my car is a ‘72 1300 and as it’s slightly lowered at the front end might just fall under the ‘pineappled’ banner. (How droll) but I’d have been just as happy with a later car, Mexi or German.
  12. There might be a pic somewhere but they don’t seem to be that enthusiastically received here or on a few other forums I lurk. Your thread seems to be (mostly) an exception and I hope that continues.
  13. Beetles are awesome, I was a serial car swapper until I bought mine. Love the Mexi. 😎😊
  14. We also usually have our first delivery of Easter eggs a week or two before Christmas. Bah humbug indeed.
  15. I work in distribution for another chain and we’ve been dealing with some Christmas lines since early July. It doesn’t do much for your festive spirit.
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