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  1. Cars like that Jetta are beloved over here. The worst that’s likely to happen to that if it stays in NI is a bit of lowering and some BBS splits being fitted.
  2. I do love the 914, modern Porsche offerings leave me cold though. Fun video. 😊
  3. Small world. 😄 Sadly I don’t know much about it’s history, I got it from a gentleman who bought it as a stopgap car while his ‘63 was being restored.
  4. That is fantastic looking. 😎 I’m sorry I didn’t get around to a Beetle years ago because now that I have one I can’t imagine being without.
  5. I’ve only really started with mags again this year since I bought my Beetle but I do love the convenience of having them delivered. Having said that, I’ve been reading digital for so long now I tend to double tap on a page occasionally to enlarge the print. 😄
  6. Same for me. The few mags that I still get are posted as they seem to be too niche for our local Co or garage. I used to be able to get most of them in Easons way back when.
  7. It’s a bargain at that price imo.
  8. Thank you, my cat seems to like it. 😄 Oh I replaced the exhaust tips on mine too as it wasn’t making the appropriate noises.
  9. Fairly standard ‘72 1300 with 79000 on the clock. I haven’t done much to it so far apart from plugs, oil and a new ignition switch. New trim on the running boards and new mirrors (as I managed to wrench one of the old ones off while trying to tighten it up a little). I have a lengthy list of things I want to do to it but I’ve mainly just been enjoying it when I can and getting to know it properly as it’s my first air cooled motor.
  10. Lovely car. Finally took the plunge myself this year after wanting one for a long time.
  11. I like these. All of the original shaped Ka had a defined look and identity. This was a good design period for Ford, shame the current Ka looks so nondescript and corporate.
  12. I thin’k for some of the digital artwork there are reasons around taxation in the US that make them worth purchasing.
  13. Congrats on the test. I like your wheels, I had a set on my Mk2 Scirocco many moons ago.
  14. Techmoan is a great YouTuber imo, his restoration videos are fascinating to a layman like me and he freely admits the frivolous nature of some of the stuff he reviews. His recent video on Lemmy’s fruit machines a while ago is excellent.
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