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  1. I got excited then saw the photos of the floor..... Totally fucking fucked m8.
  2. Does any BX owners BX actually work? Mine doesn't.
  3. Looking at the photos more closely, quite a lot of these look like complete wrecks or at best good sources of spares. The 504 and the GS look like they MIGHT be okay but it's difficult to tell without having a prod around in person. Annoyingly I can't go it seems as I'm already booked for that weekend. Does anyone know what the deal with phone/online bidding is regarding collecting anything you win?
  4. DVLA confirms NUT497W is a petrol 504, first registered in 1980 - so a very late one indeed! So that's an XN1 petrol lump, on an auto box. That will be utterly woeful on fuel!
  5. Indeed, that would suggest it's got an XN1 petrol lump in it I would have thought?
  6. Anyone have a suitable way of helping me recover the 104? If it's not a complete pile!
  7. That is a rather spectacular collection of shite. Such a pity most of it seems to have just been left in a field to rot. I'm tempted by the 104 and the GS but both of them will probably be sieves. That and recovering them would be a pain without the proper gear.
  8. Ah the 305 I should have had, resplendent in beige. The advisories on the MOT for this are great! Number plate "looks a bit like it melted" and the engine "has an epic oil leak". Awesome. Good luck with the roffle
  9. So I went and had a look at this. As I thought it might be a winner. Whilst pretty complete and with most of the hard to find bits intact. It is, sadly, very rotten in all of the usual places. Particularly the rear valance/boot floor and rear arches. It has also had extensive, multiple, repairs to the sills (some of it good, some of it not) - all of which could be hiding further horrors. It's a big project, requiring a proper amount of bodywork. It deserves to be done properly and not bodged through another MOT. The seller was very friendly and helpful though and very honest. So if you're looking for a project metro, I would recommend!
  10. Probably just worth popping a note in to see if there is any interest at all first. I sincerely doubt anything will happen but its always worth a try and putting "genuine Citroen enthusiast" or similar in the note helps rather than "u sell car or wot m9? Luv, scrappy steve"
  11. Re. The red GS. Please do pop a note through the door. I'll save it - even if it's only good for parts!
  12. "This car is a solid project" I see. What about those rust holes in the bonnet? " This will be a good light project" Uhuh. Are those rust holes in the rear quarter/ rear wings? It seems a bit lop sided too, like it's had an accident? "I am not a mechanic or have any mechanical background" There we go. "MATCHING NUMBERS!" Ooo great, the Pebble Beach judges will get all sweaty about that.
  13. MrSchwifty


    Holy mother! Another one. Keep an eye on it and if it's ever for sale let me know!
  14. Very true indeed. I stand here humbled and feeling rather silly!
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