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  1. I daily a 205 Dturbo (3dr in the red of many shades) and have done since it replaced my K10 Micra. It's a fantastic thing - all the car you need for 98% of the time. Its been such a good car and has so much charm that the Mrs decided she wanted one to learn to drive in. Hence we now have the 1.6 auto as well! As usual, my hankering for other more obscure french tat is starting to get the better of me again and I'm considering letting the Dturbo go at some point - anyone have a Citroen GSA they want to sell?!
  2. Hit me with your decal stick, hit me, hit me! (Twice please).
  3. VW T3's - I really do not understand why anyone would want one and pay actual money for it. T2 performance with none of the style. Anything with a Ford badge that isn't a Sierra or an original Transit - everything else leaves me wanting to stab my eyes out with a Habanero chilli. Subaru Impreza's - mainly due to the image of the owners, who all appear to be weedy little chavvy f**kwits who spend their time drinking monster energy drinks and physically abusing their 14 year old girlfriends. Rolls Royce / Bentley boxes from the 70's onwards, see Shadow and the Eight etc. Worth about 50p and owned by "Nigel" types who like to doff a Primark suit and drive around orange Brides to be, occasionally trying to cop a cheeky peek in the rear view mirror. He polishes it every Sunday to within an inch of its life (the car, that is), despite the fact the sills are splitting open like a fat birds tights and the floor pans look like lace curtains. All modern SUV's. Especially the Nissan Juke - kill it with fire. Other opinions are available of course!
  4. Oh hell. It's a diesel. It's beige. It's close to me. Damn I do not have the space - Mrs S would murder me.
  5. Have yet to delve into this, that's a damn good shout though! I'm not familiar with the Weber auto-choke system but no doubt it's some wax stat/bi metal coolant warmed linkage abortion that goes out of adjustment if you fart near it.
  6. Well it's back home and tucked away for the time being until other stuff has been moved on. First impressions are - it's pretty damn mint. Very few issues from what I can tell so far, even the interior is intact! There is a rather annoying hot starting issue, looks like a problem with the automatic choke. But once up and running it drives beautifully, I'm impressed with the auto box so far - not slushy at all and the shift points are nicely timed. Anyway, this will become the project thread soon enough but for now here are some more pictures!
  7. Yes it's about time I updated the 505 thread, things stalled somewhat on it due to house rebuild work over the winter. Progress update soon!
  8. Aaaànd here it is..... In all its automatic glory!
  9. Henley.....twee hell hole with a Farrow & Ball - for the wanker that spends £75 on 5ltrs of Magnolia.
  10. It's not one of these, wrong brand and wrong number:
  11. Sustenance acquired from local ethnic shop, not Halal...
  12. Phase 1 complete, made it home. Now to the next mobile for a lift to new vehicle....
  13. Right, my first collection - I may get the must haves wrong. But I'm sure you'll forgive me. Prior to departure: Coffee at work, followed by use of work printer to print temp insurance. Vehicle is for Mrs Schwifty - who has already named it (god help me).
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