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  1. Some more pictures now it's not eleventy billion degrees. Drive back was 131 miles total, including a traffic jam where I got to test the cooling system......and found the manual switch for the fans hidden under the dash! The front nearside caliper seemed to be dragging a bit for the first 10 miles - smell of hot brakes and the wheel was hot to the touch, I pressed on gently applying and releasing the pedal a few times and that did the trick, no more brake smell and everything was cool. It had been with its previous owner for the past 21 years and has been religiously serviced. Interior is very tidy, there are plenty of little niggles to sort and the brake flexi's look horrendous but other than that the initial inspection has not yielded any horrors! Interesting spec choice too, it has an electric sunroof and electric mirrors, but keep fit windows all round?!
  2. Trying to find one that isn't utterly rotten and or fubar (cos Mercedes, so that means you don't need to maintain it right?!) is a tricky exercise and not cheap now either. So sadly, it's not a W124. 15 minutes away now, someone in this carriage has an epic BO problem!
  3. Train #2 acquired - hot brown also purchased, * knees alert*. No more connections to make, straight line to the final destination now.
  4. Train acquired....one of those fancy new Hitachi things. I find the fabric choice very unimaginative.
  5. A replacement for the Mercedes 190 has been arranged, with the 505 off the road for the foreseeable I need a practical transportation unit as the 'loon Merc whilst comfy can't carry much stuff. So, an new vehicle looms. Guesses on a post card! First, breakfast....
  6. Great to see this back again! I assume that you are not considering selling it any more then?!
  7. Isn't that the Nisa supermarket? Just up from there (opposite the garage) is a large collection of C6's. Always wondered what was going on there!
  8. Field find french phase 1 205 derv.......don't think I've seen a derv on this early before. Dreadful listing, even the singular photo is on the wonk. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-205/224183130343?hash=item34325b18e7:g:S-MAAOSwgINffHiN
  9. So me and Mrs Schwifty are no more - such is life in these Covid times. So I have a bit of a storage headache on my hands with the unit I recently started renting having space only for 2 vehicles and the blue 104 already occupying 50% of it. I am still working out what to keep and what to offload and when. The 205 or the BX need to go, but with the BX now sans MOT it's a little bit tricky. If anyone would like a very rust free (as in 99% GROT FREE) BX 14E project then please get in touch. Anyway. 104 update. The blue one runs! A manifold to fit an SU from a mini was fabricated, the points changed and re-gapped, all electrical connections cleaned up and off she went! A bit more work is required, including cleaning out the fuel tank, to get it to run continuously but happy progress nonetheless!
  10. So yea, lockdown happened and I found myself at home. Luckily I had hoarded quite a few bits and with the additional time I suddenly found I had, I was able to crack on and get the little blue 205 back on the road. I had a complete nightmare with the carburettor, with constant over-fuelling and fuel just pouring into the inlet manifold. After much head scratching and sanity checking of the carb rebuild I finally traced the issue back to the replacement float needle not seating properly and not shutting off the fuel flow when the float level was correct. I popped back in the original one, BURNED the crappy replacement, and off she went. Unfortunately, I have been suffering with autochoke issues ever since. Through trial and error I have found a compromise setting where it will start and run hot of cold, but if ain't great on either! I am hoping to do a manual choke conversion soon - for which I will post a detailed guide so that it may save others pain in the future! Elsewhere, I have started slowly working through the BX. It has a new gearbox installed and I am about to replace the valve stem seals - more of a write up to follow. Anyway. When lockdown lifted, quite a few of us went a bit mental. Some went to the pubs and got hammered, some argued with staff members in supermarkets about wearing masks. I though, got drunk went on eBay and bought 2x Peugeot 104's. Yes, 2. No I don't know why. I just thought they needed to be saved. 1 is a 1978 GL model, in blue and was properly RANK having been sat under a tree for several years. This is as it arrived at the unit I share with 2 friends. Covered in algae and missing some of its face. Yes, it didn't have an oil filter or a carburettor. However, it did turn over. It was subsequently pressure washed, hoovered and oiled then left for a week whilst I took a look at the other 104. This one, is french - as in French registered and LHD. I did what you really should not do, buy an unregistered import with no paperwork. Why? Alcohol. This one was similarly cosmetically challenged, including a whopping parking dent. But, unlike the blue one, had spent it's life in Bordeaux so is very rust free. It also happens to be an early 104 - meaning it has a crap saloon style tailgate rather than a hatchback, which makes it really impractical! It's just perfect! Originally, I intended to make a good one (using the white one as a base) out of the two. Subsequently though, it turns out the blue one really isn't that bad - rusty yes, but repairable. So now I'm a big stuck as to what exactly to do! For now, the goal is to get both running and stopping. Then I'll worry about what to do next. Today, I was able to get the electrics to behave on the blue one. Next stop is, will she run? The original Solex carb was missing, so I have improvised with an SU from a dolomite. Hopefully it will do the trick. More 104 and BX progress to follow. Plus, hopefully, more 505 content.
  11. As a thought, have you checked to see if the vacuum advance capsule on the distributor is working? The diaphragm can often disintegrate and that then gives you a nice little vacuum leak which then leans out the fuelling. This has caught me out a couple of times!
  12. Interesting info from people. I think a polite, well worded note through the door is the way to go - most likely I will hear nothing back and one day it will be gone, but you never know. Car in question is a 1973 Mini, so I am sure there have already been hundreds like me!
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