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  1. Win. All of the win. Top work sir. Let the decontamination commence!
  2. Another thing to check will be the glowplug timer/relay box. They can go after a few years of use and it is what controls when and for how long the glow plugs come on for. Not too much hassle to replace or that expensive in the scheme of things - here is an example. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160424-12-VOLT-GLOW-PLUG-HEATER-TIMER-CONTROLLER-RELAY-6-TERMINAL-ROVER-FIAT/273117980218?fits=Car+Make%3APeugeot|Model%3A205&epid=21016794395&hash=item3f9719a63a:g:cugAAOSwdu9ar~0x All the same for all the XUD engined PSA shite I believe. I only ever use Bosch Glow Plugs in my XUD engined cars (I've had 4 of them now), nothing else seemed to come close. Regards starting, it looks as though you have been pretty thorough regards checking all the fuel lines. Have you tried cracking each of the injectors in turn with the engine running AT IDLE (on the pipe union (pipe from injection pump at the top of the injector) just to sanity check that each is being fed fuel and there is no air trapped in this section of the hardline? Don't completely remove the union nut, just crack it open and leave it on finger tight. It's a good way to see if you''re getting the same amount of widdle (more or less) at each injector . Obviously, wear some safety spectacles while doing this.... What is starting like when hot? And how much does the temperature gauge move about?
  3. PEUGEOT 405 EXECUTIVE ALERT!! Can someone please save this? Looks pretty good bar a couple of minor issues..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peugeot-405-1-9TD-Executive-Estate/184034746755?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20171012094517%26meid%3Defca1f839f1745449bd98d57d6b758b3%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D174092183582%26itm%3D184034746755%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219
  4. I've run my 205 on Veg - (stuff from Tesco, not the sunflower oil though) - engine is a XUD7TE on a bosch pump. A good friend has also ran his 405 on veg, Things we learned from the experience: 1. 50:50 or greater and it will sound like a clattery load of crap (more so than an XUD should) until it properly warms up - it will often need several cycles on the glow plugs to catch all 4 cylinders (this is with new Bosch plugs, on a new loom with all connections clean). Once warm it chugged away merrily enough though. 2. Anything more than 70:30 is a waste of time unless you have a way of pre-heating the fuel to thin it. It will be an utter pig to start cold, and won't run properly until thoroughly heated up. 3. The engine has less top end power when running on veg (the calorific value of veg oil is less, so that's to be expected) 4. You use more fuel (again, lower calorific value hitting you there) 5. It stinks 6. Storing 5 ltr veg oil cans because you bought loads when they were on offer is a complete pain 7. Filling up on veg is irritating, even if you make a little fill kit using an electric sump pump - you still have to fill up once with veg, then once with diesel and do a quick bit of mental maths to keep your ratio's consistent. 8. Not being careful when filling with veg oil can result in a blocked fuel filler neck breather - which makes filling up even more irritating 9. You have to be doing a serious amount of miles (15,000 or more I worked out) to make any meaningful kind of saving - unless you can get the veg oil for free or insanely cheaply (30p a litre for example). 10. I got fed up with it (can you tell?) and went back to giving my money to OPEC. That said, it was an interesting experience and well worth trying! It is good to know that come the apocalypse I will still be able to chug around, whilst all the mongs in their hybrid econo diesel finance wanker icloud connected jizz wagons will all be fucked.
  5. Badly listed LNA. "This is a classic car". Yea, thanks for clearing that up otherwise I would have confused it with a brand new C4 Cactus..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen/223738145547?_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160323102634%26meid%3Dcb8d9f566d674b6985d64580bbccb696%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D113960328272%26itm%3D223738145547%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1
  6. Happy to offer my mechanical "expertise" (my time and swearing) on this as well if it transpires anything needs doing!
  7. That's a bit cheeky, but she should have done her research (i.e. a quick 30 second google and peruse on eBay) to have seen that it was worth more than she advertised it for. Whilst it is annoying that it hasn't made it's way into the hands of an enthusiast, I think it's wrong to have a go at someone for spotting a bargain and realising there is a buck to be made- or for the PO for being gullible - it's the way of the world I'm afraid. Sadly, money speaks the loudest. Admission: A friend of mine was going to see this on my behalf and we had the intention of doing the exact same thing, having first given it a decent clean and service. By it dirty, sell it clean, get more money for the same machine. Suggestion: BX collective purchase to make it The BX of Many Shiters The 2nd, have a whip around to refund the PO the difference. Karma and all that.....
  8. Ha. It appears it is famous. Either that or people were wondering what sort of cretin would lumber about in an ancient old hector like that!
  9. Often seen on the A34 southbound in the mornings! I'm either in the 505 or the other 205 I have (red Dturbo), I need to add that on here too!
  10. The BX unfortunately has shat it's fifth gear and synchro - so there is an opportunity to raid the PSA parts bin for a bit more ratio to cure that! The 305 was just plain irritating, perhaps could be cured by a larger tyre though (on the original wheels of course...) Thank you everyone for the kind words. Work continues and the fleet will evolve as time and funds allow! I've got my eyes on J7 and J9 vans at the moment, and of course GSA's.
  11. Post 3 and final, for now. Errr, this happened: Yeap, I have joined the Autoshite BX Club! This is a BX 14 E "Preview". Which basically means base as base can be, but with funk decals and jazzy seat cloth. This little nugget was found on car and classic and acquired for £300. It is a one owner from new car and has been garaged all it's life. So, it is very very very rust free. It does however, have many faults. But for now, as my fingers are sore from typing, here are many photos of it pretty much as I got it. I have yet to crunch through this one as I'm still working on the 205 - work to commence in the new year hopefully. So there you go. I HAS CITROEN! Can't wait to get stuck into this. END.
  12. Update 2. Now, this is now the thread for all of my PSA shite. So, some of you may recall that this happened: A 1986 205 1.6 automatic, in moredoor flavour. This was picked up off ebay for sum of £410 to replace Mrs Schwifty's Lupo, which had developed some toss fault with its gearbox which I had no interest in fixing. The basics: Its Blue Its automatic Its a Phase 1, so has the much better (in my opinion) dashboard and interior layout Its done 52,000 miles and since 2015 it has covered 227 miles......yeap, that's all. Last year it did 3. The autochoke is FUBAR There is no appreciable rust I collected in from the dealer selling it on behalf of the old lady owner, and promptly put 120 miles on it in 2 days and came to the conclusion that it needed a very very full and thorough service. Here's a few more shots of it: So, shit important jobs first - nice jobs afterwards. 1. Cambelt and water pump - this was a complete arse and was not helped by me being a world class plum pudding and trying to start it while still having the cam and crank locked (I have no idea how I managed this, I was furious) which resulted in needing a new crank pulley but luckily no other damage. I also changed the cam cover gasket and cleaned the rocker cover up whilst at it. Now, I have been accused by my friends before of being somewhat of a womble and tight arse. They are correct. I refuse to pay full price for anything and delight in finding things for as little as possible. This extends to sourcing parts. The PSA group cars have an awful lot of commonality and as such careful cross referencing of part numbers from various manufacturers followed by some eBay delving can return some excellent results. Further rummaging on the websites of the usual scumbags (GSF, Euros) always results in excellent bargains for consumables too. Anyway, in this instance, it resulted in this: About £400 worth of service parts for the sum of about £200. It would have been less had I not had to have forked out for a new autochoke wax-stat from Webcon (who charge 4.99 for postage, CUNTS) but I could not find a new one anywhere else. Anyway. Rotor arm, dizzy cap and plug leads were also changed - the ones I took off were not too bad and were almost certainly the originals, all have been cleaned up and kept as spares. I also flushed out the coolant system, and after fighting with removing the housing for HOURS I managed to get at the thermostat to change it - This was royally buggered, I can only hope that the low mileage has meant there is no damage to the engine from running too cool for extended periods. Then, it was on to the Carb - a Weber 36 TLC. I have seen far worse, but it was certainly in need of a clean and new gaskets. As its quite easy to get lost/mixed up/confused as hell with these things, I tackled one section of the carb at a time. Which is easy to do on the 36 TLC as it is composed of a couple of sub-assemblies. First off, throttle butterfly. Degrease, clean, check for wear and then reassemble with a bit of light oil on all moving parts. Not bad! Then, onto the float chamber and related gubbins. Followed by the autochoke assembly (an utter disaster of springs, linkages, wax stats and vacuum diaphragms) - much swearing later resulted in this. Shiny! Which then lead to another problem. This mess... I couldn't put a nice new clean carb back on that, so out with the meths and wire brush.... The carb was then refitted and, after some messing about with vacuum leaks, it fired right up and THE AUTOCHOKE WORKS! That was a real win. Further engine tidying is ongoing, more pictures to follow. I decided with this car to do something I hadn't done before, for the sake of a £7 genuine Bendix kit off ebay - rebuild the master cylinder. The brake fluid in it was horrendous, black and brown and hazy. Furthermore, the two rubber bungs that seal the brake fluid reservoir to the cylinder were shot and being pushed out by rust. So, dismantle and clean up to inspect the bore for wear. Luckily, the internals were in good shape and there was no rust lip on the bore - so a good candidate for a rebuild. I stripped the casting back to bare metal, sprayed it black and then reassembled it with new piston, seals etc - the Bendix kit contained everything, including a new circlip! This is now fitted back to the car, and I am in the process of going through the braking system - so it's untested as yet. It may well leak and I have to resort to a new one, who knows! That's pretty much it for now. I can only do work on the car in the evenings and at (some) weekends - so the above has been done over many weeks. Everything takes time and a lot of effort to do well, but it is very rewarding when it all comes together. MORE ON THE 205 TO FOLLOW! End of post 2.
  13. Its very late indeed, pretty sure this is one of the last. It's supposed to have them! The correct aspect ratio is only available as a commercial style tyre - they are chunky but very squidgy when run at 28 psi front and 32 rear. There is some comedy squeal on harsh cornering, but other than that there is barely any tyre noise at all. I think this was only on the steel wheel option, the alloys on higher model 505's were more conventional sizes. It was more than twice the amount I used over the week. Think it worked out at 17mpg average, and that was on a long long run through France!
  14. Ok, it's long overdue and this is going to be long..... SO WTF HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE? Well, the long and short of it is that the 505 is roadworthy and in near daily use. @dollywobbler has even given it the HubNut treatment over on pootube! Not much further work was done since the last update with the exception of some carb fettling, getting the original steel wheels powder coated and shod with new (van) tyres. Plus some welding......quite a lot if it. I caved in and got a garage to do the welding to get it through an MOT for now, I plan to strip the thing and do it properly myself once spring pops up once again. Anyway, its proven to be quite simply fucking awesome. It has been on a camping trip: It was excellent, you can do all your cooking and food prep in the boot, then sit on the tailgate and get trashed with a fire in front of you. It is extremely comfortable to drive long distance, and as Mr HubNut says its a rather soft and relaxing experience. Then it went to France for the annual getaway, This time we went to the Loire, I thought I had taken a stupid large car and would not be beaten......until my mate rocked up in a tatty Bentley Eight he paid < 3k for: There was no doubt the Bentley had a smoother, quieter ride. But the 505 could take all six of us out to the Chateaux and Caves each day - and it got absolutely rammed full of wine a cheese for the trip home. It covered just under 2000 miles in a week, used no oil or coolant, didnt miss a beat and returned 30 MPG. What's not to like? Since then, it has been used to move a fridge/freezer combo - it fitted in the back no trouble. Plus shift all sorts of crap, and has generally been an epic workhorse. I am completely smitten with this car! Next on the to do list: Find another carb with less throttle spindle wear and rebuild it, the Solex Z1 on it currently is worn out to buggery and as such I just can't get it to idle as smoothly as it should. Longer term, there is bodywork to do and paintwork to tidy - the key thing though is to keep it on the road, keeping it rolling and keep using it. End of post 1. Here's a pic of it dumped in a vineyard for good measure:
  15. I have seen, relatively, quite a few of these - it looks quite different to all the drab SUV's that have become completely taken over everywhere, perhaps this is the first of a step change back to sarooooons? (We can only hope....) Interesting that Peugeot styling seems to have sorted itself out, after years of fuck awful blobs.
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