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  1. Along similar lines, I like to think whoever made this plate up was having a little fun 😀
  2. balford

    Ford timelord

    There was a logbook issued for WGU 18G on 1st March 2022, so something's afoot...
  3. My first car, pic taken at Bull Island, Dublin in July 2001:
  4. Not unusual, but slightly unexpected. In 2007 I traded my ol' faithful 406 for a 407, which thanked me by having an ABS sensor shit itself (a theme that would become familiar). Luckily it did this one day after pickup so the garage had no issue with covering it under warranty. The courtesy car was my old 406
  5. It's bad when you compare Bangle era designs to the current crop and decide the former were easier on the eye...
  6. As my dad used to say, no point in being in the right when you're dead.
  7. My parents grew up in the time before driving tests full stop (pre-1964 you basically just bought a licence). This lead to my mother being licensed for artics and buses for most of her life, despite finding driving a regular car somewhat challenging.
  8. You've had the balls to learn to weld to attempt the repair, which is far more than I've accomplished to date.
  9. Mine too. To be honest I haven't tuned in to TG for a long, long time but I might start watching again as the current trio seem to have a natural chemistry. Anyway, on topic, earliest car I can remember my Dad having was a Ford Anglia estate in maroon, I only have fleeting memories of this as I was two or three when it went. Next was a blue Hillman Hunter estate, 858 OLI White Peugeot 305 van (with windows cut into the back and the seat from a Renault 4 installed!), 920 CI - he kept this for over 10 years till it almost literally fell apart Grey Renault 19 Chamade GTS, 90 D 17083, written off after nine months due to someone pulling out from a side road Red Renault 19 Chamade GTD, 90 D 22999 Blue VW Vento CL 1.4, 93 D 25479 (this was my first car, which I gave to him after I upgraded) Red Renault Laguna II 1.6 Sport, 01 KE 4456 - surprisingly trouble free Black Peugeot 307 1.4, 04 D 20423 - his last car as he started suffering with dementia and had to give up driving four years ago.
  10. There's a tool called ExPVR (not free, unfortunately) that you can use to copy recordings off of your old drive onto a new one. You just need to be able to hook both drives up to a Windows PC temporarily to do the transfer.
  11. Indeed. It's been a privilege to watch this come together from start to finish.
  12. Phase 1 R19 saloons were indeed badged Chamades, but this was dropped for the phase 2. We had two in the family - a 1990 GTS with a sprightly enough (for the time) 1.4 Energy engine. This got written off and was replaced with a 1990 GTD that wouldn't pull your socks off. Had lots of toys for the time though (central locking, electric windows, spoiler etc.)
  13. Irish cars didn't get kph speedo's till 2004/2005. I'd bet on this being a Singaporean import or similar.
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