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  1. That looks like the Honda CB500F http://www.chinavoge.com/index.html
  2. Fancy buying back the Divvy?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's bad news Toby. Hope you get it fixed chap.
  3. Well I was wrong. Completely wrong. Bullit Motorcycles
  4. Apparentley they use Suzuki engines and put together by some midlanders I think. There's got to be a video out there about them and I'm not looking for it. 😁
  5. I have no idea what shift I will be working then and if I'm free I would love to join in the shenanigans. Not sure if I'll bring the Almera or the bike? I work there! Please don't mention it again. @trigger I might be able to help you if you need it. I live in Ipsvitch. All depends on bloody shifts.
  6. After all that, would you recommend a Disco to someone whos other half is still toying with the idea of getting a caravan or go for a dez car?
  7. That would have been my first car if I had my way. My first car didn't have much of a life buzzing around central Scotland. It wasn't until I got the C reg Cav that I took it from Mid Wales to Inverness. Many cars after that went from Mid Wales to central Scotland and Milton Keynes.
  8. You had an FSO and lived to tell the tail? I wouldn't be seen in one of those. I would be seen in a Lada though, I liked Lada. 😁
  9. I may spend the money and repair it and just keep it going for a couple more years. It owes me nothing really with the driving I have done in it.
  10. The Almera pssed its MOT the other day but not without warning. When I bought it, it had this gearstick wobble which I and others were convinced it was an engine mount somewhere. Over time it was slowly getting less violent and reduced even further when I had the front rubbers changed. I should have walked away from it with this but thought it would have been an easy fix. These QG engines are cracking. Much torx low in the rev range which helps get it moving and economical too. I want to stick one in a K11 Micra for shitz an gigglez. Anyway, off track. I mentioned the aforementioned wobble to my mechanic and he had a nosey, apparently getting a 'big bar' out to test the mounts, but when he drove it he worked out the problem. The problem is the NS drive shaft. I think previous stoopid old git smacked that corner into some pavement stuff and ever so slightly fucked the shaft, which in turn may be killing the gearbox. The gear changes are getting notchy and grindy there fore it might just be better to scrap the thing in time. Also from this, the front cross member has lots of brown on it as does the rear inner sills. A new exhaust would be required as well and this might be needed sooner rather than later. I might even be able to sell it as is now with a years MOT. As for my next car, I am wanting something that will carry 8ft wood posts, large things easily. I'm thinking big Volvo estate with a diesel lump. I'm still trying to bring her around to getting a van. Needs to be strong as the Mrs is having ideas about getting a 4 berth caravan. This is where I am at the moment with the Almera daily driver. I actually hate spending loads of moneyon a car yet still looking at a Dacia Logan new. Go figure.
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