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  1. Subbed to the mag. Looks like an interesting read. Does the mag take contributor pieces?
  2. Ford Zodiac needs saving. Located Ipswich. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1419218368208433/
  3. I found this on that facey place. It might not be as bad as the pics show. Advertised in Ipswich. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1419218368208433/
  4. Here is a link to what I am looking at replacing it with. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NM-N16RH-Febest-RIGHT-ENGINE-MOUNT-for-SAMSUNG-24210-31000/123294678442?fits=Car+Make%3ANissan%7CModel%3AAlmera%7CCars+Type%3A1.5%7CPlat_Gen%3AMK+II%7CCars+Year%3A2003%7CVariant%3AMK+II+%5B2000-2006%5D+Hatchback&epid=1642031345&hash=item1cb4ef7daa:g:EwgAAOSwzf9baCvX:rk:1:pf:0
  5. It's the right mount (not the gearbox side) and looks to be relatively easy. My only worries are old bolts and the need to prop the engine up.
  6. I ask because I am getting gear stick wobble when ever the car moves. It used to be pretty bad but has calmed down quite a bit, yet it's still there. Datsun Almera.
  7. A difficult to take pic of an engine mount. Shagged or not? I can get my pinky in that gap. The bottom of the mount seems ok. Pics of new ones on fleecebay aren't great.
  8. It would be my daily and maintenance must be low, hence shaft and belt. Sure I could go the oily route but I really don't want to. If I really must go the oily way, then so be it. I have to be out of options though.
  9. Ideal budget is 2k, but I have to save 2k first. What I want is a bike with shaft drive as a first choice and belt as second and no wire spoke wheels or shiny bollocks. I really don't want to go back to chain drive. I hated the maintenance. Yep, I'm a lazy git. What has taken my fancy is the Beem F800 bikes with fairing. Although Kwak did do some nice non ponsy cruisers. I might just get a crappy thing to get my first NCB back.
  10. I'm looking for a shaft drive bike in working order. Ya think I can find one?!?!?!?! Other things have to be bought first, as is always the f'king case. Bollocks.
  11. What do you want and keep hold of? We all have our favourites, some more obscure than others. Let's have it. What I want to get my hands on if I had the space are as follows. Rover 820. Probably saloon this time, had 2 fastbacks. Maybe even the diesel. Include the coupe in that. Rover 418SD turbot estate. Rover Metro/100 with K series engine. Include the diesel. Stupid mpg on that. Volvo diesel estate for dragging the holiday box. I would need a solid beasty for this. DB7. Why not! I'll amend if I remember anything.
  12. Morris Ital. £1000. I'm not going that route again. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Good-condition-Morris-Ital-1-3-SL-1982-project-car/283274000275?hash=item41f4723793:g:134AAOSwTEZb9-r-
  13. Mine was ok. No real issues with it. Just a money grabbing bint and lack of pay to keep that and the car.
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