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  1. I'll look for the paper again when I'm off. The Ex shims are all in the 270's. I'll probably go through it again when the head comes off.
  2. @Jazoli Sell them as spares then. Someone will want them. Have you got any parts from the bike, namely calipers?
  3. @Jazoli I have no idea exactly but it seems around the 260 numbers. I just don't want the exhaust valves cocking up. @tobyd That is the spares. There was 1 left after doing this. When I get the other head off then I'll have spares.
  4. Just done a valve shim check on the spare head. Intake are as good as they will be but the exhaust are a little on the small side for gap, which is about 0.02mm at a guess. It's a bit tight on the 0.20 feeler and should be 0.21 - 0.25 (0.008 - 0.010 in). Would this cause an issue? Never done all this before. I won't have more shims to play with until I prize the knackered head off.
  5. I think Toby should get himself a TL1000 😈
  6. No. I'll get my own tester and do it again once I have a look at what might be making the racket.
  7. Finally done the compression test on the Divvy. Lowest is approx 90psi with 120psi being the highest. Average is meant to be around 156psi. Not a good day in 2 wheel land
  8. Not yet. Time has been spent on the camper conversion. ☚ī¸
  9. I'm a snob when it comes to cruisers. Got to be V twin and either shaft or belt drive hence why I won't touch one of these or the newer Vulcan 650. I can't have another bike until I sell the Divvy, which is in need of repair.
  10. The Divvy finally brokedown. Suspect ignition coil as only 2 pots are firing and no fuel issue.
  11. @Fat_Pirate Will you kick yourself for buying that? New bike 😲 Only a 350 though, which is a shame.
  12. Like that but don't like spokey wheels or chain drive. I know I'm awkward. I also like my fairings for wind protection as I ride to work as well. Is it really that good?
  13. I remeber these things when they were launched. Much want, too much stupidity at the time. I'd still buy one even though I want a shafty.
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