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  1. Might as well drop these in here. The last one being a forum member who then proceeded to get upset that I'd posted a screenshot of the convo 'due to privacy' 😂
  2. Yeah, but don't shout about it on this forum, they don't like chav mods round 'ere. 🤣
  3. No, apparently it had bonnet to windscreen interaction in the hands of previous owner... I've managed to straighten it a bit so the edges line up. Also sanded back and painted the grille as it was annoying.
  4. The Honda Jazz I owned years ago (proper 80's one, not the modern crap) had 3! different Honda badges on the front, and both the original Jazz logo and the modern one on the back. Non giffer , but mods that bother me? 'FAKE TAXI' stickers. Yeah, you watch a lot of p0rn, we get it. 'The closer you get the slower I go' stickers. Yep, you dither along at 23 in a 30 and brake check anyone who happens to be in the same postcode because you have a massive chip on your shoulder, we get it. 'Built not bought' No you didn't you lying twat, you put some different wheels on an
  5. Changed the weak battery today. It looked ancient! Terminals on the wrong side,but not the end of the world. In other news, took the grille off to repaint. Doesn't it look like an Almera ?
  6. It's a Corgi Austin A-something and would be 50p
  7. Also these but doubt anyone would want them.
  8. I'd been expecting to receive PMs, and had gotten sidetracked with other things, sorry
  9. 100 Internet points to anyone who gets the thread title change significance.
  10. New car delivered today, thanks to @rob88h It's a bit cosmetically challenged in places, but that's nothing a bit of Graf City spray can't sort. 😁
  11. Got all these too, just can't be arsed photographing them all right now!
  12. I do have a longbow, although it'd be one hell of a shot being as my flat is facing the opposite way to the car park 🤣
  13. Still being used daily... SS95NF if anyone wants to be the grass
  14. Coach is a Siku, has a missing door though. Yes, that's right
  15. Pics that didn't fit in previous post
  16. Clearout time of Dominic's 1:43(ish) stuff Prices minimal.
  17. I won't be doing anything like that, knowing my luck I'd get seen. It's a closed square with 8 flats facing the car park and some very 'neighbourhood watch' type neighbours. Not that I'm worried about the Merc owners. The culprit is the couple who have recently moved in upstairs. I think it's her car, as he hardly leaves the flat. He's a preacher who does online sermons, you know the very energetic and loud ones? 🙄 They're marginally better than the young pot smoking idiots that lived there previously though. But most of the other neighbours I get on well with, and wouldn't want to
  18. You need something like a Suzuki Wagon R. I'd ask about getting the Rover back, but it's a bit far!
  19. Speaking of driving with faults, this is a neighbour's car they are still driving daily. The yellow chalk makes it worse, as they obviously know about it!
  20. They were 13s. I sent them back and got a refund.
  21. Had an almost identical incident in London with a Seat Marbella I'd just bought!
  22. I had a Fiat Panda Bianca with bull bars from a 4x4 one, but it was a basic 2wd one. I took the bull bars off to save weight and improve fuel economy and handling. On the way home from work the handling/steering went a bit funny and wandery. I limped home and found both front wheels were pointing outwards. Yes, the bit the bull bars bolted to was structural! Bolted back together and all was well. But could have been so much worse.
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