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  1. I’ve gotta pass through Delaware to go back to Virginia to finally retrieve my stuff from my dorm room next week. I’ll bring my red gas container and stop there to fill it up just for you I would love to bring the Monte to PA for RegularCarReviews/RCR to perhaps take a look at and make a video. He made one on the Grand National and briefly mentioned the Monte Carlo, but I definitely think he could get enough material out of the G-body Monte Carlo era to make a video about it.
  2. Hello hello, here's an update! Ordered some parts from Original Parts Group, Inc (OPGI), which specializes in parts certain GM cars from the 70-90s, notably the G-body cars like the Monte Carlo, Grand National, etc. So I ordered a new trunk weather seal, a new pair of roof rail/door frame weather seals, and a pair of new door weather seals. I fortunately had a coupon for 15% off all parts, and free shipping over $149, but when I added the 15% off everything coupon, it put it under the threshold for the free shipping, so I tacked on a new air filter as well since it was cheap and I knew I needed one, so I basically ended up with a free air filter and my total was still less than if I didn't use the 15% off everything coupon. The parts arrived yesterday, a week after I ordered them, but unfortunately the door seals have been backordered until next week I believe. Later that week, my grandfather (the mechanic one who helped me get the car started last year) came over on Friday, so of course, we took a look at my progress on the car. We went for a spin around the block, and he said absolutely nothing seemed off whatsoever. The car ran and drove perfectly, just as it did back in its heyday. After arriving back in the driveway, we took the opportunity to look into things under the hood with proper lighting from being outside. Everything under the hood looks to be in working order, but a few things will need to be taken care of in the distant future. A few of the vacuum hoses are beginning to crack after so many years and will need to be replaced eventually. It definitely is not leaking any fluids, which is really good news. In addition, my grandfather is also going to try and see if he can find some cans of R12, and if he can't, he's going to buy a R134A conversion kit and help me to convert the AC system so that is recharged and works once more. We also checked out all of the lights and found a few burnt out bulbs (both license plate lights, both front side turn signal lights, and the right side parking lamp), but everything else was in working order. Lastly, we managed to get a dent out of the right rear quarter panel where the car had been hit in a parking lot shortly after it had been completely repainted in the late 90s and began to wax a couple spots to see if we could get some marks that had developed in the paint out, which we were successful in doing so. Fast forward to today, I began to resume my work on the car. I went to the store and picked up all the bulbs I needed (EDIT: I'm now realizing I forgot the license plate bulbs 🤦‍♂️), a new set of wiper blades, weatherstripping adhesive, more wax, and red tape to temporarily fix the cracked tail light so I don't get a ticket. IMG_3322.mov And here's my personal favorite work from today, the before and after of waxing the trunk. And of course, it passes the rag test with flying colors IMG_3334.mov I plan to try and wax a portion of the car a day or whenever I can to try and spread the work out and to take extra time to make sure each section looks as good as possible. So next I have to try and learn how to install the new weatherstripping and take care of that. I also discovered one of the new tires seems to have not been properly sealed to the rim, as there is a slow but noticeable leak to it, so I'll have to take that back to the tire shop and have them redo it at some point in the near future as well. NJ DMVs re-open for in-person appointments on the 29th, so I can FINALLY get it registered. So these really are the last few things I needed to take care of before the car is all set to drive normally once again! These are going to be a really exciting next few weeks as the final pieces all come together
  3. Before: After: For the first time in I don’t even know how long, the Monte is c l e a n! This also confirmed to me that I need new weather seals around the doors, as a little water was able to get in, but fortunately it just dripped down the window as opposed to getting all over the interior.
  4. Got the part installed. It actually turned out to not be all that difficult to do. Just had to undo about 10 screws and I got into the cutout. Got the part fitted, sealed it back up, and confirmed that the seat belt worked as intended and it did. I unfortunately ran out of daylight to get the car washed today, and I work basically all day tomorrow, so I can’t get it done until some point during the week hopefully. Feels good to get the little bits and pieces tied up and taken care of.
  5. Yeah, it might be slightly easier for me then 😂
  6. That’s something I have to do still and I’m dreading doing it... 😬
  7. Here’s today’s update: Got the new center caps in and the new driver side seat belt retractor mechanism. Pleasantly shocked to see how perfect this replacements are compared to the originals. They look quite good on the wheels, but as @LightBulbFun pointed out, it draws a bit more attention to the fact that the rims need some cleaning 😛 So after I got those installed, I went to install the new seat belt retractor, and I quickly learned about the joys of trying to fix cars. I have to try and fit the red part into the little hole all the way in the back of the cutout in the side panel. Did some research, and it’s like a 1:10000000 shot of trying to get it in without removing the interior siding. So much for this being a quick and easy job. So I got to work on removing the seat and side panel, but I ran out of time before I had to go to work, so for the moment, I only got the rear bench taken out with ease. Tomorrow hopefully I’ll work on getting the side panel off and then getting that part installed and seal everything back up.
  8. The one thing that keeps catching my eye every time I look through the pictures I took is the fact that the front hangs and extends so far past the wheels that it almost looks like the car is floating. Quite a fascinating design choice! It’s also quite noticeable when driving, as all you can see in front of you is a massive maroon hood, and when you step on the gas, the front of the car goes up in the air blocking your view even more haha
  9. Thank you all! I had planned to wash the car today, but the weather was downright shitty, so that didn’t happen. The DMVs may start to reopen next week as the NJ public health emergency mandate ends on June 5th, but it’s highly likely it’ll get extended once again. Here’s to hoping they reopen soon! Small development with the broken tape deck. My dad installed (and subsequently removed in 2004 after it broke) a CD player that gets connected through the same input as the tape deck. It’s possible it is still set to the CD player mode instead of the tape deck, so I’ll have to test that theory at some point soon.
  10. I'm thrilled to have finally gotten to this point as well, and I know my dad is too. There'll be plenty more to come with this superb piece of 80s muscle, even after its done being "recommissioned". Don't worry, you'll get back to your Invacar soon
  11. Today was a good day... For the first time in 14+ years, the 1987 Monte Carlo SS has left the driveway. IMG_3240.MOV IMG_3241.MP4 The car ran great. It handled like a champ in the brief joyride my dad and I went on around the block. The brakes were still firm and even, the steering was on point, and the engine roared like a V8 should. It also drove perfectly straight, so I guess I did a pretty damn good job installing the tires myself for the first time. Driving it felt... natural. It felt comfortable. I can’t wait for it to get registered and insured so I can drive it outside of the neighborhood. So what next? Well for the immediate future, I plan to wash it very soon to finally get it looking clean once more. In addition, once the new center caps and seat belt retractor come in, those will be installed as well. I also would like to get 4 new headlight bulbs to replace the dim old ones, and new windshield wiper blades to replace the ones that are likely 20+ years old. Beyond that, once I get it registered and update the insurance, I’ll get all new gasoline in it, as well as fresh fluids all around. I still need to source a new left tail light lens, in addition to securing the housing for the right tail light assembly. I also would now like to replace the driver side removable rug, as there is a hole where my dad’s foot has been for the past 30 years of service. I also need a new headliner and new center console lid and then I think that’s everything. As of right now, I couldn’t find anything else wrong with it in terms of operational ability, which is fantastic. Of course, here are some more pictures below, including finally some proper engine bay pics
  12. Tires have been fitted and installed! In addition, a new battery has been acquired and installed as well. I ran out of time before I had to go to work today, but I still need to tighten everything with a torque wrench. Once that’s done, I’ll start her up tonight, and give her a spin around the block tomorrow
  13. Good evening/morning all, Tomorrow, Tuesday the 25th, if all goes according to plan, ill have the new tires installed on the rims! In addition, tonight I purchased a couple more parts: -https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-1988-GM-Resto-New-Monte-Carlo-SS-Center-Caps-Set-of-4-centers-Chevrolet/380993448806 4 new "Chevrolet" center caps for the rims. Two of the ones I have now are faded beyond recognition, one is missing, and one looks brand new, so I'll have a spare now. I figured if im going to get new tires, I may as well restore the rest of the wheel as well. -https://www.ebay.com/itm/1978-87-Gbody-Driver-Seat-belt-Retractor/313038145794?hash=item48e2870902:g:jMMAAOSw3Adee73r:sc:USPSFirstClass!22030!US!-1 This is something my dad informed me he broke many years ago. This prevents the seatbelt from retracting too far into the door and getting locked. Fortunately there's a binder clip preventing it from doing so at the moment, but once I replace the broken retractor, that should take care of that problem. So besides those, the other cosmetic issues that need to be addressed are the center console arm rest door, the ceiling headliner, a new left tail light lens, and a new right tail light assembly. Each of those things, however, are going to be on the more expensive side, given the console door is about $100, the headliner should be around $70, the left tail light lens is around $150, and I haven't found a right tail light assembly yet. Each of those will take a bit more time, mostly because I don't want to keep blowing massive sums of cash weekly on this car without it even hitting the road yet, so for now I bought the two things I knew I needed and were reasonably priced from the same seller, and I'll go from there. Should all go as planned tomorrow, I hope to have the wheels mounted and the car taken off the jack stands, but those plans may have to wait until later in the week given I work every single night besides Thursday. The other parts should arrive around the 31st-3rd. Also, an update on the registration situation, the NJ DMVs are indeed closed until further notice, and given how long the car has been unregistered for, I am unable to renew it online and must go in person to a DMV to do so, which means I cannot get the car registered until NJ reopens the DMVs, which at this point, doesn't look to be happening any time soon 😕
  14. Tires have been ordered! Went with a set of 4 new Uniroyal Tiger Paw Touring A/S 215/65R15 96H tires from BJ’s Wholesale club (like Costco or Sam’s Club, but a north east US-only thing I guess. They’re going to be installed on Tuesday, May 26 at 9:30AM for the grand total of $428.19. And my dad just let me know that he’s gonna split the cost of the tires [emoji16]. Next step in the mean time, I’m going to try and get the registration renewed, but that may prove difficult with all the NJ DMVs being closed until further notice.
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