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  1. If you still have a way to connect to the ECU via OBD, could you use an MPPS cable to remap the ECU and get the immobiliser/EGR deleted by these guys? https://www.hdi-tuning.co.uk/ecu-remapping/how-it-works.html it's £100, but the stage 2 remap at 155bhp would be amusing. I used them for my 307 and was very happy with the service. Edit: sorry, I see this has already been suggested. As you were, good luck with the build!
  2. There's definitely tapping coming from the top end somewhere, it's coming from the timing belt end of the engine. I've ordered a slim borescope, thanks for the tip. 5.5mm seems to be the smallest size available - not sure if it'll fit down the glowplug holes but I can always stick it down the injector holes if needed. Not very close at all sadly, the car's near Reading. Thanks for the offer though, it's much appreciated. I've got Vida, the codes aren't massively helpful to be honest, but then if there was a valvetrain or compression issue it wouldn't necessarily give a code for that. I have had a look at some live data (pictures earlier in the thread) but didn't see anything of concern, at least not to my idiot eyes. I may still give a compression test a shot, hopefully will have more time on it this weekend.
  3. Latest thrilling* update: I stopped being a flannel and took the downpipe off the turbo - thankfully no snapped bolts. With the downpipe moved to the side, the engine still ran like a bag of shite, ruling out a blocked exhaust. What I did notice was smoke, which smelt like unburned diesel. This would possibly support njgleeds' suggestion of valvetrain issues and at this stage I think it's the next thing that needs to be looked at. The only thing I think I still need to check is the turbot, but if that's spinning freely it's looking like injectors out and off with the inlet manifold/valve cover. I would've started today but I'd like to keep it running so I don't have to push it around to get the other V70 on the lift! Unfortunately James' MAF was the wrong part, if I can pick up a cheap s/h one before I get the chance to get the valve cover off I might give it a go but I don't think that's what's causing the problems.
  4. Sadly no progress to report since the last update, the temptation of beer in the sun has been too strong to resist so the moody Swede will have to wait. Hoping to have some time on it this week, have also got top mounts to do on another V70 - broken Volvos for everyone!
  5. Would this still be a possibility maybe next weekend? Could save me picking up a MAF. The part number on my MAF is 0281002730, which I think is different to Euro 3 (up to 05-ish) D5 engines - if this matches your XC90 I'd be very grateful for a loan!
  6. Yes - Bosch filter installed which went on fine. I think you could be right, but so far I've ruled out pretty much everything on the inlet side apart from the manifold itself by disconnecting the pipework and letting the engine breathe atmospheric air straight into the manifold, if that makes sense? Intercooler looks fine, I took the panel off underneath it and couldn't see any splits/bulges/oil. It's probably worth making more of an effort to get the downpipe off the turbo before taking the rocker cover off, that and taking the air pipework off the turbo to rule out a restriction there. Sorry to hear that about your V70, it's annoying because I reckon it'd be quite nice if it worked! Haven't checked the turbo yet, I'll have a look next time I'm up there. The MAF code doesn't come back until the engine has been running for a while, can't remember exactly how long but certainly not straight away. Would I be right in thinking that the reading from the MAF is likely correct but the ECU doesn't like what it's seeing? I think you and solid61 are on the money, will have to do more checks on airflow next time I'm at the unit.
  7. Some tinkering took place today - no results just yet annoyingly. I tested the fuel pressure to the HP pump from the in-tank pump which was fine (4 - 4.5 bar) and didn't drop off as the engine speed increased. I also rigged up an injector leak-off test which didn't show any problems - all injectors around 10ml after 1 minute: Fault codes are still MAF high and boost pressure low. At the moment I'm wondering if there might be some kind of fault with the valvetrain - there's a ticking noise coming from the top end somewhere, I don't think it's an injector because all of the tests I've done on them so far have been OK. The next step is going to be a compression test, I picked up a socket on the way back from the unit that should hopefully work for the glow plugs. Am I barking for thinking that if there was a sticky lifter/valve/damaged rocker, that could be causing these issues? I feel like the engine would still rev, but be very noisy. I would've whipped the rocker cover off for a look but the injectors have to come out first, so I'll wait and see if the compression test reveals anything.
  8. Not much of an update on this sadly, I didn't have as much time as I wanted on this due to the workshop being full of assorted other chod: All I really managed to do on the Volvo was attempt a diesel purge, only to find that it wouldn't run without pressure from the lift pump. I ran a load of diesel purge through the HP pump and filled the fuel filter housing with the stuff, then started it - no difference. I think this can probably rule out bad fuel, as it would've been running on neat diesel purge straight after start up. I had it up on the ramp to check for any sign of boost leaks and couldn't see anything wrong. I also took the timing belt cover off and couldn't see anything obviously amiss there. Finally, I was going to take the downpipe off the turbo but the small bolts holding it were not keen on shifting and also fairly inaccessible, so I soaked the one that I could get to, binned it off because I didn't want to snap the bolts and went to the pub. In other news, my pisshat ticked over 100,000 miles today - only needed an engine, turbo and DMF to get there.
  9. Haven't had any time to look at it this weekend, it's penciled in for next weekend. The issue of bad fuel still needs to be checked, I'm going to try running it on neat diesel purge to see if that makes any difference. Opinions differ as to whether it'll run with a gravity feed straight into the HP pump or not. I think the plan is to try the diesel purge then get the car up on the lift to check for boost leaks and also to loosen the downpipe from the turbo to rule out an exhaust restriction. Timing was also suggested, so I might try seeing if I can get locking pins in.
  10. I know I'm relatively new to this mess top quality motoring emporium but I could do London-ish to Bradford-ish if that's any use?
  11. Good to know - I did wonder whether it would cause any running issues but I figured it needs doing anyway, but I might hold off now until I know whether I can get it running properly. Exhaust is also a good suggestion, everything seems normal to me and the DPF differential pressure sensor readings are fine, but it's probably worth taking the downpipe off the turbo to see if that makes any difference if I can't figure anything else out.
  12. Had a bit of time to play with this today - not really too much further with it if I'm honest. I was going to do a compression test but I didn't have a socket that would work to get the glow plugs out. The faults that have returned are MAF signal too high and also boost pressure low, which to me suggests some kind of leak perhaps. I think I'll need to do a smoke or pressure test on the inlet system to see what's causing it, I didn't spot anything obvious when I checked it over. I ran actuator tests on the swirl flap mechanism and the VNT actuator, both seemed to be moving freely and doing what they're supposed to do. The EGR valve also appears to be behaving itself. I also logged a few bits of data, I'm fairly new to this but from looking at the logs I think the MAF is fine as it seems to be giving sensible readings, so I think the fault code for it is to do with the fact that the engine's seeing too much air, possibly due to a leak somewhere. The only weird thing that I spotted in the logs is that the inlet air temperature at the MAF seems to increase with RPM/throttle position, although I have no idea if this is significant. Logs below: The other thing I noticed was what looked like a leaking injector seal on cyl 3 - it's hard to tell, I think there's some noise coming from it but it's hard to hear it over the noise of the engine. Pictures of cyl 3 and cyl 2 for comparison: The injector test didn't show up anything particularly concerning either, from what I understand they're all just about in spec: Not too sure what's going on with it at the moment, I think my next steps will be to change the injector seal and then try to rig up a pressure or smoke test for the inlet system if that doesn't sort it. That and try running it on diesel purge to rule out faulty fuel - I'd have done that today but I'm still waiting for a filter to arrive
  13. I'm in Reading. Thanks very much for the offer, I've got a family friend down the road who has a V70 D5 so I'll probably give that a go first but it's much appreciated anyway. I'm not sure, I'm still getting my head round Vida but that seems likely. I wonder the VSS codes could've been thrown when the car was being towed? Cheers! Not yet, was the address changed? I can pop down the road to check if needed. Did you find out about the mystery key in the armrest?
  14. Picked up a ropey £20 laptop and an eBay DiCE clone and set to work, install was a bit of a pain but got there in the end after wiping the laptop to upgrade from Win7 home premium to professional. Laptop also included a DVD, Bride Wars - xtra bonus winnar. Shame the DVD drive doesn't work. Anyway, here are the codes: I cleared them, but annoyingly the battery was too flat to start the car so have left it on charge and will see what's going on tomorrow. At least some of the MAF codes I assume are from when we unplugged it the other day, not sure about the rest. I know someone suggested it could be an ABS/traction control fault, which is looking like a possibility given the VSS-related code. More tinkering required tomorrow.
  15. Thanks again for all the suggestions and words of encouragement, I've got my fingers crossed as it's a top quality barge that deserves to live. I'll be going through the suggestions/thoughts on this thread at the weekend as that's the only time I get to play with cars. Good points made about the MAF and the problems starting after a full tank of fuel - if the car runs properly while doing the diesel purge then that would point the finger at bad fuel, strainer or something like that.
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