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  1. If you haven't clocked it already, the Google translate app has a camera mode that changes the text in (almost) realtime - would probably make that easier. Nice work on the black death and the coding!
  2. I was warned by my colleagues before I took ownership of the van that the stereo was a bit rubbish - it's got a decent bluetooth head unit but the speakers sounded horrendous. This was something of an annoyance on a 1200 mile journey, so I was pretty keen to get it sorted. Oui, c'est bollocksed: This van has speakers in the doors and tweeters in the dash, so I went all fancy and bought a set of component speakers with an eBay voucher. Tweeters fitted into the original housings/grilles so as not to spoil the cabin aesthetics*: Door speakers to match: Lovely. It certainly sounds a lot better, maybe not as much bass as I was hoping for but it'll do. Maybe I'll stick a small sub under one of the seats if I can be arsed. I also changed the door seals, I've got a trip to the Lake District coming up in a few weeks so hopefully they'll sort out the wind noise a bit.
  3. Yikes, I don't think I'd have fancied trying to live in the van while I was welding it! Best of luck, seems like it's a pretty good van so hopefully worth doing for both of us.
  4. The van, fortunately! After we made it to France I wasn't too fussed if it came back on a flatbed, but it didn't miss a beat on the way back. No further temperature gauge shenanigans, survived a good few hours near enough flat out to scrape onto an earlier ferry. Very pleased. Needs new door seals on the front doors, currently the wind noise is pretty bad. Will also need new speakers in the cab as the current ones are shot to bits.
  5. France achieved! The sliding door is a bit temperamental and it caused a degree of concern by shooting to the top of the temperature gauge and putting the temp warning light on, but it would appear the gauge is erratic and there's nothing actually wrong. So far so good 🙂
  6. That'll do nicely. The tester asked me who had done the welding - I sheepishly admitted it was me, and he said it was some of the better welding he'd seen. Must see a lot of shit welding then! Here's the finished sill, I've left the side mouldings off as the paint's still soft. Not perfect, it's ended up a bit bumpy and concave but fuck it, I'd had enough of filler by that point: I also changed the oil after the run to the test centre, check out how clean it is in there: The picture doesn't show it too well but it's immaculate. I've been out and about in it today and it drives well, let's just hope it makes it to France.
  7. Spot the deliberate* error: I used a repair panel that was meant for the middle of the sill, not for the section that goes into the arch. Therefore the shape isn't quite right, it should follow the line of the arch a bit better rather than going straight down. I fettled it as best I could, but figured it would probably be fine. I got a bit of a scare when I stuck the wheel on, but it does clear and is only about a centimetre closer than the other side if that. I was really worried that I was going to have to twat it in with a sledgehammer, ruining all my careful* filler work. So yeah, lucky escape. I finished up at the workshop about 10 last night, I needed to get paint on yesterday and I needed to do it outside. I lost the light, so when people see the awful finish and ask 'did you paint that in the dark?!' I can honestly say yes. Place your bets as to what it'll look like today, and for the MOT result.
  8. Yeah, I can't say it was a nice realisation finding out exactly how rusty this thing was - it confirms to the rule that there's always more rust than you think, even though you've already factored in there being more rust than you think. Then double it, just to be safe. Best thing to do with welding is just get on with it, I was a very hesitant welder to start with but what's worked for me is welding up stuff that would otherwise get scrapped. So if you fix it, great, but if you mess up or it's not brilliant then no love lost. Even if it only lasts a few years, you'll have gotten some practice and delayed the conversion of the car to bean tins. Also, full disclosure, my unit mate has quite a nice welder and that does make a huge difference... Strangely a window was left open but the interior appears to be fine - it's mostly wipe-clean surfaces apart from the seats and the headlining but it doesn't look/smell damp. This has been a slog, not going to lie, but we're booked in for an MOT this afternoon so fingers crossed... Bonus patch action further up the inner sill on the bad side: Closing panel welded in for rear of inner sill, another panel went back in on top of this afterwards: Most seats removed to leave room for bikes, bumper reassembled on top of fresh paintwork: Sill in guide coat, ft. high tech extraction system for welding galv steel: And the OSF corner reassembled, strut back in with new brake line and flexi. The nut was fused to the original steel brake pipe, so just twisted the pipe. I bought a tool that claimed to be able to flare steel in situ, so I was going to use a coupler but it broke so my long-suffering brother had to replace the whole line all the way over to the ABS pump on the other side:
  9. That would be the correct colour, but I've got a big tin of chassis black that I can't see myself getting through within this lifetime so that's what it's getting!
  10. Aside from the big metal glue gun, I did the timing belt/tensioners. After removing the belt, it turns out the crank seal was leaking so that was replaced as well. There was evidence that the belt has been replaced before, but was a little bit cracked so it's probably best it got changed.
  11. Happy bank holiday 'shiters! In a turn of events that will surprise nobody, I have been welding this weekend. Actually I've been spending most of my free time trying to get this bodged up in time for the holiday on the 23rd, but I called in some mates to help and it's looking like we'll probably manage it. The welding is almost done, just a few bits left to go then painting and hopefully MOT... The following is a bit of a picture dump, I can't really be arsed to write up a description of everything but lots of welding has happened.
  12. What's that? You wanted more updates on me snotting together a hopeless old van? Sure thing. Bottom of closing panel made and welded in - not great but access for the torch/wire wheel is a bit crap: Put in this strengthening thinghy on top of the previously repaired section: Then onto the next area of rust, directly behind the strut. Choppy: Weldy (inner skin): Zinc primer: Outer skin repaired and back on: And finally one last mediocre patch: So that's it, this wheelarch is finally done. It's a bit of a patchwork quilt under there but hey, there's a lot more metal in there than there used to be: Will get it painted in the next few days and get cracking on the sill.
  13. The weldathon continues - booked to go to France in this on the 23rd April, so pressure's on! This patch was horrible, up inside the strut turret. Not really enough room for my head, the welding helmet and the torch in the turret and very uncomfortable welding in such a confined space: All of this work is in the O/S inner wheelarch area. This is a reinforcing place beefing up the area where the engine mount is attached on the other side. Started off like this: Reinforcing plate off - no bueno: Chopped out, new metal in: Reinforcing plate sandblasted at work and plug welded back in: Then started to rebuild the jacking point/outrigger area - ended up having to replace the bottom section of that repair as well, thought I'd be able to get away with just a patch on the front. At least it's 1.2mm steel so a bit nicer to weld: Finally got this piece in, which was a bastard to make but I feel like I'm getting marginally quicker at doing stuff like this with funny curves/folds: I'll be glad to see the back of this wheelarch, it's taken up way more time than I thought. Just a bit more needed to finish the jacking point area, then a few more fairly straightforward flat-ish sections in the arch before I move onto the sill.
  14. Good shout! Shamefully this is the first bit of nasty upside down welding I've had to do, everything else has been in a reasonably nice place and on the lift. The van won't fit on the 2 poster, hats off to those of you who do this on the regular.
  15. Bit more welding done on this, I've had my hands full with other stuff but I've committed to using this for a holiday to France in less than 2 months time, so better get cracking. I'd been putting off doing this bit because it was directly overhead and also thought it was going to be a twat to make the repair section as it's got various curves in it. It wasn't very fun, but it's done. Nothing like a load of welding shite falling in your ear, listening to it burn while you're trying to shake it out is an experience I fully recommend*. Bonus Vactan action as well, there is a small patch needed in the strut turret but it's generally solid. You can see why they rust though, the paint particularly in the strut turret is laughably thin. I pulled the strut to get enough access for this and the other bits I need to do - glad I did it, as it's much easier without it in the way but who on earth thought it was a good idea to put the top mount bolts here? Hopefully more updates to follow as I need to get it over the line soon-ish...
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