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  1. I've been using Mannol stuff from eBay for everything for the past few years - coolant, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid (including some quite specific stuff), hydraulic oil... not all from the same bottle of course! Haven't had a problem with any of it so far and it's great value, especially if you buy 10 or 20l at a time. They also do most manufacturer-specific stuff like low ash or PD oil, so it's not even a case of 'close enough'.
  2. Cracking job! Especially in -5, this car clearly found the right owner.
  3. If it's a 3.2 and ideally 4x4 with a towbar then consider my interest thoroughly piqued. So long as it's a 3.2 I'd be interested in details. Drop me a PM!
  4. Final update: I'm currently driving my ropey Merc S430, so this was sat in the unit waiting for me to do something with it. One of my unit mates' mum was having trouble with her car and needed to make a trip up to Scotland, so I loaned her this. She liked it, and a deal was agreed. It's just flown through another MOT and I hope it serves its new owner well - I wouldn't be surprised if I end up regretting letting it go but that's life! I'm looking for something large and veg-able, at the moment keeping an eye out for a Merc 300td or maybe a Nissan Elgrand.
  5. That is an exquisite purchase, congratulations.
  6. Went to Poland in the end, although I was tempted by Scotland and bought the recommended book. Spent some time riding around the Tatra mountains which were very nice. Unfortunately a lot of Polish back roads are shite, but some of the mountain riding was fantastic and also very quiet. Most enjoyable. Decent sit down meal of pierogi (dumplings) and a beer around £3.50, night in a hostel bed typically around £9, often with breakfast included. 8/10 would Eastern Europe again (subject to Brexit).
  7. Nice work, not too far to go now! I saw this video the other day, is this the same/similar engine?
  8. Hey bikeshiters, I'm thinking about a 2 week camping/hostelling trip on my Pan European in the next few weeks. At the moment I'm thinking about getting a ferry to the Hook of Holland then making my way down through Germany to Krakow, before going to Zakopane to spend a few days riding in the Tatra mountains. After that the plan is open but I wouldn't mind spending some more time in Poland, maybe heading up to Gdansk and looping back around the Baltic coast. I know some people on here have a lot more experience than me (I've only got one Euro trip under my belt) so would welcome any suggestions
  9. Glad you like it, I'm quite enjoying mine. Thanks to you and a few others for the tip about handbrake adjusters, got them fitted and I now have an actual functioning handbrake.
  10. Thanks for the invite to this the other day, it looks like a good laugh but sadly I'm working this weekend. Hopefully next time eh!
  11. Looks like a cracking buy, I loved both my 205s and would like to try a D Turbo one day. Enjoy!
  12. Great work! I have Vida in Reading if you want, or if you cover postage I can send the cable/laptop your way.
  13. Can you not just knock the guts of it out with a broom handle or whatever once it's removed through the open ends, then refit without it looking any different?
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