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  1. It is very, very Chinese. I suspect it's the same lift, but from a UK distributor. I like the access this type of lift gives, but it's pretty unnerving to use. It's also hard to control, the car bounces around a fair bit when raising or lowering.
  2. First up, for the electronics fans who were waiting with baited breath to find out if my laptop battery resurrection would work... it didn't. Oh well. Got the new drop links on, which has pleasingly sorted the death rattle from the suspension: The two post lift was occupied, so I used this portable number. Quite good, especially if you need access to sills for welding. This lift did, however cause one of the more brown-trousered moments I have experienced during my time spannering. I loaded the car onto the lift, but because of the availability and location of lifting points, the car was sat quite far forward (astute readers may already know where this is going). I gave it a rock, and everything seemed tickety-boo. Before I got to work, I took the big, heavy box of parts out of the boot of the car. Then I removed the wheel. While I was putting the wheel down, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye, which turned out to be this big bastard trying to nosedive off the lift. I grabbed the boot lip and hung on, my delicate language alerted my unit mate to the situation who managed to push upwards on the front of the car and get it to slam back down on the lift. Pretty scary. I put the wheel back on, put some heavy things in the boot and lowered the car back down double quick, before shifting it back a bit. Lesson learned, be careful kids. In other news, I now have an EML. Looks like it's the front EGR valve, which at least is the easier* one to change of the two. I'm hoping some use might free it off, so I'm not going to do anything with it just yet:
  3. Excellent work so far, seems like it's gone to the right custodian. I was so close to pulling the trigger and taking this on, it seemed a tragedy for it to end up getting fragged.
  4. No major progress on this to report, just a few bits and pieces - mostly getting ready for the main event that is tackling the suspension. First up, I picked up a slightly less sketchy Lexia clone and even went to the bother of installing it on a laptop that isn't steam powered. It works well and talks to all the systems in the car, so that should be step one of C6 wrangling ticked off. Check it out: The battery in this laptop has failed, so it needs to be plugged in all the time. This is a bit of a pain, so I changed out the faulty cell in the old battery with another one from my stash of salvaged 18650s. Hopefully it'll do the business when I plug it into the laptop: A sneaky eBay snipe scored a decent pair of Hankook part worn tyres for the front of the car, which I was able to pick up in person saving on the hefty delivery charge. I've chucked them on, hopefully they'll be nicer than the previous mismatched Chinese death rings. Even if not, there are no cords showing so that's a win in my book. As @jamescarruthers has suggested, it would appear that the car is sitting a touch high - here it is from the side: The rear arch gap in particular looks much too big - I measured around 12cm from tyre to arch. On the front, things are a bit better but still a bit too high - from what I understand this gap should be around 7cm. Also, the gap isn't even on both sides of the car: I intend to have a go at performing the adjustment procedure to see if I can get it sorted out - wish me luck. Before I do, I'll get cracking with this lot. It should have all the bits for the rear suspension, plus a full service kit. Once that's done, I'll try to set the suspension height then it'll be time for an MOT if all goes to plan... Yeah, like that's going to happen.
  5. Oh god, was that yours that was referenced earlier in the thread? I saw the thread for it when you bought it and was mighty jealous, I'll have to find the thread and catch up with exactly what went down. Sorry for your loss and all that 😥 I managed to pick up one of GSF's finest cheap ABS sensors today, so I set to it. The old sensor had to be drilled out, I expected nothing less. Wham: Bam: Thank you ma'am: Took a bit longer than I hoped because I was scared of going too far and damaging something, but it turns out that would've been quite hard to do and I should've just sent the drill through. Ah well! My reward is this: That's right 'shiters, no warning lights. Handbrake working. Living the dream (or something). I should never have doubted the seller on the handbrake, but once bitten twice shy and all that. The low fuel light is genuine, so if I can actually find any fuel that should sort itself out. I'm going to order all the bits for the suspension and a service tonight, then probably look at sending the spheres off to be checked/regassed. Do any hydropneumatique lickers have any experience of this or should I just stump up for new ones? Also, check out the mood lighting. I didn't notice it at first, which I really like. No bright colours like you get in modern stuff here:
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement all, it gives me strength to know the AS massive is behind me, or laughing at me or whatever. Right then, what have I bought... First order of business was to try to get my Lexia clone to parlez avec le grand citro(e)n. It turns out when I bought it I didn't go for the 'full chip' version, which means there's stuff missing on the PCB. Shame on you, past self. The internet said I might be able to get it working by adding a strategic 10k resistor, like so: This still didn't work, so I tried my Delphi clone instead. This also mostly didn't work, although it did briefly communicate with the ABS ECU, confirming the information from the seller about a faulty ABS sensor. The other thing that happened as a result of my diagnostic antics is that the car got excited, and now the spoiler is like this: No idea how or why that happened, I guess we'll have to wait for the full chip Lexia to rock up from China for the full mysteries of this car to be revealed. Not to be put off, I thought I'd try to measure the duff ABS sensor with a multimeter - should be easy enough right? Err... no. The connector lives underneath the main electrical junction box in the engine bay, so all sorts of shit including the ECUs, fuse box etc has to come out to get to it. So it begins, hopefully this isn't an ominous taste of things to come. Here's the connector, from factory just cable tied up under all that mess: The sensor is shorted, so I'll try to pick one up tomorrow and get it swapped over. Place your bets on how many, if any warning lights this will extinguish. The seller assured me that the electronic handbrake failure message was also down to this sensor. Had a general look around with it in the air, didn't see anything too horrific apart from this tyre: Yikes, I drove the car back to my unit on that. I also found a very shagged drop link on the back, which hopefully explains the horrific rattling over bumps. The suspension generally wants a refresh on the back, which I'll do once/if the electrics are sorted out. The good news is the car came with a free GoPro: So far, so bad. I've caught myself just looking at it a few times, it's quite something. Hopefully it's not too ruinous to fix.
  7. I've just bought this. Came up on FB marketplace just down the road from my unit, couldn't say no! Do I need it? No. Will it cause me grief? Almost certainly yes. Is it a big majestic bastard? Absolutely. It needs a few bits and pieces doing, including spheres all round and some warning lights supposedly caused by an ABS sensor. My Lexia won't talk to it, so that's the first order of business. Wish me luck!
  8. Pleasure to meet you as well, glad we got it sorted out 🙂 you know where I am if you need Lexia again, which in the nicest possible way I'm hoping you don't any time soon.
  9. Agreed - it took time to earn the trust of the farmer even after we'd moved in. I guess we just got lucky that they trusted us enough to let us give it a whirl, once they realised we weren't going to take the piss and paid our rent on time things settled down. Then they doubled our rent! The whole unit thing can be a right PITA but once it's sorted, they're ace.
  10. You should be alright up where you are surely, seemed like there were loads of old industrial buildings around Bradford for the year I was there. I guess it depends what side of Leeds you're on. Your approach of driving around and asking at likely places is probably your best bet, but it'll take a while. It took literally years of me asking at every farm I got sent to for work to find something, but in the end we found somewhere good. Helps to be polite and have a decent chat with the farmer if you can. Good luck!
  11. Fantastic work, nice bit of diagnostics there. What are the chances of having 3 throttle bodies with the same fault eh? I'd have been tearing my hair out, fair play for getting it sorted.
  12. Great little cars these. I picked up a ropey 106 XS fairly early in my motoring adventures, as I gave it death down the road leaving the seller's house the fault with the front seat mountings was revealed and the whole seat/base reclined bigtime, causing something of a brown trouser moment. The seller had clearly tried to bodge this, so I turned round and went back. She clearly just wanted the thing gone, so gave me some money back (pretty decent of her, I'm not sure I'd even ask now). I spent the money on beer, not welding, and continued to thrash the tits off that car making sure to hang on to the steering wheel during application of beans to prevent the seat rocking back. The back mounts were sort of functional, but came loose, so the seat just rocked back rather than becoming completely detached. Good times, hope you or the new owner enjoy this one as much as I did.
  13. Diagnostics are a good move, there are probably codes there but sometimes cheap/generic readers don't show them. Hopefully it's nothing too difficult to sort. I have code readers that will work for this if you're ever anywhere near Reading.
  14. I've been using Mannol stuff from eBay for everything for the past few years - coolant, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid (including some quite specific stuff), hydraulic oil... not all from the same bottle of course! Haven't had a problem with any of it so far and it's great value, especially if you buy 10 or 20l at a time. They also do most manufacturer-specific stuff like low ash or PD oil, so it's not even a case of 'close enough'.
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