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  1. Tailgate struts arrived today, all being well should be fitted tomorrow
  2. Didn't know they were a common problem, thanks mrbenn
  3. Booked in for new tyres Friday, I'm getting Avons as I never had a problem with them on my old Fiesta. I've also got a pair of new tailgate struts coming from the bay of E.
  4. Sorry egg I thought it was the original. Good mock up of it.
  5. Nice to see the original dealer sticker in the window. Just googled it and its still a Ford dealer.
  6. The EML turns out to be linked to the turbo boost hose.
  7. Sorry to hear about the Sierras problems, hope it gets sorted soon.
  8. Nice to see the Sierra. I haven't read the whole thread, how come its got no engine at the minute?
  9. Thanks Hooli I'll try that in the morning
  10. One of the rear seatbelts in the Focus has stopped clicking in properly, anyone any ideas as to what could be causing it?
  11. Lovely looking Ovlov there Mr SK. A friend"s dad had an old 245 estate as part of his fleet when we were at school, lovely old bus. His was a pre facelift one.
  12. 2009 2019 The Focus replaced the Fiesta in October 2018, sadly the Fiesta wasn't going to pass its yearly inspection without many coins being spent, I saw the estate advertised on Autotrader for £490 and bought it that night, 3 months and about 3300 miles later it's been fine. Best car I've owned. The Panda was sold July 2009
  13. Sorry to hear about the demise of AVO Mr Moog.
  14. The first Fiesta I had was a 1.3 Equipe, one of the special editions Ford did on the Fiesta and Escort. It was basically a 1.3LX with power assisted steering. I remember us going to look at it in the showroom and the salesman showed the brochure to my Grandad and said this is the one you are getting but it's a different colour, to which my grandad responded "it's ok I'll get a wax crayon out later" typical of his sense of humour lol
  15. Sorry to hear about your knee. I'd never really noticed the throttle being offset to be honest.
  16. Hooli, lol the main problem was I was exhausted if I did a 300+ mile a day journey in it which I did several times, it was a good car though rarely have any trouble. Mrbenn I intend on keeping this one a while, it's on 177k now and I want to get it through 200k. I can recommend the MK2.
  17. My mum's cousin had a Mk1 1.6 Zetec then a Mk2 1.6 Sport, both of her sons have had a Mk1 each and her younger son had a Mk2, sorry I'm not certain which models offhand.
  18. How are you getting on with yours? We've had a few Foci in the family and never had a serious problem with any of them.
  19. Which engine and trim level is your Focus mrbenn?
  20. The one today might not have been the bulb, when I changed the bulb I thought one of the connections was a bit dodgy and within a short journey to the shops the light stopped working again. I've had a fiddle around and it seems to be working now so something to keep an eye on.
  21. Thanks mrbenn. A fellow Focus owner on another forum said he averaged 2 headlights a year
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