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  1. It was £20 an hour when I was learning in 2004-5
  2. We have found another instructor for her, hopefully this one will be better.
  3. What colour would red and grey make? I'm also wondering if the resulting offspring would be bASe, L spec or some kind of hybrid of the two 🤣
  4. This has just popped up on my Facebook feed, not quite a bASe but believed to be a L.
  5. 8000 miles since purchase now covered
  6. This thread is to record my stepdaughter's driving lessons and eventually the piece of automotive tat we buy for her, partly as a record for myself but for the 2 and a half of you who might be interested as well. She has had 6 lessons so far bit we are on the lookout for another instructor as we aren't impressed with the one she has, she still isn't driving for the full hour and the instructor is still in charge of the brakes even under normal driving.
  7. We occasionally go to Brigg Garden Centre so might see you in there at some point
  8. Congratulations on your new job, where are you working?
  9. Stepdaughter still looking at cars, She wants a black one, either a Corsa, Golf or Fiesta ST, good luck getting insured on a ST at 17 though 😀
  10. What are the Temsa's like in terms of driving, reliability etc?
  11. Had a ride out in Eccles to Brimham Rocks today, can certainly recommend it. Over 140 miles covered. A few pictures of some of the stones attached.
  12. Stepdaughter's PCR test came back negative
  13. Hasnt anyone told it smoking is bad for its health? 🤣🤣
  14. As some will know I am a bus/coach driver and my OH works in care in the community.
  15. To be honest I think we have done well to have avoided it up to now especially given the jobs that both me and my OH do.
  16. Well after 2 years of avoiding a certain virus that you may have heard of that has apparently been going round, it finally reached the Eyersey household today when my stepdaughter tested positive.
  17. Sorry to hear you are out of work Dan I hope you find a job soon.
  18. Fuck sake some people are idiots. They seriously expected tyres and an exhaust on a £600 car to last 12 months?
  19. He liked new cars. They had a several Fords themselves over the years, a 1955 Prefect, B reg Anglia Estate, D reg Cortina Mk1, K reg Escort Mk1, T reg Fiesta Mk1, then the 3 red Escorts, two Citroëns, a H reg BX then a J reg ZX then back to Ford for their last car, a M reg Fiesta which became my first car in 2006
  20. Phoooaaarrr they are all chodtastic. My grandparents had 3 red Escorts in a row in the 80s, A reg (1983) , C reg (1985) and E reg (1987) The E reg was bought when my grandad went in to buy some oil and came out with a new car.
  21. Chodtastic news you managed to get one, the old one is definitely fucking fucked m8. Probably a daft question, what was the difference between the 800 Mk1b and Mk1c?
  22. Greetings, this sounds like it will be a chodtastic thread. I look forward to it.
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