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  1. Apologies if this has already been answered, when did bASe Sierra production finish?
  2. Update for anyone that gives a fuck. Madam passed her test about a couple of weeks ago. She's already whinging like fuck about the cost of her insurance, to which we said yep its because you're under 25, and she's moaning about people sticking to speed limits, what she doesn't seem to realise is if she gets 6 points within 2 years she's back to provisional again. Apparently it also isn't fair she has to have a black box,never mind 不
  3. Chodtastic news here's to the next 8 years
  4. It's my birthday not his he should get me a cake 不不
  5. My old Mk2 Focus was a bit like that, I cut my losses as the clutch was on the way out and I was getting a sense it was going to become one bill after another
  6. The Mrs and I are in Liverpool with Eccles for a couple of nights, he will click over 120k on the drive home
  7. A lot of larger bus companies effectively self insure, I know pre Go Ahead our excess was well into 5 figures though I've no idea what it is now, though if it was the van driver at fault their insurance company will have to pick up the tab. We had a bus written off a number of years ago by a 4x4 out near Hornsea that lost control on a bend doing over 80mph and hit the bus head on, there was as much damage in terms of money to the 4x4 as the bus and our claim against them was well into 6 figures. There was talk of the driver being prosecuted but I don't know the outcome.
  8. Is that a non UK spec one? Just wondered with it having the extra lights at the front
  9. One of my old neighbours back in the late 90s had a H reg XR3i cabriolet in red.
  10. I saw a Mk1 800 the other day, rare site these days
  11. These are the pictures of it I got a few years ago
  12. The Vauxhall garages in Hull were Dixons back in the 90s, there was the one on Priory Park, now Evans Halshaw and one opposite Asda on Mount Pleasant which Evans Halshaw closed a few years ago. The branch of Evans Halshaw Ford n矇e CD Bramall n矇e Sanderson and may well have been Crystal Ford before that I'm not sure also closed a few years ago and has subsequently been demolished recently
  13. No problem, I agree it's a shame some of the photos aren't viewable any more
  14. Sorry for the thread bump. I believe Welptons were originally on Hessle Square opposite Turner and Sellers who were a Ford agent years ago
  15. Took Eccles to Wales the other day to give him a run out and get some photos. Plans for 2024 include a fortnight in Torquay and Cornwall in June, a trip to Dover in October and a trip out to Somerset and Wiltshire at some point probably in about March
  16. Eyerseyette has apparently got her driving test again next week. The Corsa has hardly been used since she got it, the engine light came on days after she bought it, as it was a private sale no comeback whatsoever, she whinged like fuck that the seller wouldn't fix it. She got a mobile mechanic out who apparently 'fixed' it, the next time she drove it the light came back on again. Turns out there is a split coolant pipe causing it according to another mobile mechanic.
  17. I must admit I had to do a bit of digging. It appears several years ago a forum member was trying to trace it saying their dad bought it new, nobody responded to the thread but a couple of years or so later someone else joined the forum also claiming their dad bought it new, the sole reference person 2 had found to it on Google was the original thread. Something like that anyway.
  18. I read that as handbrake at first 不
  19. I wonder what the resulting offspring would look like 不不
  20. Did the Ministry invalid vehicles have to be repaired/serviced etc at an approved repairer or could any garage service them? Also how were the private ones sold, was it through an approved dealer or did they have to be ordered through the ministry?
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