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  1. Eccles is getting a run up to Northumberland including a trip to Edinburgh at the weekend, he will do in the region of 600 miles in 5 days.
  2. Thank you, you'll be welcome to have a go in my 15 plate.
  3. My stepdaughters provisional licence arrived today, considering the delays at DVLA it came quite quickly.
  4. I'd like a go in a Mk1. The Mk2 I had and the current one both feel sure footed too, as though it could be thrown into a corner at pretty much any speed and the car just sorts it out for you.
  5. Never driven a Mk1 but found my old Mk2 handled really nicely on twisty back roads, that said Eccles my Mk3.5 seems to enjoy twisty back roads as well
  6. Sorry I don't recognise him, should I?
  7. Today's chariot, a Caetano Levante 2 bodied Volvo B9R. Fleet 84 in the EY fleet and originally on National Express work.
  8. I've recently had to renew mine, it only took about 2 weeks to come back which surprised me given the backlog at DVLA
  9. Yeah they should have called the bugger a Maxi no way is it a Mini
  10. Our next door neighbour bought a 55 reg BINI for their daughter to learn in, must admit I wasn't keen on the R50 BINI when they came out but am warming to them now. I think the new ones are fugly.
  11. I hope Wiblets driving lessons go well. Stepdaughter turns 17 in January so at some point we will be looking for some old chod for her to learn in, probably a Fiesta or Corsa as we tend to get Fords or Vauxhalls.
  12. Let's see how long my stepdaughters licence application takes, she is 17 in January.
  13. Phoooaaarrrr wish I had a camper van
  14. In other news I had to renew my driving licence as the photocard was expiring and was expecting a long delay. As I hold bus and class 2 it had to be sent off as you can't do those ones online, but it only took a couple of weeks or so which isn't bad considering the problems at DVLA
  15. I'd love to make this, hopefully I'm free then, it would be chodtastic to meet some more shitters and talk crap about old chod.
  16. I agree, mine was a even lowlier 1.25 Style so not quite povvo spec but not far off, but still a nice car. I had mine for 12 years and 173k miles.
  17. Another mileometer moment tonight
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